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Bat Mitzvah in South Florida

One of the prettiest places for a Bat Mitzvah in South Florida has to be Parkland Country Club.

If you are planning at Bat or Bar Mitzvah in South Florida and are interested in having pictures taken at the most picturesque venue in the area you should consider Parkland Country Club. From the second you drive into the entrance you are greeted with a visual experience that is second to none. The driveway leading to the front gate is lined with flowing water from the many fountains and stone water features. Making a quick right into the home center will take you to an easy parking lot. Leave your car in the lot and take a walk about the very beautiful pond and you will be in for a wonderful visual treat. Click this link and check out this picture. I know that this picture is from a wedding, but it was taken around the walkway at Parkland Country Club. Once you see this picture, I think you will agree that this place is absolutely dreamy. Once you drive through the front gate you will find that the beautiful scenery doesn't end at the lake. The entire drive to the main clubhouse is a wonderland of photographic opportunity. Keep in mind that if you are having your South Florida Bat Mitzvah here, you will need to allow extra time for picture taking. This picture was taken in the parking lot at the main entrance.

About this Bat Mitzvah in South Florida picture.

As a Bat / Bar Mitzvah photographer in South Florida, my goal is to produce photos that are dynamic, perfectly lit, and nice to look at. This means even soft lighting and interesting backgrounds. While I shot pictures of her in front of the fountain, I also decided that this arch way would make a nice background that would frame our Bat Mitzvah girl for this picture. When shooting pictures for Mitzvahs and weddings, I have a few special tricks that I use to produce nice pictures. This is an example of using a shape to create a frame that draws the viewers eye into the main subject. Check out this picture, Inside to the outside background. Obviously I couldn't bring the Torah outdoors to this shot. Instead I placed our Bat Mitzvah girl in front of a large window and shot her making it look like she was out doors. I use this technique often if it's raining outside and we are stuck indoors.

Parkland County Club is the perfect place for a Bat Mitzvah in South Florida.

I realize that this is a single photo of a Bat Mitzvah girl, while is a nice shot it doesn't show just how nice a Parkland County Club Bat Mitzvah looks. So here is a link to a B'Nai Mitzvah with took place at this venue. B'nai Mitzvah at Parkland Country Club. The service for this one happened at Congregation Kol Tikvah where I have photographed many times before. In the case of this post I did not include temple service pictures. If you would like to see more of my South Florida Bat and Bar Mitzvah pictures check out these two.

This one took place in Boca Raton at Woodfield Country Club. A Snow Ski theme Bar Mitzvah in Boca Raton I enjoyed photographing this one! Here is another Boca Raton Bat Mitzvah which took place at Broken Sound Country Club. A fun Boca Raton Bat Mitzvah. I hope you like these. If you are planning a Bat Mitzvah in South Florida and looking for a photographer, give me a call. I would love to chat. My number is (561) 737-5561


Location: 10001 Old Club Rd, Parkland, FL 33076.

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