Nicole and Paul at the Harbor Beach Marriott
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Nicole and Paul at the Harbor Beach Marriott

Bride and Groom share a special beach moment together at the Harbor Beach Marriott.

The Marriott Harbor Beach is one of Fort Lauderdale's most beautiful beach front wedding hotels.

Most of the hotels in Fort Lauderdale are across the street from the beach, this which means that you have to cross the street to get the public beach. If you have never been to South Florida in wedding season you should know that the public beaches are jam packed with beachgoers. Can you get beautiful beach photos on a Saturday in Fort Lauderdale? Sure you can, If you have an awesome photographer who is great a removing unwanted people form your photos it is totally likely you will get great beach wedding photos. People start to leave the beach around 5:00PM because it starts getting colder and the sun is going down. In addition, visitors and snowbirds usually have dinner reservations. So it is totally possible to get beautiful photos at one of South Florida beautiful public beaches.

HOWEVER, Deciding the get married at the Harbor Beach Marriott opens up a world of photographic opportunities that are just not possible in other places. First, the beach is private. Second you won't find used candy wrappers or any other crap in the sand or on their beach. I have never actually seen this, but it's totally obvious that they make a huge effort the keep their beach looking beautiful and the sand free of unwanted stuff.

Getting married at the Marriott Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale means that bride and grooms can choose from either getting married with their toes in the sand or on the huge patio that over looks the Atlantic Ocean. Nicole and Paul decided to have their ceremony on the patio then take their wedding pictures on the beach. Did I mention the patio is huge? Is it actually a patio? it is the entire size of the hotel. - Check out the photos on their website. The link is below. By having the ceremony on the deck the wedding guests did not get sand in their shoes, and they were still treated to that fantastic Atlantic ocean view. Looking at this photo, anyone can clearly see that the sand is perfect. There is so much more to say about this wedding venue that is amazing, However, I'll have to spread my review among several more photos. Needless to say, I have a huge collection of beautiful photos from this wedding venue.

If you are interested in choosing the Marriott Harbor beach for you wedding give us at call at (561) 737-5561 to talk about the photography.

Below is a direct link to the hotel, or you could just call 1-954-525-4000. Ask for Lorena Somma or Katie Pakradooni in the catering dept. While you are at it, tell them Jeff Kolodny said hi.

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Location: 3030 Holiday Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.

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