Selected as a top 40 Florida Wedding Blog!
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Selected as a top 40 Florida Wedding Blog!

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I'm honored to have been selected for a top 40 wedding blog!

When I read my e-mails and saw that my blog has been selected as a top 40 wedding blog, I was excited. What did I do the deserve this honor? Over the past two years I have been hard at work, writing content that I felt anyone planning a wedding would find helpful. Of course I wanted to feature my best images, and include the wide range of picture styles I deliver. Like any photographer, I'm an equipment freak. Check out my recent article on Kick-Ass on camera flashes. On my blog I include articles on subjects such as, making a wedding photography timeline and wedding album information, I also do my best to show weddings from as many wedding venues as possible. Sometimes couples are looking to be inspired, and search for The best wedding photographer in South Florida. For these people I have several picture galleries. My home page gallery & my wedding gallery, both have a selection of wedding pictures. Often a bride or groom, or parent of an engaged couple will reach out to me for advise. I'll always give out the best wedding related information possible, then direct them to an article so that they can learn more. In addition to my gallery, I have a running article that includes images from some of my latest weddings. Here I talk about each image and what inspired me to get that shot. You can find this here: Recent wedding pictures.I guess somehow all this South Florida wedding related information got noticed and the fine people at Feedspot decided I was worthy of a Top 40 Wedding Blog Position. Thanks Feedspot!

How did my website get selected as a Top South Florida Wedding Blog?

According to Feedspot, my blog was a big hit in several different areas, one of the factors was my website content. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I find myself working at all types of beautiful and unique locations. This gives me the opportunity to take some incredible images. In addition I provide helpful tips and insights to couples planning a wedding. I cover topics such as making where to take engagement pictures, and why doing engagement pictures is important. I talk have articles on elopements and marriage proposals. I also feature lots of wedding venues. From time to time I receive calls from couples asking about where a certain picture was taken or what is it like to work at a particular venue. In addition engaged couples will get idea's for pictures.

The decision for my website / blog to make the top 40 was also influenced by how often I add new and interesting articles. Working as a busy South Florida wedding photographer, I find that it's sometimes difficult to find the time to post every week. However, I try to keep my articles fresh and include new pictures and stories on a regular basis.

I also make it a point to keep my social media activity current by posing almost every day. My social site of choice is Instagram. If you click the link you will see all the unique images I have produced. Don't forget to follow me. I also post to Facebook and what wedding photographer doesn't post to Pinterest? As a wedding photographer, I'm also a small business owner. This means that spending time on Linkedin as well.

Search engines love to see websites and blogs that have been around for a long time. I moved to South Florida about 17 years ago, which means I have been working and collecting images for a long time. Not everything I shoot makes it to my blog, but over the years lots of stuff have been posted. This shows a long time commitment to my field. To see the complete list of top 40 Florida wedding blogs click here: Florida top 40 wedding blogs

My thoughts about my South Florida wedding images.

Creating beautiful images is what I do best. The rising and setting sun, with an ocean view is the perfect place to created picturesque imagery. Of course the beach is not the only place in South Florida to take pictures. Many of my favorite pictures have been captured at country clubs, far from the ocean. I have have also captures images along the Intercoastal water way, in downtown Miami, and on Florida's west coast. I have found that wedding photography in South Florida consists of a wide range of looks and this wide variety of options always keeps taking wedding images interesting and fun.

Why should you hire me as your South Florida wedding photographer?

Oh boy, where do I start? First let me start with my work ethic. Having been in business for over 30 years I have learned a few things about client service, and reliability. When I talk about reliability, I'm talking about being at each wedding or event early, and fully prepared. This means cameras and back up cameras, as well as extra lighting equipment. Do camera break at weddings? They sure do, however before each wedding I thoroughly check my cameras to make sure they are performing perfectly. However, when talking about weddings you can't take any chances. This means back up equipment is mandatory. By back up equipment, I'm not referring to a main camera and a cheaper less expensive back up camera. I shoot with two camera, sometimes three or four. Each camera is a considered a main camera. Often, I'll shoot with both Canon and Nikon. Canon, because of the nice portrait look that Canon is known for, and Nikon, because Nikon cameras tend to be faster and are better for catching the action. However, it doesn't stop there. I also shoot with Fuji because the Fuji X system delivers artsy images that look like film.
Before each wedding, I spend lots of time charging batteries and getting my gear ready. This includes preparing my memory cards. Speaking of memory cards, I shoot to two cards at the same time. Inside my cameras are two different cards used for recording the images. One of the memory cards records the Raw images, the other card records the jpg images. This way, if something happens to a card, I have the same images on an additional card.
Keeping wedding images safe, doesn't end once the photographer leaves the wedding. After the wedding, the images need to be backed up to a computer, or computer hard drive. In my case, I back up my wedding pictures to two different external hard drives, one of the hard drives is used to editing / retouching and enhancing the images. The second drive is for storage. However, my image storage situation doesn't end there. I also burn a DVD of all the unedited images as well. Today, may people consider DVD storage as old school. However, I believe that DVD storage is the safest way to store images, especially for a long time. I have full weddings stored on DVDs that are over 15 years old. They all play perfectly today. However, if you want your wedding images to last forever or at 1000 years we offer a disc known as the MDisc. The company that makes this type of DVD claims these discs last forever. Either was, my wedding images are backed up several times including stored on DVDs.

Often different photographic disciplines will blend together, for example during a wedding your photographer will find that they are shooting family portraits one moment and photo-journalistic photos the next. Or during the cocktail hour they need to take some time to shoot beautiful ballroom decor photos. We also always make sure to create interesting close up wedding ring photos. Since I'm skilled in all these different areas of photography the end result is a better final product. During a commercial event I'm often required to not only cover the event but also provide corporate headshots of some product photography. Being able to produce these different types of images means a client doesn't need to find a separate headshot photographer and a separate event photographer.

Please feel free to browse my website and enjoy my photography. Also, feel free to visit my Blog page which is filled with all kinds of photography related tips and information. If you are planning a photo-shoot, or looking for a photographer, I would love to chat. I have been a photographer for over 25 years and have both extensive experience and education in photography.

I started taking pictures at the age of 16 and have been shooting photos my entire life. I have my BA in photography and film production and have worked all over the world. Having lived and worked in Los Angeles for over 20 years I learned photography from the best of the best.

If you are looking for a photographer to photograph your wedding, special event or product / advertising photos I'm your guy. I'm based in South Florida but I also travel around the world of the assignment requires travel.

I've photographed events and assignments all over South Florida I'm familiar with the entire South Florida area including, Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties. If you are in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, The Florida keys, or other south Florida community I'm happy to help.

If you are looking for advise on planning a wedding or event, I can also help you with your planning. As a South Florida photographer, I often find myself working with the best event planners in town. I'm happy to share my skills and knowledge with you.

I can me reached at (561) 737-5561.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who has the experience and education that I have obtained. Starting with a BA in Communications and photography, I learned my craft on a college university level. However, it's when I moved to Los Angeles, that I really learned photography. Once in Los Angeles, I learned photography and wedding photography from some of the most famous photographers in the world. My teachers included the famous Herb Ritz, Gary Bernstein and others. I also, attended classed at UCLA and the Kodak center for professional photographers. Check out the About Jeff section to learn more about my career.

Tips to for recently engaged couples hiring a South Florida wedding photographer.

If you are recently engaged, Congratulations! Here are some tips to help you choose the best South Florida wedding photographer for you.

First - When looking at the work of South Florida wedding photographers online, consider the fact that all photographers, including myself, are only going to show their best work. With that said, how do you know what all the other wedding images look like? There is an easy way to find out, Check the photographers online gallery. Most wedding photographers share the finished pictures by using a password protected online gallery. By getting the login and password, you can view all the pictures that get delivered to the couple.

Second - Do an engagement photo session. I have had couples tell me that they fired their photographer once they did the engagement session. When I asked why, the number one reason, of course was, we didn't like to pictures. Why didn't they like them? They didn't like them because the photographer never posed them, or told them what to do. You can learn a lot about your potential photographer by doing an engagement session.

Third - Read reviews, almost every well known South Florida wedding photographer has received reviews from past clients. While it's possible that a photographer can ask friends to leave reviews, the chances of receiving a wide range of reviews from friends is less likely. If you read my reviews, you will see references to my other staff photographers, how we handle various situations, video and albums. On my website, I have reviews posted at the bottom of my home page gallery and my wedding gallery. Of course you can always check my Wedding Wire reviews.

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