Bridal shoot at The Villa Casuarina
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Bridal shoot at The Villa Casuarina

Wedding Photography at Casa Casuarina, South Beach Florida

One of my favorite Places, favorite photoshoots, and favorite wedding gown designers. This shot was taken during a bridal photoshoot at the famous Casa Casuarina which used to be the Versace Mansion where Gianni Versace lived and sadly was killed. It's one of the most historic places in South Beach.

The bride / model in this photos is wearing a bridal gown designed by Galia Lahav based in Israel.

Here is the link: Galia Lahav

This bridal photo shoot was a portfolio shoot that was pulled together by myself, Boca Raton Bridal, J Morgan Flowers and Casa Casuarina. Casa Casuarina is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in South Beach FL. Every room and every corner in this hotel is beautiful. This photo took place at a part of the hotel brides and wedding guest rarely get to, The Observatory. It's at the very top floor and rises above the roof top. It's also not air-conditioned so is was hot. The bride was a real trooper and held the pose on the narrow staircase with I worked the camera. At the time I felt that this was going to be a fantastic shot and I was not going to put the camera down until I had the goods. This wedding photo was difficult because the stars were so steep, and I was so far below her which made getting her face a bit of a challenge. If she just looked at the camera her neck should look weird. If the didn't look down the stairs I would be shooting up her nose. Because of this odd location I felt that the only solution was for her to lean her entire body down the stairs so that I would have her face and body looking great.

Over the years I have shot lots of weddings and events at Casa Casuarina here is a link to another photos taken at this awesome venue. Bride posing at the Casa Casuarina. Also check out this awesome Casa Casuarina bridal portrait. Bridal Portrait at Casa Casuarina

I was so happy to have such a great team working with me on the shot. The bridal gown is amazing, The model took direction really well. This is one of my favorite wedding photos!!

Location: 1116 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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