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There are so many wedding photographers here in Miami finding the perfect wedding photographer for you could be a real challenge. To help you make the right decision I'd love to help by providing some valuable wedding photography information. I moved to South Florida from LA over 15 years ago. When I first moved here there were not too many photographers in the Miami area. Today it seems that everyone in town is a photographer. It problem is that not everyone is a good photographer. What makes a good photographer? In the next few paragraphs I'll explain what makes a good photographer and how you can tell which photographers are good and which ones are fakes.

Today everyone with a camera has to potential to take an interesting creative wedding picture. I could bring almost anyone to one of the weddings I'm photographing and if they take enough pictures they will get some good shots. They may even get a few awesome shots. The question is, does a few random awesome photos make a client happy. From my experience a few nice photos won't make my wedding clients happy. Photographing a wedding means that your photographers coverage must include a wide range of picture types. These photographic disciplines include, Posed, Candids, Photo-journalistic, Still Life, and many more. Because it takes so many different types of photography skills to photograph a wedding, it's important to hire a photographer with a wide range of skill sets.

Often a Miami wedding photographer will brand themselves as a photo-journalist. When hiring a wedding photo journalist it's important to determine if the photographer is skilled in all aspects of the picture taking process. For example, does the photographer understand exposure settings? F-Stops, Shutter Speeds? Lighting? Or is the photographer just pointing the camera at the bride and groom and shaping pictures without thinking about lighting or exposure? If this is the case, then what you are seeing when evaluating their portfolio is random pictures. If the couple is pointed sideways to the sun then the sunlight will rip across the brides face creating nasty highlights and shadows that won't be flattering. However, if the photographer knows enough to add some flash to a photo with harsh side sun lighting then they can balance the lighting. Same photo journalistic photo, but with better lighting. In addition if the photographer understands how to work with natural lighting then the photographer can change position and place the sun behind the couple creating a beautiful natural hair light. In my many years as a photographer I have photographed many models that know how to pose and move for the camera. However, at a wedding usually the bride and groom are not models. In addition some couples are not comfortable in front of the lens. When this is the case, it's important that your photographer knows how to pose people in a way that feels natural and keeps them comfortable when being photographed. How can you tell if your photographer has these required skills? There are several ways. One way is to test your photographer by doing an engagement shoot. During an engagement photo shoot a bride and groom get to determine if their photographer knows how to take control and pose in a way that makes the couple comfortable and also results in beautiful pictures. In addition I also recommend that brides and groom searching for Miami wedding photographers view their potential photos complete weddings. Most photographers post all the finished wedding pictures to an online gallery. By looking at a complete gallery couples can see everything from the getting ready pictures to the reception pictures.

The photo in the article, was taken at the W Hotel in Miami. The hotel has a balcony that is positioned in the perfect place to get a photo of the bride and the view down the street. I posed the bride using the railing as a posing tool. By having the bride bend her arm with her hand on her chin I was able to create an image there her elbow points to the street below and the hand points to her face. Looking at the bridal gown spread out train the viewers eye is direct up the the bride and then both the street scene and her face. In addition the railing combined with the hotel wall create an arrow that points to the bride. If you happen to be a photographer and you are interested the the camera data here it is: I shot this with a Canon 5D Mark 3 and used a Canon 24-70, 2.8 L Lens. Canon's L lenses are the best lens series which have the best glass possible for a pro lens. Because I wanted the focus to hold sharp through the entire image I use a lens opening of F22. In order to keep the F22 lens setting I had to select a shutter speed that was slow enough to let in enough light but still prevent camera shake this was 1/100 per second. In order tho keep the image free of grain, I went with the iso for 640. I actually had enough light to pick and choose my settings. Picking iso 640 was an easy choice, however I could have gone with a higher or lower iso and gotten the same result.

I realize that then shopping for Miami wedding photographers, couples have many choices. I urge you to visit all the different sections of my website and also cruise over the my blog and read some of the articles. in my blog I tried to include articles that are not only visually stimulating but also helpful. In addition feel free to check out my Wedding Wire reviews here: Read my reviews here! If you would like to see some complete weddings call or e-mail me and I'll be happy to direct you to some complete weddings. I can me reached at (561) 737-5561

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