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Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer

This unique bridal image was created by Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer Jeff Kolodny.

About this wedding photograph. - I shot this picture at the Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale as part of a marketing photo shoot. The photo-shoot was a joint effort between myself, the Riverside Hotel a Las Olas bridal gown store named Zola Keller and a J Morgan Flowers also in Fort Lauderdale. Whenever I take a wedding picture I try to establish the point or objective of the image I'm creating. For this photo I wanted to show the uniqueness of the bridal gown. When visualizing the image in my mind, I wanted to show off the curved part of the bridal gown that showed the brides back. In addition the gown included a very unique wrap that was part of the bridal dress. In order to show off the texture of the wrap and the gown I decided to place a small but very bright kicker light behind the wrap which the bride was holding. From experience I know that when light passes through a piece of fabric it emphasizes the fabrics texture. Generally I prefer to photograph woman from a higher angle. I believe that shooting from a high angle looking down of one of the most flattering angles for showing females body and facial features. Check out this model photo taken from a higher angle. Portrait taken in Boynton Beach Notice how the angle accents her jaw line and then guides the viewer down at a path that reveals her cleavage and then the S curve of her hips and legs. The photo above does the same sort of this, the viewers visual attention is directed from above downward to her waist and then to the texture of her gown. This photo was also taken from a high angle as well. Bride and groom in Coral Gables. This bridal photo was taken at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale also from a high angle. Bride at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Even though I believe photographing brides from a high angle is flattering, it also is a challenge for any Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer because the train part of the gown is sloped up hill. Getting a wedding gown train to stay put in an uphill position is not the easiest task. However, once you get the train to stay put, I love how it looks. Here is another example also from the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale. Up hill wedding gown photo. This is an unusual way to style a wedding photo, however the fact that it's unique is what makes it special. Here's another, Bridal photo at the Eau Palm Beach.

Pictures at the Riverside Hotel. If you are recently engaged and looking for a nice picturesque wedding venue in Fort Lauderdale I would suggest a visit to The Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Blvd. There are several things to love about this venue. First, it's on Las Olas Blvd. If you are not familiar with this street, you should know that it's one of Fort Lauderdale's top hot spots. The road is lined with luxury stores, restaurants and boutiques. As a matter of face the Riverside Hotel itself has an amazing restaurant inside. To make getting around Las Olas Blvd easier there is a tram that drives up and down the blvd. At the end of Las Olas is a beautiful stretch of beach. Wedding guests who are visiting for your wedding can enjoy the wonderful Fort Lauderdale beach, then enjoy the good food that is easily found along both Fort Lauderdale Ocean Blvd and on Las Olas Blvd. As a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer, I love working at the Riverside Hotel because it's a self contained venue that includes a picture perfect back patio with a view of the river as well as awesome landscaping. The ballroom located on one of the upper floors is surrounded by a walk around patio that has amazing picturesque views of Fort Lauderdale. Wedding pictures can be taken both on the ballroom patio or around the lobby and even right in Las Olas Blvd.

Other wedding pictures taken in Fort Lauderdale. There is no question that Fort Lauderdale is a South Florida wedding hotspot. In addition to the Riverside Hotel I have photographed many wedding all around the area. Just check out some of these other Fort Lauderdale wedding pictures I have taken. Indian wedding picture taken on Fort Lauderdale Beach. This one was taken right on Fort Lauderdale's wonderful beach. Here is another lovely and romantic wedding picture taken at the Harbor Beach Marriott which has one of the most picturesque private beaches in all of Fort Lauderdale. Romance on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Speaking of the Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott, here is a link to a complete wedding I photographed at the beautiful on the beach venue. Sarah and Andrew's Fort Lauderdale wedding. Located in the middle of all the action is the Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale. This is one of the most elegant venues in town and maybe all of South Florida. The main ballroom in this hotel looks out over the Atlantic Ocean is provides one of the best ocean views in town. Check out these wedding pictures from Bianca and Izhak's Ritz-Carlton wedding. Here are pictures from some of my favorite weddings which took place at the Harbor Beach Marriott. Some of these had a wedding ceremony right on the hotels Ocean Terrace! All the wedding guests got treated to an amazing ocean view while the bride and groom shared their wedding vows. Weddings at the Harbor Beach Marriott.

Location: 620 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

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