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Having a spur of the moment wedding? I'm a talented destination elopement photographer who has photographed hundreds of couples getting married.

When I visited South Florida over 20 years ago, I had no idea that this place was such a huge destination for weddings and elopements. What did I know? At the time I was a photographer who was based in Los Angeles. I never in a million years thought I would find myself living in South Florida. How did this happen? Here is the short story. I was shooting for Playboy. Playboy was sending me and my wife, who was a marketing director for Playboy, to Jamaica. This was a unique situation because we had to spend time in Miami before traveling to Jamaica. Since South Florida is considered the gateway to the South American market, my wife had some meetings before we left for Jamaica. Anyway, during our trips back and forth between LA and Miami, we started to develop a feel for South Florida. At this point I was photographing about 40 weddings per year in LA, no elopements because LA is not an elopement type of place. While in Jamaica, saw lots of couples getting married on the beach. I even shot some pictures for a few these couples.

Here is one, Elopement in Jamaica The beach scenery was so beautiful and after watching the resort photographer shoot pictures in crappy light, with awkward poses, I had to offer to take a few pictures. If course, I never got involved while the other photographer was working. However, if they were alone, I would very politely ask if I could take some pictures. After a while we really started to like our time here. Then on a fluke, we looked at new homes. What a shocker that was. Our crappy town-home in Encino was more expensive that a huge South Florida home. Considering we didn't have family in LA, but family in South Florida, we decided to spend more time here and see what happens. I got a nice apartment in Fort Lauderdale, and tried to book some weddings and elopements. For over a year I flew between South Florida and Los Angeles. Then when I was book solid with South Florida weddings and elopements, we made the move. Of course there is more to the story, but this is the short version.

Once I moved and got settled here I found myself working as a destination elopement photographer in addition to a wedding photographer. I remember getting my first call for a South Florida elopement. I actually found photographing elopements really enjoyable. I enjoy wedding photography as well, however as a photographer, elopement photography allows for an extra dose of freedom. Because elopements are only two or a few people, the photographer gets to spend more time being creative with the bride and groom pictures. In addition couples having an elopement ceremony are free to travel to different locations for an extended amount of time. In a typical wedding situation the photographer gets maybe an hour before the ceremony, and maybe 30 minutes after the ceremony to take pictures. I actually wrote an full article on elopements which you could read here: Destination Elopement Photography. If you are planning a destination elopement either here in South Florida or any other place in the world, read this article, I think you will find it helpful. The content in this article is from destination elopements which I have shot all over the place, Included are pictures from, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and other places.

As a destination elopement photographer I work all over South Florida and the Caribbean. I you are in The Florida Keys, Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale or any place in Broward or Palm Beach County, including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, South Beach, Dania Beach, Deerfield Beach, Hollywood Beach, or if you are on the west coast of South Florida in places such as Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers or Sanibel Island, give me a call. I would love to photograph your destination wedding. In addition to working all over South Florida, I also travel throughout the Caribbean Islands. If you are planning an elopement in The Bahamas, at a place such as The Ocean Club, or Atlantis, I'm happy to travel. Because I'm an experienced destination elopement photographer in South Florida, I can easily hop on a plane to any of the Caribbean islands. Check out this picture taken in Paradise Island, the Bahamas. Bride at her Elopement This couple called me on a Friday for their Saturday evening elopement. Yes, I had to scramble to the airport, but getting to Paradise Island was easy. Here is another from the same elopement. Bahamas Elopement Photo.

If you happen to be at your South Florida hotel, or on the beach in a Caribbean island with your Darling, Boy friend, Girl friend, Cutie pie, Prince Charming or Soul mate, and you feel the need to tie the knot, NOW, call me to take to pictures. I'm not just a package or resort photographer. I'm a highly skilled creative destination wedding photographer who will provide you with the most beautiful images ever.

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