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Pre Mitzvah Photography

Sister and brother action taken at a Pre Mitzvah photo shoot in South Florida

As a South Florida Bat / Bar Mitzvah photographer, I strive to take pictures that are artistic, fun and attention getting. This photo was taken for Samuel and Lauren's B'nai Mitzvah pre-shoot. The purpose of a Mitzvah pre-shoot is to get awesome photos that can be used for several different purposes. Usually the pre-Bat / Bar Mitzvah pictures are used for party decor. However, they have also been used for invitations, and thank you card sent out after the Bat /Bar Mitzvah is over.

Another benefit of a Bar / Bat Mitzvah pre-shoot is to check out how the photographer works and see the finished results. Most of my clients hire me to take the ceremony pictures and also cover the party. I often include a pre-shoot with a complete package.

As a South Florida Bat / Bar Mitzvah photographer the subject of pre-shoots come up often. Sometimes parents know they want one included, other times parents as, Do you need to do this? I think every child should have pre-shoot pictures taken before the big day. I understand if some clients don't think it's necessary, and I'm not pushy about this subject. However, if someone asks, this is what I suggest and why.

In the case of this picture it was taken for a b'nai mitzvah of both the son and daughter. Actually I also photographed the entire family together as well. Below are some reasons why I believe parents should consider having me photograph pre-mitzvah pictures.

First, doing pre-mitzvah pictures gives everyone the opportunity to work together before the event. Many people are nervous when it's the first time taking pictures. By taking pre-shoot pictures in a more relaxed and fun location there is much less pressure. In this case we started taking the family pictures at a picturesque park before heading to the beach. By the time we got to the beach everyone was relaxed and aware that the picture taking process would be fun and casual. Shooting pictures in this type of situation is much easier than starting the photography for the first time in the temple. Having already taking pre-shoot pictures everyone gets to start the temple pictures in a more laid back fashion.

Most Bat / Bar Mitzvahs include a theme. The theme is something that the kids are looking forward to. My incorporating some elements from the theme into the pre-mitzvah photography the photography takes on a much more light-hearted atmosphere. In addition the client get's some really cool pictures. Check out this photo from another pre-shoot. Basket Ball Theme Bar Mitzvah Pre-shoot Not only was this a fun basket Ball themed party, the family planned to have an cool orange color theme running through the party. In the Bat Mitzvah invitation everyone as asked to wear white. Then everyone in the family wore orange. For this picture I did a creative color scheme where everything was sepia but the shirt, shoes and basketball stayed orange. I think this is very cool.

Another really fun and unique pre-bat mitzvah photo is this one. Keeping schmutz off your shoes. Let me explain. The theme for this Boca Raton bat mitzvah was fashion. In order to keep with the theme we decided to shoot magazine fashion magazine covers. We started the photo session on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach very early in the morning before all the stores opened. We made it a point to take pictures in in front of all the high end stores. Then I used Photoshop to create magazine covers. However, I did not just want to create normal cover articles, I wanted them to be fun, jewish and attention getting. We started writing fun stuff such as, " Don't look like a slump by wearing shmattehs. It was a fun project. The party was filled with these funny magazine covers.

In addition to photographing a ton of weddings I also love shooting Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. The fact that I'm Jewish is certainly a factor in my love of Mitzvah photography. I shot my first Bar mitzvah in Los Angeles over 30 years ago. I was working for a photographer who had a successful studio photographing weddings. Then someone asked him if he could shoot a Bar Mitzvah, well he only photographed weddings, but he said, Jeff is Jewish I'm sure he could handle it. So that was my first one. Since then I became the wedding and Bat / Bar Mitzvah photographer. Since then I have photographed hundreds of Bat / Bar and B'nai mitzvahs. To see some more of my South Florida Bat / Bar Mitzvah photography click this link: Our Bat / Bar Mitzvah blog articles

If you are planning a Bat or Bar Mitzvah I would love to be your photographer. Call me at (561) 737-5561. I would love to talk.


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