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Looking for a highly creative South Florida Bat / Bar Mitzvah Photographer?

About this photo:

Have you noticed something unique about this pre Bar Mitzvah photo? One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is creating interesting photos. This photo was taken at the home of the Bar Mitzvah boy. Obviously the family is onto basketball which was the theme of his party. They also incorporated another secondary theme into his party. The secondary theme was the color orange. For this shoot I wanted to keep the orange color central to the photo. This is one of the photos that was enlarged to a 15 foot tall photo on display at the party. I actually have an awesome beautiful unique album from this South Florida Bar Mitzvah. If you would like to see the album, call me. As a way of keeping the orange color central to the photo, I converted the entire image to a Sepia / Blue split tone photo. If you look closely at this image you will notice that the shadows have a slight soft blue tone. Next I overlaid the sepia image over the color image and cut out the basketball, his sneakers and his shirt.

When the family made the invitation they wrote that the party party would be a "White Party" meaning that all the guests were asked to wear all white. Normally I wear all black when I work but it was time to go with the flow. When the family arrived they were dressed in Orange! This color combination made for some interesting and unique pictures!

Why should you consider hiring me to photograph your child's South Florida Bat / Bar Mitzvah?

Having photographed hundreds of South Florida bar or bat mitzvahs, I know how important having great pictures of you son or daughters mitzvah is to you. As the parents of a bar / bat mitzvah you spend countless hours preparing for this very important and emotional event. As a father and a photographer having great pictures of my son during his Bar Mitzvah allows me and my family to relive one of the most gratifying experiences of our lives. Once the event is over, the pictures and video (Yes we also offer video.) are the only visual record that remains.

If you hire me as your photographer, I promise no other photographer will work harder to make sure you get the best pictures and video ever. With me as your photographer your finished pictures will not only be artistic, but the coverage of your event will also be thorough. I'll be completely dedicated to your event throughout the entire process. While I'm not actually an event planner, I have been working with the best event planners for years. I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to photographing and planning both Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. I can also recommend a skilled planner from years of working with the best of the best. Clients who have hired me will tell you that, unless I'm photographing an event, I'm always be available to respond to your needs, I know that clients expect prompt return e-mails and phone calls. Because I love what I do, having happy clients is my priority. I'm always happy to answer questions or offer my advice.

From the second I arrive at your event I'm ready to work. I always bring the latest camera gear and back up gear as well. Actually the camera gear I bring consist of several cameras in which several get used during your event. If a camera breaks, I'm free to pick up with another camera in a fluid seamless manor. Having photographed over two thousand events, I know that cameras sometimes break, A professional camera breaking is very rare, but one breaks every couple of years, the act of switching from one camera to another will have no noticeable affect during or after event. As a professional South Florida Bar Mitzvah photographer I'll blend seamlessly into the your guests and flow with the party. I always dress in professional black and arrived dressed like a guest. Most clients tell me that they haven't really noticed me, other than watching me always looking for the perfect shot.

On the job I always strive to keep the photography lighthearted, easy and fun. Because I'm skilled at posing and arranging people for photographs everyone being photographed will fee relaxed and comfortable in front of my lens. I have found that most people don't know how to pose, the stress, discomfort and unease about photography comes from being put on the spot in front of the camera. I have a fool proof method of posing that is easy to explain, and even easier to do. Because I know that the process of planning a bar/bat mitzvah is stressful and I'm happy to help with any difficult situations that arise during the process. Having photographed so many South Florida Bar Mitzvahs I know that not everything goes perfectly. Sometimes grandparents arrive late for family portraits, the tallit being left at home is a common occurrence, Sometimes the South Florida weather is not predictable, or the location you wanted for pre-party pictures isn’t available. This stuff happens at all events and it's up to me at your photographer to keep everyone calm and moving along. Based on my years of experience I know how to handle every situation and keep everyone happy while getting all the needed pictures.

As a South Florida photographer I'm skilled at covering weddings, corporate events, and a host of other events. I'm also skilled at headshot photography, corporate photography, family portraits and charity events. Being skilled in all these different facets of photography means I'm skilled in a wide range of photographic disciplines. Why does this matter when shooting a Bat or Bar Mitzvah? Because many different skillsets are required to cover a Bat or Bar Mitzvah. When covering a Bat or Bar Mitzvah your photographer needs to provide, portrait photography, still life photography, party action photography, even food photography.

When you hire me as your South Florida Bat / Bar Mitzvah photographer, I'll be entirely dedicated to creating a sensational experience for your child and your family and your guests.

The quality of my pictures will be more than worthy to be displayed as large wall photos in your home. In addition I'm a experienced album designer. We offer a wide range of high-end beautiful albums from the finest album companies on the planet. We only carry to best album companies such as Albums Australia Vision Art Leather Craftsman. Honestly, I only deliver the best of the best. Don't just take my word for it, read some of my client reviews here. Wedding Wire Reviews

If you would like more information about my photography give me a call at (561) 737-5561. I would love to chat!


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