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Bat & Bar Mitzvahs

Welcome to our South Florida Bat and Bar Mitzvah photography gallery. Here you will find images from Bar and Bat Mitzvah portrait shoots, Ceremony Photos, Party Photos and more.

Creative Florida Bat Mitzvah photographer
Pre Mitzvah Photography
South Florida Creative Bat Mitzvah photography
South Florida Bar Mitzvah Photographer
Boca Raton Bat Mitzvah
Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah pre-shoot photo.
Portrait taken at a Bar Mitzvah
Florida Ski Theme Bat Mitzvah
South Beach Bat Mitzvah Photography
Pre Bar Mitzvah Photography
Bat Mitzvah Photography in South Florida
Unique Miami Bar Mitzvah Decor
Bat Mitzvah Photography by Jeff Kolodny
Bat Mitzvah Photography by Jeff Kolodny
Bar Mitzvah boy and his mother taken in Boca Raton, FL
Table top decor photo taken during a Bar Mitzvah
Dancers escort the Bar Mitzvah boy into the party.
Steve-O from doing skate board trick.
Baseball Theme Mitzvah Decor.
South Florida Bar Mitzvah Photography
Dancers at a Bar Mitzvah
Bat Mitzvah during Covid.
Bar Mitzvah Pre Shoot
Miami Beach Bar Mitzvah
South Florida Bat Mitzvah Service
Bat Mitzvah in South Florida
South Florida Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah Photographer
Father Daughter Dance taken at a Bat Mitzvah
Basket ball themed Bar Mitzvah pre-shoot portrait.
Bar Mitzvah ceremony photo.
Bar Mitzvah Tuba shot
Bar Mitzvah Table Decor
Family Portrait in Boca Raton.

If you are looking for a Bat / Bar Mitzvah photographer with lot's of experience you found the right person. I started taking pictures at the early age of 13. In 1985 I graduated Adelphi University with a BA in Communications and photography. After, I finished college I moved to Los Angeles where I worked for one of the most prestigious photography studios in town. In addition to being experienced at photographing the actual event I'm also experienced at planning the Bat / Bar Mitzvah timeline. Once the pictures have been taken I also offer album design. Many of my clients opt to include a beautiful custom album included with the photography. If you are also interested in having you Mitzvah covered with video, we offer complete video coverage as well. Our video coverage includes music incorporated into the edit also with the live coverage. In addition to the complete video, most of our video packages include a short highlight video. The highlight video is set to the music of our choice and includes the most meaningful dialog which is incorporated into the highlight. If you would like to view a sample Bat Mitzvah video follow this link: Paige's Bat Mitzvah Video Page I hope you enjoyed visiting this gallery, If you would like information on our photography prices please call us at (561) 737-5561 or e-mail us at