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Bride and Groom riding a bike on their wedding day at the Harbor Beach Marriott

I had a blast making this wedding photo at the Marriott. Everything worked perfectly to get this photo. I actually had no idea the bike was available until the reception. It was during the grand entrance that one of the groomsmen and a bridesmaid rode in on this bike. The second I saw them come in I said to myself, the second this activity is over I'm grabbing this bike along with the bride and groom and making this shot. That is exactly how it went down. The bride and groom jumped on my idea and 5 minutes later we were out with the bike.

The Marriott Harbor Beach has this huge deck that runs the entire length of the hotel and it faces the Atlantic Ocean, along the deck is that wooden walkway which was the perfect feature to convey a bike path for this fun wedding photo.

It took some sorting out of the bridal gown to get the gown to look good in the photo, yet still allow the bride to ride the bike. However, after a few tries we got it. I love how her smile is perfect, I guess that perfect smile is a by product of us making several attempts at getting the bridal gown to cooperate in making this photo.

As a wedding photographer in South Florida I find myself shooting all kinds of couples. Some are elegant, some are laid back, and some are willing and able to attempt anything to get the perfect shot. In addition may brides are petrified that the bridal gown will become dirty or damaged. This could be the case for many many reasons. Some brides figure they will sell their used gowns after the wedding, some figure their future daughter will wear their gown when they get married. Then some brides just don't care, they want the shot, they can vision the photo hanging in their home as a big wall portrait. I'm sure this image looks fantastic hanging in their home. Either way, as their photographer, I have to respect the client's wishes. However, this couple was fun and I'm thrilled I was able to take this photo.

If you are recently engaged and planning a Harbor Beach Marriott wedding or elopement, I would love to have to opportunity to show you more of my photos from this awesome venue. Over the years I have photographed at least 30+ weddings at this hotel. I have watch this hotel emerge from its renovation several years ago as one of the most beautiful destination wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale.

While there are lots of great hotels in Fort Lauderdale, only the Harbor Beach Marriott and the Pelican Grand Hotel sit directly on the beach. Most of the other Fort Lauderdale beach hotels are located across the street from the sand. Having the wedding venue on the beach makes it super easy to get photos with the ocean in the background. Also, hotels that sit on the beach result in having fewer people on the beach because they need to go through the hotel to get to the sand.

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