Miami Jewish Wedding
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Miami Jewish Wedding

Bridal Portrait from a Miami Jewish Orthodox Wedding

This is one of my favorite wedding portraits which was taken at the Mondrian hotel in Miami Beach. While there are many beautiful wedding hotels in Miami Beach the location of the Mondrian Hotel has one advantage when it comes to evening photography. The fact that the hotel sits on the intercostal part of Miami Beach give a totally different view. Instead of looking out to the Atlantic Ocean the view by the pool is of Miami. Not only is this a beautiful view of Miami, it's also backlit.

By being able to photograph the bride with the sun behind her I was able to get a beautiful back-light which lit up her hair and also separated her from the background. I also loved how the light passed through the red pool side drapes.

Photographing Jewish Orthodox weddings in Miami is always a special treat because of all the special events that take place during the wedding. There are also many small details that lend themselves to fine photography when photographing an Orthodox wedding in Florida. While Jewish wedding traditions my vary depending on if the wedding is Orthodox, Conservative or Reform some remain the same at almost all Jewish weddings.

Since there are so many things happening at Florida Jewish Weddings usually the bride and groom see each other before the first wedding event starts. This makes for additional time for the wedding photographer to spend photographing the bride and groom.

Whenever I photograph a jewish wedding I'll usually start two to three hours before the first wedding related event. I start out photographing the bride getting ready in her bridal suite. There I will photograph some of her details such as, her shoes, her bible, her hair clip and other fine details, If there is special detailing on her bridal gown I'll make sure to get a beautiful close up of the detail. This is not only important because of the memory it created but it can also be use as a background for the couples wedding album. I also make it a point to spend some time photographing the groom getting ready. After the bride is in her gown and when the groom is ready, I'll set up the First Look. This is when the bride and groom see each other for pictures. The first look is a break of jewish tradition that has been adopted by the wedding industry as a way of allowing time to get the needed bride and groom and family photos. Once I have gotten some very creative bride and groom photos, I'll move onto the family photos.

As the Best South Florida Wedding Photographer, I'm skilled at shooting all different types of photography. I often find myself breaking up my wedding photography style into several different types. At times I'm a Fine Portrait Photographer, shooting beautiful portraits of the bride and groom and their families. Other times I'm a product photographer, photographing small details such as the brides shoes, her ring, the Bible, her earrings, At another time, I become a Wedding Photo-journalist, capturing special moments from a distance using a long telephoto lens. It's the art of being able to do all these different types of wedding photography that make this type of photography so enjoyable.

By the way, Even thought I'm a very talented South Florida wedding photographer, I'm normally not so bold as to walk around stating that I'm the Best Miami Photographer. (Maybe I am.). However when recently engaged couples are looking for a wedding photographer, they will often search for the Best Wedding Photographer, or Creative photographer in Miami, so a few nice words can't hurt when used in a blog post.

Having moved to South Florida from Los Angeles many years ago I have had the privilege of working at most of Miami Beaches best hotels. Incase you are wondering which hotels are the best? Below is a list of some of my favorite Miami Wedding hotels. I have linked these to the hotels websites.

The Palms Hotel & Spa

Eden Roc Miami Beach

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Mondrian South Beach Hotel

Loews Miami Beach Hotel

The Miami Beach EDITION

National Hotel

W South Beach

The Villa Casa Casuarina

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

The Fisher Island Club

These are just a few of my favorite hotels that are perfect for a Jewish Wedding. Please keep in mind that if you are Orthodox and are keeping Kosher than some of these many not fit your needs.

If you are planning a Jewish wedding here in South Florida and need some help with the wedding planning process, please feel free to call me at (561) 737-5561. As the Best South Florida Wedding Photographer, I have worked all over the area and I'm familiar with all the beautiful wedding hotels and country clubs in the area. If you are looking for a Boca Raton Wedding Venue, or a Palm Beach Wedding Venue, or a Fort Lauderdale wedding venue, or a Coral Gables Wedding Venue, I'm happy to help you find the perfect place to have your South Florida Jewish Wedding.

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