Romance at the Marriott Harbor Beach
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Romance at the Marriott Harbor Beach

Romantic Pose at the Mariott Harbor Beach

I just love backlit wedding photos! While checking out shooting locations for my Harbor Beach Marriott Wedding, I couldn't help but notice this rock formation with the small running stream of water. The backlighting made the running water even more beautiful. The problem was, there was no place for the bride and groom to stand. The stream turned a corner and the walkway was actually a good foot lower than the rocks. Solution? 2 different shots combined to make this one photo. First I took the picture of the stream from the higher angle, then I shot the bride and groom in another spot close to the stream. Both images were combined in Photoshop. While shooting this couple I made it a special point to keep the head placement in front of the darker part of the rock formation. Whenever photographing people in a backlit situation it's important to make sure the backlit part of your subject is in front of a dark background. By placing this couple in front of the darker parts of the rocks the drama of the backlighting stands out. The Marriott Harbor beach sits on the east side of Ocean Ave and with the back of the hotel facing the beach. The west setting sun created the beautiful hair lit drama for this photograph.

Location: 3030 Holiday Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.