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If you are planning a South Florida Wedding and need help read further.

I'm glad you found my website and photo gallery. I have been a South Florida wedding photographer here in for over fifteen years. Before I moved to South Florida I have been photographing weddings in Los Angeles for over 10 years. Given my many years of experience I think it's safe to say I can offer some valuable information and insights. While I'm don't consider myself a wedding planner, I have a ton of wedding planning experience. As a matter of fact, in some cases I actually have more experience than the average planner. When it comes to wedding there is a lot to know. Every wedding is unique and every wedding photographer and planner has a nitch. I photograph all kinds of weddings, from Traditional Catholic weddings, to Indian Weddings and many others. I have the most experience with Jewish weddings. I happen to be Jewish, so I guess it makes sense that Jewish weddings could be my nitch. However, I hate to say that's my nitch, lets just say, I photograph more Jewish weddings then other wedding types. I also enjoy photographing Catholic Church weddings, Indian weddings and other South Florida weddings as well. When I loved in Los Angeles I photographed almost as many Armenian weddings as other weddings. I just happened to build a name in the Armenian community.

While all there wedding are unique in some ways, they are also similar in many ways. Today most of the weddings I photograph include a bride and groom "First Look" otherwise known as the brides "Reveal" This is common because no matter what the religion usually the bride and groom want to enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests. It's true that not every wedding includes a "first look" most do. Whether the bride and groom do or don't do a first look, a wedding timeline is a must. Most families have similar family members, some parents are together other are separated. Some separated parents get along, others don't. Some couples have grandparents, some of the grandparents move slow and extra time needs to be built into the timeline to accommodate them.

I can tell you from experience the wedding timeline process starts when the hair and make up are hired. The first question most hair and make up people ask is, What time does everyone need to be ready for pictures? At least that should be their first question. Once I get asked that question it's time to make the wedding timeline. Click the link to learn more about wedding photography timelines.

If you are just starting to plan you South Florida Wedding, you many still be searching for a wedding venue. In the wedding planning process, it's difficult to hire wedding vendors until you have the venue selected and booked. Once this is handled you will officially have a wedding date. Once you have selected the date then you are free to hire your florist, band or Dj, photographer, videographer and so on.

Finding a wedding venue could be fun but also stressful. Couples getting married are often searching for a unique venue that plays into their personality and corporates their vision. Lucky South Florida has a wide range of wedding venue options. Here brides and grooms have venue choices ranging from Museums, Hotels, Private mansions, Lush gardens and beach-front venues and tons of Country Clubs. When choosing a venue you consider the following, Many places such as hotels, beach venues and country clubs offer the option of having everything in one location. Brides can get ready in the bridal suite, take wedding pictures around the venue, have the ceremony on the grounds and then party in the ballroom or hotel deck. I recently photographed a wedding at a venue that offered everything in one location. While talking about the wedding photography the bride did tell me she was hoping to arrive in a limo and take pictures of her arrival in the limo. Because I usually start the photography about 3 - 4 hours before the ceremony she would have an issue with timing of the hair and make-up. She was not able to take limo arrival pictures, but we did take many pictures of her and the groom leaving in the limo at the end of the evening. If you are planning a wedding ceremony in a church, then travel and extra time should be worked into the timeline. In this case the bride and usually photographed getting ready at a home or a hotel. Often church weddings don't require a "First Look" because there is often a several hour gap of time between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception or cocktail hour. In the past 15 years photographing weddings here I have worked all over Southern Florida. If you are considering tying the knot in Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach or the Florida Keys, Click the linked city names. I have linked pictures from each town on this page.

Another thing to consider when planning your South Florida Wedding is the weather – South Florida Weather can unpredictable. One hour could be beautiful with the sun shinning and the next minute rain, then just as fast at the rain started, it can turn back to clear sun. If you have your heart set on a garden or a park wedding, make sure you have a rain plan. I wrote an article on wedding in the rain. To read the article click HERE. Remember In South Florida our rainy season is May thru October, Also June thru November is hurricane season.

If you would like to talk with me about your South Florida wedding plans I would love to help you with your wedding photography and your general wedding plans. Give me a call at (561) 737-5561


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