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Diplomat Hotel wedding photo

How is this for a unique Diplomat Hotel wedding photo?

The wedding photography business here in South Florida is very competitive. By always seeing unique opportunities and pushing the limits of imagery I have found that I can produce pictures that get noticed. This picture of a bride and groom in the fountain at the Diplomat Hotel was taken the day after the bride and groom's wedding.

When the bride told me she was interested in doing a trash the dress set of wedding pictures I jumped at the opportunity to get some really unique pictures. If you have never heard the term "Trash the Dress" it basically means taking wedding pictures in a situation where the wedding gown could get destroyed, or at least damaged. Most brides have no interest in having their wedding gown ruined, but some would rather get the cool and unique pictures that are created by doing this type of photo session.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I'm always looking for unique photo opportunities, so when a bride tells me, she is interested in a trash the dress shoot, How can I resist.

For a creative photographer, having the opportunity to take pictures and not worry about the brides gown getting dirty is a godsend. At a wedding, the photographer needs to consider the fact that there are a wide range of formalities and events taking place. All these events must be photographed. In the course of a wedding day there are the getting ready pictures, the wedding details, bride and groom pictures, family pictures, a ceremony and guest pictures, not to mention all the reception pictures. Having an opportunity to photograph only the bride and groom in an environment with no future events and little concern for the brides gown opens the door to complete creativity.

Wedding pictures at The Diplomat Hotel in South Florida.

When I moved to South Florida over 16 years ago, one of the first hotels I came across was the Diplomat hotel. Actually I lived only two buildings away from the Diplomat. Because I lived so close building a working relationship with the staff at the hotel was pretty easy. I also, got to shoot one nice jobs. Often, getting to a job at the Diplomat only required a shot walk. Over past 16 years working as a South Florida wedding and event photographer, I must have shot over 100 jobs at the Diplomat. Here are some of my instagram links to a few of my pictures taken at the Diplomat.

Bride showing off her gown at the Diplomat Hotel

Bride and groom taking a walk on the beach at the Diplomat Hotel. The beach at the Diplomat hotel is one of South Florida most manicured around. Many of the beaches are public which means they are crowded. Because the Diplomat beach is private, its clean and beautiful.

Bride and groom in front of the fountain at the Diplomat Hotel. The beautiful flowing water fountains in front of the hotel are perfect for a wide range of pictures. This picture was taken during after the bride and grooms "First Look". This water feature is perfect for photography because its in a location that often has nice soft lighting and the flowing water provides a picturesque backdrop for wedding pictures.

Looking down at the bride and her girls. Because the Diplomat has several floors with balconies and unique walkways, there is always an option of shooting from high angles. I love shooting patterns and formations. It took some posing, then running up the escalator to a higher floor to get this shot. I love to result, I hope you do as well.

Bride and groom walking on the beach - I love walking action shots! I also loved this brides gown. The way the gown flowed in the pictures lent itself to taking pictures that showed movement.

The rabbi is late. This black and white wedding picture doesn't show much of the Diplomat hotel but it was taken at a Diplomat wedding. The bride in the picture was a really fun girl to photograph. I remember the day like it was yesterday. The rabbi was running late, and everyone sat in the ketubah room wondering if there was going to be a Jewish ceremony. By the way, at Jewish weddings it's common the the ceremonies to start late. Some rabbis won't start a jewish wedding until after sundown. Actually some rabbis won't drive until after sundown. Because it this it's common for a jewish wedding to run late. This picture shows to excitement everyone had when the rabbi arrived. I love the father pointing to his watch as the rabbi appeared. Wedding photo-journalistic pictures like this is one of the reasons why I love wedding photography and capturing these unexpected moments.

Stairway to the upper floors. Because the hotel has many different levels there are plenty of staircases that could be used to pictures. Did you know that photographing girls from a higher angle results in a more flattering picture. I don't shoot all my wedding pictures form high angles, but If the opportunity presents itself, I'll shoot a few artsy high angels shots like this.

High angle bride and groom shot. This photo was taken at the same location. Given that I was shooting from above and the bride and groom were kissing I had to make sure I captured their faces. It took a slight tilt of their heads to capture their faces. I love how these high angle shots look.

Working at the Diplomat Hotel in South Florida.

If you are recently engaged and looking for a beautiful South Florida wedding venue, then you should consider the Diplomat hotel. The Diplomat actually has a golf club and a beach hotel. If you don't want to be on the beach and are interested in a more private location you can choose to marry at the Diplomat Golf Club. The Golf club offers beautiful lush landscaping with flowing fountains and beautiful picturesque scenery. It's a great choice for a South Florida wedding.

Location: 3555 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019.

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