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Bat Mitzvah on the move with the torah in her hands.

You and your daughter have spent years preparing you this one big day, All the planning and hard work will pass by in a blink of an eye, Once your child’s Bat mitzvah is over what remains is the photography and videography. (Yes we offer both.) From experience working with parents and photographing hundreds of Bat and Bat Mitzvahs, I know that the pictures (and video) are what becomes most important. How do I know this? I know this because in addition to just making great photos, I also make beautiful albums. Many of clients spend lot's of time picking pictures and reviewing the album layouts just to make sure the finished album is perfect. As a busy South Florida bat mitzvah photographer I get the scoop from the parents during the entire album design process. Everything that went perfectly, everything that didn't go smoothly, I hear about it. I've had parents as me to photoshop in extra flowers when the Florida skimped. I can tell you some interesting stories.

While many professions require real training and often a licenses or certification, no licenses or certifications are required for photographers. Today anyone can buy a camera take some lucky shots, make a portfolio and call themselves a Bat Mitzvah photographer. I started taking pictures when I was a 16 year old. My the time I considered myself a professional I have received a BA in photography and communications. I also trained for years with little or no pay with the best photographers in the world. Really, I'm not kidding when I say the "Best in the World". Feel free to call me an ask about my years as a photographer. I promise, I'll try not to talk your ear off. Although many of my clients are into photography so they often have lots of questions.

As a highly skilled professional photographer, with over twenty five years of experience, I had a very successful photography studio in Los Angeles before moving here and becoming a South Florida Bat Mitzvah photographer. Of course I also photograph all kinds of other stuff. Just cruise my website and check out all the cool photographs I have taken. In my galleries you will see lot's of Bar/Bat mitzvahs, family portraits, weddings, corporate events, charity events & lots of corporate head shots. I'm also great at shooting food and product photography. (By the way, click the links, they are fun. If you are looking for a passionate photographer who truly his job I'm your guy. Once we talk I'm sure you will agree I'm the right choice for your Bar/Bat mitzvah photographer. By the way my number is (561) 737-5561. Just in case you want to call me NOW!

Here are some useful tips that will help you in your search for a photographer. Although you could just hire me and stop reading here.

(1) Only hire a full-time professional photographer. A part-timer is never going to spend the hours of time that is required to do the job correctly. To complete one hour of images, we spend approximately 2 hours retouching and enhancing our finished photos. A part time photographer known as a weekend shooter is just looking to make extra money. They are not going to spend and additional 20 - 30 hours editing and retouching images. Chances are they don't own the high-quality gear or have an arsenal of top notch equipment required to photograph your event properly. All our equipment features the latest technology and we continuously maintain our cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. While a part-timer may get some lucky shots, chances are they are not consistent. Remember, your photographer only gets one chance to get the perfect shot, there are no do overs. Well I guess there are do overs if you want to get everyone dressed, call back the rabbi, re-do hair and makeup and meet at the temple again. I guess not. Even if you re-do your posed photos you can't make up missed special moments. Hire a seasoned pro from the start is my advise. Because you will not get to see the finished pictures until it’s too late, you should hire a South Florida Bat mitzvah Photographer who loves what they are do enough to make it their full time career.

(2) Years of experience counts. Bat / Bar mitzvah photographers should honing their skills year after year. Looking at the world with a creative eye is a way of life for me. I can't look at anything without thinking crazy thoughts such as, that beautiful bird sitting there should be shot at F8 at 250/sec at iso 200 of course or look at the backlighting on that person's hair, I would need some serious fill flash to balance her face with the hair light. Or my wife may see me staring at the ground as ask what are you looking at? If course I would reply, that contrast of the shadows against the pavement. As a professional if you are not testing, practicing and honing your skills, you will never improve. It takes years of shooting, then looking at the pictures, then shooting again, retouching your work and then entering photo competition and letting the judges decide. Over the years I have photographed many different types of Bar/Bat mitzvahs. These include orthodox, conservative and reform services. There is enough stress happening on the Mitzvah day wouldn't you feel relieved having a photographer on site who knows what pictures to take and how to pose you and your family so that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

(3) Earlier I mentioned that we work with our mitzvah clients to design and assist with putting together your custom album. Once you photos are complete we allow you to pick your favorite pictures for your album. Then we custom design a gorgeous album that will love on for generations. All of our albums are the highest quality and handmade by highly skilled album companies. Of course not every client includes an album with their photography however often families will reach out to me years later for our custom album creation and design service.

(4) As your photographer, we will enhance and retouch all of your photos. Our full retouching includes removing shine, fixing blemishes, getting rid of those ugly bright red exit signs, we even do some tummy tucks, slight nose jobs, and more enhancements that may plastic surgeons. Nothing get delivered until I approve the finished work.

(5) Working in South Florida as a Bat Mitzvah photographer many venues require insurance. We are fully insured with a Two million dollar policy. This is required by all the high end venues in South Florida. Even though your event may not take place at a temple or venue that requires wouldn't you feel better knowing that your photographer is insured. As the host of a party your could be responsible if anyone gets hurt. I try to be very careful and I have never had to use my insurance due to a mishap at a job, but I'm not taking any chances. My advise is to make sure your photographer and the other workers are insured.

(6) Ask your photographer how they back up and handle your images. Many photographers have different methods for keeping your photos safe. I photograph events using cameras that record to two separate memory cards. This way if one card fails we have the same images on another card. I also keep our memory cards in a special card wallet that is in my pocket and also tethered to my pants. I have been very very lucky, after 25 plus years of shooting events averaging 50 events per year I have never had my equipment stolen at a job. However, I know plenty of photographers who have, at least if the memory cards are on me, you won't loose your images if my gear is stolen. By the way, I have equipment insurance. I'd be upset but not so upset that I couldn't finish the event. There is so much more to the proper way to handle images. This could be a big 1000 plus word blog post.

Photographing life events in South Florida, such as mitzvahs, weddings, milestone birthday parties requires a photographer with a cool temper and the ability to work well under pressure. I'm happy to tell you I have both. Bat / Bar Mitzvahs are emotional events and It's very important that your photographer knows how to keep up a great attitude when things get tough. Sometimes a photographer may run short on time. It's a skill to move people and family members around with a smile, for photos when the clock is ticking. When you hire a photographer with years of experience, and complete photographic knowledge you can rest assured that the photography will go smoothly and you will enjoy the process and the entire event.

I hope you have found these tips and information helpful. Over the years working as a South Florida Bat Mitzvah photographer I have learned every aspect of photographing both Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. I'm also skilled with the pre-mitzvah photography as well. If you have any questions or would like to talk about any part of mitzvah photography or mitzvah event planning feel free to give me at call at (561) 737-5561

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