Ocean Reef Club infrared wedding photo.
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Ocean Reef Club infrared wedding photo.

I shot this Ocean Reef Club wedding photo using a specially modified infrared camera.

This Black and White Wedding Photo was taken at one of my favorite Florida venues in the Florida Keys. As a wedding photographer I get to photograph brides and groom at some of the most amazing wedding location in the state. Newly engaged couples have lots of choices when it comes to wedding venues. The southern part of Florida has some amazing towns these include, Palm Beach, Broward County, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, South Beach and many other Florida locations. However, one Florida location that can't be over looked is the Florida Keys, If you are thinking of getting married in the Florida Keys then you should check out the Ocean Reef Club. This resort and wedding venue is by far the most upscale places in the Keys. Located in Key Largo just off of Card Sound Road, the Ocean Reef Club sits on a peninsula on Key Largo in the Florida Keys.

Whenever I'm lucky enough to photograph an Ocean Reef Club wedding one of my goals is to get wedding images that are unique and different. I'm always on the lookout for building features and lighting effects that help to create the type of photos that no wedding couple has ever seen before.

For this photo, I couldn't help but to notice this opening in the corner between two walkways, I visualized this photo with the couple in the opening. In order to get this shot the bride and groom had to stand in the low shrubs in the opening. Whenever working with a bridal couple I always ask the couple if they are ok doing certain shot. Sometimes the couple has no interest in standing on the dirt, or being in the sand or whatever the situation is. However, often the bride and groom are as excited about making a really cool photo as I am. In this case the couple saw my creative vision and were thrilled to stand in the opening to get this creative wedding photo.

I when I created this photo, I decided that it should be show in Black and White Infrared. I felt that Black and White would create a wedding photograph with the couple would appear clearly in the opening. I did shoot this same photo in color, however my reason for shooting this in color was completely based on covering myself as a photographer. Often I will create a beautiful photograph in Black and White infrared and then have to client ask for the same wedding photograph in color. Usually the bridal couple would see the black and white photo and think, If this photo looks so cool in black and white it would look even better in color! Usually this is not the case. In this case if the photograph was color the bride and groom would blend in with the background. The fact that it is black and white allowed me to lighten the background so that I had good separation between the bride and groom and the background.

As a South Florida Wedding photographer, It's always a pleasure when I have a couple that is so happy to have me as their photographer, Having a bride and groom hire you because they also want beautiful wedding photos creates a situation where the photographer and the couple works together as a team to create awesome photos!

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I really hope you enjoy this Florida Keys wedding photo. I'm sure you can tell I'm very passionate about my craft. If you are planning your wedding in the Florida Keys or any place in the South Florida area I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your wedding. I can be reached at (561) 737-5561.

Location: 201 Ocean Reef Dr, Key Largo, FL 33037.

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