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If you have been looking for a Boynton Beach photographer look no further. Once you visit my website and look through my photo galleries you will realize that you have found the best creative photographer in Boynton Beach. If you are looking for a photographer to take your headshots, modeling pictures, wedding pictures or commercial advertising pictures I would love to talk. Being creative in the art of picture creation requires the ability to look at the world with a unique pair of eyes. By always visualizing images in ones mind after viewing the image in real life anyone can start to develop creative ability. However, after many years of training, having your work critiqued on a regular basis and working in an environment where other creatives flourish one can develop vision far beyond others. I started my journey into creativity when I Was just 16 years old. For me seeing the world through a lens is in my nature. Actually that lens is a 50mm lens when the frame size is 35mm. You may be thinking , WHAT are you talking about? Actually a 50mm lens is the same focal length that a human sees with. As a lens focal length gets smaller the field of view gets wider. For example, a 32mm lens would see wider than a human's field of view. A lens with a higher focal length number would be telephoto which means the field of view shortens and subjects get pulled in closer. After over 30 years of holding a camera almost every day of my life, this is how I see the world.

As a Boynton Beach photographer I'm always looking at the world through my creative lens. It's I'm my nature to look at almost everything an visualize what the world would look like with difference focal lengths. I also, consider height and angles. The world looks different above 5'8 and below 5'8. This is another factor I consider when looking at the world. By living your life through a lens, I can't help but visualize life as a creative South Florida photographer.

Once I made the move to Los Angeles I found myself surrounded with the best photographers in the world. By continuously being pushed to be more and more creative I began to develop more tools add to my creative vision. For example, I always look through things and visualize how a subject would look inside a frame. By wondering, should the frame be out of focus? or should the frame be sharp I can create two completely different views. Then my mental lens kicks in and thinks, Should I stand further back and zoom in ?(telephoto), or should I be closer and zoom out? (wide angle?) In both cases the subject will be the same size in an image, but both wide or telephoto will result in an completely different image. One of my favorite photographers who has spent more years than myself is a famous photographer named Joe Buissink I must have listened to him talk well over 20 times. I actually shot several weddings with Joe. One was when I just started adding videography to my business. While I had formal training in videography I never owned my own video gear. Finally I decided to take to plunge and buy all the video gear I needed. So now that I had the gear, I just needed the jobs. At the time I advertised in a magazine named to wedding pages. Along with the advertisement came a list of phone numbers of brides and grooms looking for photography vendors. So, I started making calls and asking if the person on the other end of the phone had a videographer. I only called last minute couples whom had wedding only a few weeks away. I actually got a bride on the phone who decided to hire me. I gave her a huge discount but I needed a wedding videography sample. Boy did I get a great sample! While I was shooting video at this wedding with Joe Buissink as the photographer, a side door opened and the famous actor Gary Busey walked out. He was very nice and took a few pictures with the bride and groom, that really made for great video. When people was Gary Busey in my wedding video they hired me again and again. Talk about getting lucky. Now back to Joe, in a Joe Buissink talk he teaches that the visual world looks different at different heights, he also teaches that a photographers ability to see natural light helps a photographer produce better images. Joe is just one on a long list of famous photographers I have learned from. Others include Bambi Cantrell who I was lucky to spend a few days with in her Northern California studio with. Another very creative photographer that I was lucky to learn from is Jerry Ghionis Want to see awesome photography? Check out his website.

About the picture above.

I wasn't always a Boynton Beach based photographer. Having lived in LA for a long time my photography skills got better and better. At one point I landed a job shooting for Playboy. Playboy was sending me to Jamaica for photo shoots. This picture above was taken at a Playboy shoot in Jamaica. Why does this creative photo look so good? It looks great because I applied many of the creative visual skills that I have acquired over the years. First I uses a focal length that is flattering. Remember how earlier I mentioned that a wide lens sees a wide field of view and a telephoto lens pulls subjects in closer? Well in addition to telephoto lenses pulling subjects in closer, a telephoto lens also creates compression. Compression flattens out items in an image. By viewing a person with a telephoto lens, the nose compresses against the face, visually. This makes a more flattering portrait. By using natural light I was able to position her in the best light. Thanks Joe.

Once I moved into our home in Boynton Beach I realized what I great. Variety of locations are available for photography. Just outside my Canyon Springs Community I have a wide range of unique photography locations. As a Boynton Beach photographer I have taken a wide range of headshots, family portraits, actor and actress photos, modeling photos, and more. Check out this article on photos taken around Boynton Beach. Boynton Beach Portrait Photography

During the trips to Jamaica I had found myself spending time in South Florida. Over the time we spent in South Florida we decided to relocate here. If you are looking for s Creative photographer in Boynton Beach give me a call at (561) 737-5561


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