Wedding Photography from the Harbor Beach Marriott
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Wedding Photography from the Harbor Beach Marriott

Bride and Groom Kiss at the Harbor Beach Marriott

As a South Florida Wedding Photographer I find myself working at the same wedding venue often. However, it's important to me not to shoot the same old images over and over again. When clients hire me for a wedding or event at a specific location, I'm sure they expect some specific photos that show some more popular parts of the hotel or Country Club. However, I believe that showing a photo to a bride and groom that they have already seen at 10 other photographers studios or on 10 other websites doesn't make you stand out as anything special. Because I'm always trying to create the next get image, I make if a point to find or seek out new places for wedding photos. Once I arrive early to the event, I take some time to walk around and think, What new places have to not used at this venue. I'll also think to myself, How is the lighting going to be different at 3 hours from now? It's this type of thinking that allows me to create images that look different from wedding to wedding. Sometimes I stick with the tried and true especially when we are short on time. However, producing unique images is what I strive for.

For this image of the bride and groom kissing I found a small manmade cave behind a hotel waterfall. The location had all the elements of a great photo. Do worry the brides gown didn't get wet from the water. She actually was not all that close to the waterfall. I used some Photoshop to help bring the water closer in the final images.

The photo was taken in infrared and processed as a black and white. The waterfall portion of the photo was taken in color with a 5D-Mark4. The 2 images were combined to make this final photo.

Location: 3030 Holiday Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.

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