Palm Beach Wedding
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Palm Beach Wedding

Palm Beach Wedding Photo taken at the Four Seasons

You have to admit when you look at this Palm Beach Wedding photo that this is one attention getting bridal gown! I have photographed many weddings in Palm Beach but I have to say that this couple was one of the most fun couples ever. When I arrived at the Four Seasons the bride and groom were photo ready and willing to do whatever was needed to help me get the perfect photo. I actually have an amazing sample wedding album from this wedding. Their album is filled with unique beautiful photos that were taken all around the hotel ground. It's not just that the location is beautiful, this couple was perfectly comfortable posing for the camera. The fact that the wedding gown as so unique and laid perfectly when styled allowed me to position the dress in many different poses. I'l really have to post more pictures from this wedding.

Palm Beach is a unique place for an elegant wedding because it's made up of high end luxury venues that offer perfectly manicured beaches and the best options in terms of scenery and cuisine. If you are looking for wedding venues that offer peace and tranquility with options for golf, scuba diving, tennis, and many other endeavors then planning a Palm Beach wedding is your best option. On the other hand, if your hopes are to have a raging party scene filled with action and nightlife than honestly, Palm Beach most likely won't make the cut. In South Florida if you want night after night of dancing and partying then I would consider South Beach, or Fort Lauderdale beach for you wedding venue. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I always enjoy shooting weddings at any of the Palm Beach hotels. While I'm skilled at capturing those crazy action party shots it's the elegance of Palm Beach that really gets my creative juices flowing.

Some of my favorite Palm Beach wedding venues are, The Four Seasons, The Breakers, and the Eau, Palm Beach. Each of these venues are unique in it's own way. The Breakers is a huge luxury hotel that offers many different ballrooms and never ending grounds filled with lush greenery, natural floral and fountains that are perfect for taking picturesque wedding photos. The Eau Hotel and Spa is a much smaller venue, however it is more modern and certainly doesn't lack elegance. There are no shortage of places to take amazing photos at the Eau Palm Beach. The Four Seasons is also a great choice if you are planning a palm Beach wedding. This is also a smaller hotel when compared to the Breakers. It's ballroom is not as large as the huge ballrooms available at the Breakers or the Eau however one added benefit of the Four Seasons is the fact that your wedding will most likely be the only wedding taking place on your wedding day. Because the Breakers is such a large venue there is a good chance that the Breakers will have several events happening on the same day as your event. However, I have to mention from experience that the Breakers does a fantastic job at making sure events don't clash together on any given wedding or event weekend. Event though I was aware that other weddings or events were taking place during my Breakers wedding, I never ran into another bride while photographing my wedding.

I hope this article gave you some insight into what you could expect if you are planning a Palm Beach wedding. If you need any help planning you wedding or elopement feel free to reach out to me at (561) 737-5561. I would love to hear from you.


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