Wedding photo taken in Avignon France
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Wedding photo taken in Avignon France

Wedding photo at an artist drawing a Bride and Groom in Avignon, France

I traveled a long way to get this wedding photo. At the time I shot this Destination Wedding I was based in Los Angeles. Here's how it went down. A client came in to hire me for a wedding which was taking place in Los Angeles. During our meeting the groom mentioned that they are going to show a video of the wedding ceremony.

Puzzled, I asked why would you show a video of the ceremony when the wedding guest will be at the ceremony? That is when he told me that the actual wedding is taking place in Avignon, France. Next the conversation turned to the bride and groom telling about all the issues they are having with the wedding photographer in France. Language issues, Package issues, and all kinds of other problems. So I said, why not fly me to France? Several weeks later, I’m sitting in a 747 flying from LAX to Germany, then to Marseille, followed by a drive to Avignon, France.

I had a great time photographing this destination wedding. After the ceremony the wedding party and guests took a cruise down the Rhone river stopping at different locations. One of the wedding guest was an artist who was stopping to draw at every stop. That is when I had this idea of having him draw the bride and groom which I posed for him. Technically this shot was simple and since I had flat even lighting all I had to do was snap the photo. However, it’s one of my favorite photos.

Traveling thousands of miles to get this photo was well worth it. I would do this again in a second.

Even though I ‘m based in South Florida and I love shooting weddings here, I’m also an avid traveler. Photographing destination weddings is one of my favorite activities. Over the years I have shot many weddings and elopements all over the Caribbean as well as other places such as New York, Vermont, and I’ve been back shooting destination weddings in Los Angeles as well.

If you engaged and planning a destination wedding or elopement I would be thrilled to speak with you. Even though I believe I’m one of the best South Florida Wedding Photographers I’m also happy to travel anywhere for a destination wedding. If you have any questions regarding destination wedding please call me. Although I’m not actually a wedding planner, I an well informed when it comes to planning a wedding either here in South Florida or any place in the Caribbean. My number is (561) 737-5561

Location: Avignon, France.

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