Bride and Groom get cozy at The Breakers, Palm Beach.
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Bride and Groom get cozy at The Breakers, Palm Beach.

Creative wedding photo taken at The Breakers.

One of my favorite wedding photos pulled from the archive of past photos. This romantic picture was taken at The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida.

Out of all the beautiful wedding venues in Palm Beach Florida, the Breakers has to be one of my favorite. Even though the Breakers Gold Room was decorated with beautiful flowers and candles this wedding photo of a bride and groom together only features out of focus candles in the forground.

I shot this during the bride and grooms first dance. After I got the standard bride and groom looking at the camera photo I decided that I wanted to get a shot that was more interesting. So I moved around some of the crystal candle holders to make a frame which I could shoot through. Then I framed the bride and groom with the lit candle fixtures. Shooting quickly I positioned the bride and groom in various spots in my viewfinder and kept shooting. In order to make this shot work I had to make sure the amount of light on the bride and groom was equal to the light coming from the candles. Using flash bounced off the ceiling I was able to fill the gold ballroom with flat even lighting.

Working as a South Florida Wedding Photographer I get to photograph wedding all over Palm Beach County. Below is another wedding photo which was also taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach.

This photo was taken during the bride and groom's first dance. This was taken in the Breakers Magnolia Room. While both the Gold Room and the Magnolia room are the smaller rooms the Breakers has to offer, the decor inside both these rooms is amazing.

Bride and Groom at The Breakers, Palm Beach

Inside the Breakers Magnolia Room, One of the more beautiful rooms inside The Breakers is the Magnolia Room. This small ballroom is inside the main hotel and is perfect for a small wedding with fewer wedding guests. It's also perfect for a rehearsal dinner or a small party.

Ring Photo

ABOVE: In my attempt to be the Best Wedding Photographer in South Florida, I'm always looking for places to create unique wedding photos. Sometimes I'm on a creative rampage looking for anything that can be used for a creative photo. Next to the entrance of the Gold Room is the beautiful Gold Room name plate. I decided that if I used a super wide angle lens I could focus on the wedding rings and keep the name The Gold Room trailing off to the left. As a wedding ring shot I thing this works well.

Working in South Florida, I have shot a ton of weddings and events at The Breakers. My first wedding at The Breakers was in 2006. Since then I have worked there again and again. If you are planning a wedding in Palm Beach and would like to see more pictures from this wedding venue, check out this link: Breakers Palm Beach wedding pictures.


Bride and Groom at the Eau Palm Beach

While The Breakers is the largest Palm Beach Wedding Hotel, it's not the only choice. This photo above was taken at The Eau Hotel in Palm Beach. The Eau Hotel is another really beautiful choice when looking in Palm Beach for a wedding venue. One of the best places to take wedding pictures at the Eau is inside the Eau Spa. The inside of the Eau Spa is totally unique.

BELOW: The Four Seasons Palm Beach

Bride and Groom Kiss at The Four Seasons, Palm Beach FL

ABOVE: This wedding photo of a bride and groom kissing was taken at another beautiful Palm Beach wedding hotel. The Four Seasons Palm Beach.

Best Palm Beach Wedding Photographer:

If you are searching for the best Palm Beach wedding photographer, finding a place to begin could be a task. There are so many websites that claim to feature the best of. There are websites such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, Yelp, & Thumbtack. Many of these websites will tell you that they feature the best wedding photographers. However, the photographers who are featured in these magazines and websites have paid to this advertising. So the question is how can you really determine who the best Palm Beach wedding photographer is?

First you need to make sure you like the photographers to the work and you can draw a connection to the images you see on their website. While taking with a wedding photographer about equipment and other technicalities is great you also need to feel emotionally drawn to the work the photographer produces. When looking at a photographers website you should ask yourself, Do I feel emotionally attached this photo? Can you tell the story that is being conveyed in the photos?

It's also important to look at wedding photos from a technical perspective. Does the lighting look nice in all the images? In order to be the best Palm Beach wedding photographer you photographer needs to be able to produce beautiful images in all types of lighting conditions. Since your photographer can't determine the location of the sun, you photographer need to be able to shoot in backlit conditions as well as side lighting. When looking at photo you should ask yourself, Can this wedding photographer demonstrate that they can work during the day as well as at night? What about indoor photos. Often a wedding photographer has to shoot an outdoor ceremony then head indoors for a reception. The need to be able to shoot in both situations.

If you are looking for your best wedding photographer in Palm Beach or other South Florida wedding location, we would love to speak with you. I can be reached at (561) 737-5561

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