South Florida Beach Wedding
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South Florida Beach Wedding

Bride and Groom photo taken at their South Florida Beach Wedding

I shot this bride and groom photo on Delray Beach. The wedding took place at the Opal Grand in Delray Beach Florida. The wedding ceremony actually took place inside the hotel ballroom. However the bride and groom really wanted some fun beach pictures. The very second the wedding ceremony ended we darted out of the hotel and booked across the street to take some pictures in the sand. Since it was getting dark we had to work fast. I spent the first 15 minutes taking some posed and fun bridal party pictures on the beach. As it got darker and darker I had to slow down my shutter speed in order to allow more light to enter the lens. When a photographer slows down the shutter speed it becomes more difficult to keep the pictures form having what is known as motion blur. At a certain point the it becomes impossible for a photographer to hand hold the camera steady enough to keep the photo sharp. Because the photographer can no longer hold the camera steady a tripod needs to be used. However, keeping the camera steady is only part of the problem. In addition to keeping the camera steady the people being photographed also need to stay steady. This gave me the idea of keeping the camera on a tripod and having the bride and groom hold still while the bridesmaids move behind the couple. It's a cool effect isn't it? Since South Florida Beach weddings are so popular I have actually taken this photo several times. It's easiest to take this photo in the evening about 15 minutes before the sun sets.

Tips for South Florida Beach Weddings.

If you are recently engaged and are planning on taking beach pictures here are a few helpful tips. First keep in mind that it could be windy. It's a really good idea to bring along some hair clips and a hair band. Often a bride will tell me that they really like the windy hair shot. Honestly, I also like South Florida beach wedding photos where the brides hair is blowing in the wind. The problem is different beaches have different wind patterns. Some beaches have wind blowing from North the South, at others locations the wind may blow from East to West. The reality is that you never know how the wind will be blowing. Either way bringing some hair supplies is a great idea. It's also a great idea to shoot in the late afternoon because there will be fewer people on the beach. In the winter in South Florida the beaches get very crowded. While I'm skilled at editing beach goers out of the background its much easier if they are not there in the first place. If you are planning on taking your beach wedding pictures on the east coast of South Florida, Don't expect a sunset. Remember the sun sets in the west, so if you are on the beach and want your face with the ocean in the background you will be looking at the sunset, it won't be in the shot. This doesn't mean that you can't get some beautiful sunset pictures, just not with the ocean in the background. Another very valuable tip for taking wedding pictures on the beach is, Don't take off you wedding rings. I know this one sounds silly, after all why would you take off your wedding ring? Trust me, I have seen this happen, some one takes off the ring to hand it to the best man to present it to the groom at the ceremony and it falls in the sand. Good luck finding it. Seriously this happed at a wedding I shot! They eventually found the ring sometime during the wedding reception. However it took a metal detector and lots of searching. I'm guilty of shooing creative wedding ring photos on the beach by the sand, However when I do I always keep in mind this is risky. Be Careful! Another tip is to ditch the heels. You can't run on the beach with high heels on and they are a pain to lug around. When hanging on or around the beach keep in mind that there very well may be more guests that just your photographer and the two of you. The could also be many other winged friends flying around. This doesn't always happen but every once in a while couples and myself will get bitten but uninvited visitors. So it can't hurt to have some bug spray on hand. Taking beach wedding pictures is one of my favorite locations. I always get great pictures when I'm shooting at the beach.

It doesn't really matter if you are shooting at the beach in Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Miami Beach or even the beaches of the Florida Keys. Beach wedding photos is what South Florida is known for so enjoy the beautiful weather and warm sand and have a great time.

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