Grandmother expression when she sees the bride
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Grandmother expression when she sees the bride

Grandmothers expression when she sees the grand daughter in her wedding gown for the first time.

Working as a wedding photographer means that you have to always be ready for anything. That means that the very second you walk into a wedding venue your camera needs to be ready to go. I always have my camera loaded with a memory card and batteries as soon as I arrive at a wedding. This photo of the bride’s grandmother seeing her was taken at the Eau Palm Beach just before the bride and groom had their first look. Often the first look between the bride and groom is considered the most emotional wedding photo that can be taken. However, at a wedding there are many first look photo opportunities. There is the first look when the brides mother sees her in her wedding dress during the getting ready time, Even though it’s common for the brides maids to be in the bridal suite helping the bride get ready there is still that moment when the girls get to stand back and view the bride once she is fully dressed. Often there we will photograph at first look with the brides father. There are always spontaneous first looks that may happen once the elevator door opens or when the brides’ brother delivers extra snacks to the bridal suite. If your wedding photographer is going to capture these emotional first look photos then your photographer needs to always be ready to get that shot.

This photo happened while I was taking the bride to see the groom for their first look. We were walking down a hall at the Eau Palm Beach when the grandmother who was being wheeled in turned the corner. She was so excited to see the bride in her wedding gown. Since I had my camera ready to go I just shot away.

Whenever capturing wedding photojournalism it’s always more interesting of I can get hand expressions and grandma’s hand expressions in the photo tell the story. I’m just glad I was there to photograph it!

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