Award winning Wedding photographer in Boca Raton
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Award winning Wedding photographer in Boca Raton

About this wedding picture taken in Boca Raton, Florida

This is one of the much older pictures on my website. However, I believe that posting some older pictures is a good way to convey the fact that I have been a South Florida wedding photographer for some time. Why does this matter? It matters because being a time tested photographer means that I'm familiar with all the best wedding venues, I have years of experience, not just as a wedding photographer, but also as a business owner.

This wedding picture was taken at The Club at Boca Pointe which is a very popular location for, not just weddings but many other types of events. Over the years I have photographed, birthday parties, Bat / Bar Mitzvahs, a few quinceanera and a wide range of weddings at this venue. For this Boca Raton wedding photographer, I find that The Club at Boca Pointe has a wide range of unique photography locations. Often, I'll grab a golf cart and take the bride and groom on a mini wedding photographer excursion. It's really a question of how much time I have to capture those bride and groom pictures. Later in this post I'll share some of my favorite pictures from this venue.

When a photographer gets hired to photograph the same family, again and again for many different types of photo sessions it's a clear sign of a happy client. This Boca Raton wedding was actually the third wedding I covered for this family. In between photographing their family weddings, I also covered their family Maternity photos, I'm actually very skilled at those, check out this one I shot at Vizcaya. Here: maternity pictures, For me having additional photo sessions from repeat clients is a clear sign of happy clients.

At this wedding I took some really beautiful pictures. Here is another one from the same wedding.

Bride and Groom Infrared wedding picture This sepia toned wedding picture was shot using a special infrared camera. I love shooting infrared because It's unique and requires more skill than just taking regular pictures. In addition shooting infrared and other alternative types of photographer allows me to stand out from the crowd. I would never photograph an entire wedding in infrared and I do limit my unique edgy images to a small portion of a wedding. I see edgy unique wedding pictures like adding salt and pepper to a fine meal. First, some people don't like pepper, others look for salt and pepper on the table. However, if you like salt and pepper, this great, but adding too much will ruin you meal. I see edgy and unique wedding images as salt and pepper at a meal. It's nice to spice up your dish, just don't go overboard.

This link is to the brides sisters wedding which took place at the Biltmore Hotel Which is a beautiful venue in Miami. Actually Coral Gables. For now I'll just stick to Boca Raton wedding pictures.

Here are links to some of my favorite pictures taken at The Club at Boca Pointe:

Bride and Groom at the gazebo - Here is another infrared wedding picture. One of the most photographed places at Boca Pointe is the Gazebo which is located outside the main clubhouse. For wedding pictures, this gazebo adds an element of interest. I feel that every wedding photographed at this venue should have at least one gazebo picture included.

Check out this picture from Boca Pointe, Lakeside wedding picture Often when photographing a wedding, I'll have a vision of what a picture should look like. Somethings my vision is not so easy to obtain. However, by combining my photography skills and my photoshop skills I can create the photo in my mind. This picture had to be done is several pieces, then the final image had to me created by striping together each piece. I know some people my not say that this makes to image fake. Well as a wedding photographer who has shot thousands of weddings I can tell you, there is a fake element to every wedding. The act of having hair and makeup done adds an element of fakeness, everyone doesn't hire a make up artist every day. In addition, every bride I photograph wants to look thin and beautiful in their pictures. As a highly skilled Boca Raton wedding photographer, I'm great at this. However, the look of my finished images is the result of using high end lenses and equipment, The right lens selection, could make or break the look of a photo. The same goes of posing, a bad pose will make someone look heavy, great posing will make someone look much thinner. Isn't this all a few of fakery. If someone looks at this picture, they can tell exactly where this was shot. However, if they try to recreate this image, they will find, its not so easy. Check out my recent blog post on photo retouching. By check out my retouching blog post, you can see that the finished image, results in beautiful skin, removed background distractions & some body contouring.

Here are some more pictures I have taken at The Club at Boca Pointe.

Bride and groom on the move. This one is from my latest wedding. When photographing a wedding, I always make it a point to get some posed pictures, some relaxed posed pictures and some posed action shots. For this picture the couple was walking while I walked backwards shooting lots of pictures. I linked this picture from my Instagram feed. I try to post to instagram each week day, so If you want to see my latest work. Check out my instagram feed.

Black and White wedding in Boca Raton. Some couples love it when I shoot fun picture with the veil over the couples heads, or when the veil is over the brides head. This type of shot is not for everyone but others love it. How can I tell if others love this type of picture? Simple, it gets used in most of my wedding albums. When a bride and groom take a photography package that includes an album, they get to pick the pictures. This type of photo almost always gets used.

A walk in the woods. This one was taken at a woodsy part of Boca Point. There is a special place in which there are lots of trees that create a canopy of shade and beautiful lighting. This is one of my favorite places on the property.

Wedding venues in Boca Raton

While the Club at Boca Pointe is a lovely wedding venue with a wide range of photographic opportunities, there are other awesome Boca Raton wedding venues as well.

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