The Palms Hotel Wedding
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The Palms Hotel Wedding

This unique picture was taken at the Palms Hotel during a beautiful wedding.

Tying the knot at the Palms Hotel? Check out these unique wedding photos taken at this awesome on the beach hotel. Does this wedding picture in this article look unique? It's should certainly look different. As a South Florida wedding photographer I am required to take photos that are on several different levels. Some of the photos I take are standard color posed with normal soft lighting and basic composition. For example, If I'm shooting family photos such as the bride and her mother, or the bride with her father, those should be normal looking pictures that convey what the subjects look like in nice lighting. You should be able to see faces clearly, and the eye colors should be clear. Sure, I could include a sepia or back and white photo for good measure, However the purpose is to have a nice set of posed pictures. Then there are the candid or photo-journalistic type images. These are taken during the entire wedding day and convey the essence of the day. These pictures could be color, black and white or any other combination of funky colors. Then there are the unique or outside the box images. Often when a bride and groom are searching for a wedding photographer they are looking for images that grab attention because they are so unique. These are the images I love taking. Whenever, I shoot at The Palms Hotel I take a combination of these wedding pictures. This picture of the bride and groom kissing with the Palms hotel in the background was shot using a special camera that was modified for infrared photography. Infrared photography is perfect for weddings and scenic pictures because it looks so unique. Trees and grass appear much lighter then the normal 18% grey that you see in a normal photograph. Also, infrared is sensitive to heat reflected from different surfaces. While an infrared camera sees the world the same way a normal camera does it also sees heat. This creates a very unique image that I love.

Infrared Wedding Picture taken at The Palms HotelInfrared picture taken at a Palms Hotel Wedding.

Here is another infrared wedding picture which I shot at the Palms Hotel. Notice how the palm trees and bushes appear almost white. Sort of looks like a winter snow scene, doesn't it? I think of wedding infrared photography like salt and pepper at a scrumptious meal. You want to add some, just to add extra flavor. You certainly don't want to add too much and over flavor the entire meal. The Palms is great for infrared wedding photography because of area behind the hotel has a gorgeous wedding gazebo and lots of unique landscaping. Beyond the garden setting behind the hotel is a really wide beach. Many beaches in South Florida have nothing where the sand meets the ocean. Just waves crashing into the sand. The Palms has some beautiful rock formations as well. Having nice rock formations at the water edge makes from interesting pictures. This link takes you to another picture taken on the beach behind the Palms Hotel. Bride and Groom having fun at The Palms Hotel and Spa. This photo will convey just how picturesque the beach is in Miami Beach. I love how the ocean curves around creating a ocean background that includes Miami Beach and South Beach in the photos. Click the link above to see this picture. Here is another link to a picture that shows some of the beautiful flowered landscaping around the venue. Check this one out! Bride against flowers taken at a Palms Hotel wedding. This wall of flowers was the perfect place to take this posed bridal picture.

Just married at the Palms Hotel, Miami Beach.Just married at the Palms Hotel!

Just look at this magnificent beach! You can clearly see how flawless the sand is. Not only is the beach behind the Palms wide the sand is perfect and for an evening wedding ceremony it provides a picture perfect ceremony site. If you are a bride who wants to get married with you toes in the sand, this is the perfect place. The beauty of a Palms wedding is that brides have a great luxury hotel to get ready in. They have a large private getting ready room and the hotel staff will provide top notch service. The hotel features ocean views and a comfortable hotel atmosphere. After the beach ceremony I spend some time on the beach taking wedding pictures. Then, leaving enough time for the bride and groom to enjoy the cocktail hour, the newly married couple gets to enjoy the luxury of the hotel.

If whoever reading this is an engaged couple, or parents of the bride and groom please feel free to reach out to me for your photography and wedding planning help. I have been photographing weddings in South Florida for over 15 years and I'm familiar with all the area wedding hotels. If you are getting married at The Palms Hotel, I have a huge portfolio of pictures from this picturesque hotel. If you are still searching for a wedding venue, let me help you. Not only am I familiar with the Palms, I'm also knowledgeable about other South Florida wedding venues. If you are considering a venue in: The Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Broward Country, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Delray Beach or Coral Gables, I would love to talk. Call me at (561) 737-5561

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