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Bar Mitzvah Pre Shoot

Football theme Bar Mitzvah pre-shoot photo taken in Fort Lauderdale.

As a South Florida photographer, I believe that every Bat and Bar Mitzvah should include a pre-event photoshoot. Why? There are lots of reasons. First, unless you have been photographed by your photographer before, getting together with your photographer for a test photo shoot is the best way to tell for sure, if your photographer, really has the goods. Over the years working as a professional photographer, I have spoken to many clients who have told me about the dismal pictures they have received from a previous photographer. When Bat or Bar Mitzvah parents meet with a potential photographer, they have no idea what their pictures will looks like. When a South Florida Bat / Bar mitzvah photographer makes a portfolio to show potential clients, doesn't it make sense that that photographer is going to only show the best images. Of course that's true. Hey, it's to same with me. I'm certainly not going to show my crappiest images. However, when a Bat or Bar Mitzvah child does a live shoot, there is no beating around the bush, either the photographer is a joy to work with, or the photo session isn't much fun. Either the pictures look fantastic, or they don't. This is why I think every mitzvah photography package should include a pre-shoot. If you are reading this article and you absolutely can't have your child take pre-shoot pictures, there are still some precautions you could take, to make sure your photographer has the goods.

First, as someone who is hiring a South Florida photographer, you should try to view as many pictures as possible. I recommend viewing all the photographers galleries, both one the photographers website, and on the photographers instagram feed as well. Check out mine. If you would like to view my Bar / Bar Mitzvah gallery click here: My Bat / Bar Mitzvah gallery. In this gallery, you will see a wide range of pictures taken from Mitzvahs all over South Florida. You can also check out some more of my recent Bat / Bar Mitzvahs here: Ski theme Bar Mitzvah at Woodfield Country Club. As a snow skier myself, I enjoyed photographing this one. Here is another Bat Mitzvah blog post. Broken Sound Bat Mitzvah. Broken Sound Country club is one of my favorite locations for Weddings, and Bat / Bar Mitzvahs. The grounds around this Boca Raton location are picturesque, and provide a wide range of backdrops for family or single posed pictures. Just look at this blog post! Did you know that we also offer video? Most of the people who hire us have us shoot both photography and videography. This link takes you to Paige's Bat Mitzvah which took place at Stone Bridge Country Club.

Here in South Florida, sports theme Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are very popular. They are also fun to photograph. Because there are so many creative opportunities when shooting sports related pre-shoots, I find myself doing my most creative work during a sports related pre- mitzvah photo shoot. Check out this one in which I did a play on colors. Orange theme basket ball bar mitzvah reshoot. The event planner for this unique party was Linzi from Linzi events. The party invitation asked all the guests to wear white. Then at the party, each family member wore a orange piece of clothing. When I photographed the older brothers Bat Mitzvah, they had a blue theme. I asked everyone to wear white and they wore a blue cloth item. Check out the link here: Garrett's true blue Bar Mitzvah. Needless to say this family went all out the the Bar Mitzvahs.

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