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Wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach

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If you are searching for wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach welcome to our website.  I have been photographing weddings and events at The Breakers for may years.  I photographed my first Breakers wedding in 2001 and have been working at the high end luxury venue every since.    Over the years I have developed a large collection of images as a result of the various weddings at The Breakers, Palm Beach.   I know every inch of the Breakers and how to sunlight illuminates different parts of the property at different times of the day.  This blog post is made up of a wide range of weddings I have shot at The Breakers.  Some of these weddings date back as far as 2002.   At the very bottom of this post I’ve added links to more of my favorite images from the Breakers, Palm Beach.  


Bride and Groom wedding photo taken in front of The Breakers, Palm Beach.
This photo was taken at the huge fountain in front of the Breakers main entrance.

Erin and Chris live in New York City, but planned a magnificent destination wedding at The Breakers in Palm Beach. It was not only a destination wedding for them, but every single one of their guests also traveled to this elegant event. Most guests traveled from Chicago (Erin’s home town), Boston (Chris’s home town) and New York (where they currently live). The bride and groom said that since the guests all hailed from colder climates, they were very excited to come to a South Florida wedding and catch some sunshine as well! 

Bride photo taken in the Breakers, Palm Beach Courtyard.
The Breakers Palm Beach has lots of large and small fountains all over the property. This photo was taken in one of the hotel smaller courtyards.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I see many destination weddings, but this one really played up the “Florida” feel with a lemon/citrus theme. The bridesmaids wore different lemon colored dresses by Melissa Sweet and the flower arrangements were created with yellow tulips, calla lilies. The centerpieces for the cocktail hour were mini lemon trees. There was even a signature drink – a lemon flavored martini! 

This wedding was quite a family affair! Both the bride and groom come from large families (5 kids each!), so all of their siblings were in the wedding party along with several close friends. Erin’s 3 adorable nephews were the ring bearers. The vibrant colors the bride and groom choose really played into the South Florida vibe and enhanced the wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach.

Erin looked radiant in an Amsale gown and Stuart Weitzman shoes. Chris and Erin brought in an entire 15 piece band from New York. The Eturnity Band made their first appearance at The Breakers and were an absolute hit! Every detail of this wedding was planned beautifully and Kym Bichon of Weddings by The Breakers was instrumental in pulling it all off without a hitch. 


The Breakers in Palm Beach has it’s own wedding website.  The website is filled with tips and pictures from all around the hotel.  You can visit the hotel’s wedding website here:  Weddings by The Breakers.

Working at this venue gave me an opportunity to show off my wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach.  Simply having the bride and groom walk in front of the hotel provided a wonderful backdrop for this casual photo.







A raging party at a The Breakers wedding reception in Palm Beach
Wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach includes a wide range of images. I have found that the wedding receptions in the hotel’s Circle Room are non-stop dancing and fun.

As a Palm Beach wedding Photographer, I had a wonderful time photographing this wedding and Erin and Chris were terrific subjects! I photograph many destination weddings at The Breakers and each one is very different and very special. Many thanks to Erin and Chris and to Kym for an amazing evening! 

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures form The Breakers.  I shot this image at the hotels front lawn.  The setting sun provided the beautiful lighting for this wedding photo.

Alizeebridal: What a vintage wedding!I love the wedding’s every detail!Really amazing!Hope the sweet couple happy forever! 

Jeff Kolodny: Jeff Kolodny: Thanks Thina, We LOVE Sydney, We have some friends there and visited about 8 years ago. I have some shots from pictures from Sydney on my gallery. We plan on visiting again in a few years. Jeff 

Thina Doukas Photography : Hi there guys! Big hello from fellow photographer in Sydney! Awesome work.. good to see photography work in the states has a great standard! Cheers from sydney.. Thina

Nesh: wow those deserts look awsome. beautiful pictures.

Jessica & Nathan’s wedding at The Breakers

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Jessica & Nathan’s wedding at The Breakers.  If you are planning a South Florida wedding and need a beautiful location, then check out The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.   Every time I work at The Breakers I always get interesting and unique wedding photographs.

Jessica and Nathan chose to have their wedding at The Breakers because of its many beautiful ballrooms and their unique “Circle Room” which was perfect for their ceremony. In addition, The Breakers has its very own floral department called “Design Studio.” It’s always exciting to photograph a wedding at the Breakers, because in addition to the beautiful location The Breakers offers, the “Design Studio” always surprises us with something new and special to photograph with their magnificent floral and décor designs. 

Photographing Jessica and Nathan’s wedding was really terrific!  They are both fun to be around were great in front of camera.  During the reception, Jessica told me that they planned on going to a nearby shopping plaza (City Place) at 12AM to pick up the new Harry Potter book.

Bride starting her ceremony at The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida.

This is from one of the very first weddings I have photographed at The Breakers.  Producing Wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach is always a treat.  The circle room is without question one of the most beautiful wedding ceremony locations in South Florida.  Many hotels have limited photography opportunities if rain is in the forecast.  The Breakers has unlimited options for photography so a wet rainy day won’t cramp the style of your wedding.

Wedding photo taken inside the Circle Room at The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida.
The Breakers Palm Beach Circle room has a secret staircase that will take you to a balcony that gives this amazing view of the hotel ballroom.



For those not familiar with the Palm Beach area,  is a really cool outdoor shopping mall with lots of cool stores, beautiful fountains, and home of The Harriet Himmel Theatre. I went along with them to capture some cool photos of them purchasing the book in their wedding attire right in the middle of Barnes and Noble! While at City Place, we also took the opportunity to take pictures around the complex.


I had a great time photographing Stefanie and Anthony’s recent wedding at the Breakers. It was a magnificent affair with a great couple! As a South Florida wedding photographer, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their special Palm Beach Wedding.

This festive Breakers wedding also included some fun touches thrown in at the end of the evening such as the latest novelty in the wedding business, Donut Divas, who were there to make fresh donuts with powdered sugar for the guests’ delight. Also, milk and cookies were served along with the traditional wedding cake. It was a playful touch to an elegant evening.

Looking out at the Atlantic Ocean is always a great shot.  Wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach is a non-stop playground for any photographer.  This part of the hotel blocks any harsh light from the setting sun.  This means that your photographer can shoot in any direction and still get awesome soft lighting.




I always enjoy photographing weddings at the Breakers, as the grounds and interiors of the hotel are magnificent and there is always somewhere beautiful to shoot. Many thanks to Stefanie and Anthony for having me photograph their special day – I had a terrific time!


We wanted to share this glimpse of Scottie and Ryan’s recent destination wedding at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Scottie said she grew up going to The Breakers with her family and always knew she would get married there. Ryan knew this, so he arranged a trip for what Scottie thought was a weekend getaway and he actually proposed to her at The Breakers on the ocean lawn. The next day they picked the venue and 6 months later they were married! Scottie explained that she and Ryan met through a mutual friend at a downtown bar in Dallas. They dated for about a year before getting engaged but quickly became very close and it wasn’t hard to tell that they were meant for each other.

Romantic wedding picture taken in the Breakers Palm Beach courtyard.
The main courtyard at The Breakers in Palm Beach is one of my favorite places to take wedding pictures. The courtyard is surrounded but the hotel on all sides. This means that there is no winds and always perfect lighting. No matter what part of the wedding you are photographing the main courtyard is a sure bet for taking great South Florida wedding pictures.

Scottie was truly radiant for her Palm Beach wedding, in a Vera Wang gown from Neiman Marcus Bridal Salon in Dallas and Jimmy Choo shoes. Their wedding allowed me to take advantage of all the fabulous locations The Breakers Palm Beach has to offer. We spent as much time as possible roaming the venue, both inside and out, shooting photos along the way. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I always love photographing weddings at The Breakers. The venue is so expansive, with a pristine beach, exquisitely manicured gardens and an opulent interior. Sara Renee of Sara Renee Events served as the Wedding Planner for this event. Katie Gillespie of The Breakers was the Catering Manager in charge of the event.

Many couples opt to have a Palm Beach destination wedding and The Breakers is one of the predominant venues in this area. With numerous ballrooms of varying sizes, The Breakers can easily accommodate more than one large affair in a day. No matter what the size of the event, The Breakers has a space that will perfectly suit the event. From the Venetian Ballroom to the Mediterranean Ballroom, the Magnolia Room, Gold Room, the Beach Club or even the Gulf Stream Rooms – The Breakers offers a plethora of options for any sized wedding or event.  

Inviting guests to a Palm Beach destination wedding is a real treat. Guests will enjoy all that South Florida has to offer – the world-class beaches, magnificent shopping and other local attractions that are unique to the area. There is no lack of things to do here rain or shine. If they choose to stay at a venue like The Breakers they will surely enjoy top of the line service, a luxurious room and all the amenities this 5 star resort has to offer. Planning a destination wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach is always a great choice – for not only the bride and groom, but their guests as well. 


Who would’ve known that tropical and elegance can be put together? Whenever brides and grooms decide on a beach wedding, there’s some sort of casualness and laid-back vibe present during the event, it’s almost always uncanny. I guess it’s because we associate beaches with relaxation and vacation. But for Justine & Jeremy, they were able to recreate the beach vibe but also, add some elegance to it. All thanks to their amazing reception set-up that looked so amazing with all the metallic details. The refined aura of silver plus the casual vibe of the sand equals to something unique and gorgeous. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I always love photographing elegant weddings at The Breakers. Creating Breakers wedding pictures is nothing short of a pleasure since the location has so many fabulous places to shoot. 

I thought – what a great place to photograph the bride’s shoes? Why not in the seafood bar? The Breakers has many, many locations that many photographers don’t even think to utilize when taking wedding pictures. Justine and Jeremy’s South Florida destination wedding at The Breakers was intimate, but afforded me many opportunities to create some incredible Breakers wedding photos.

Justine and Jeremy were an absolute pleasure to work with. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I often do not have the opportunity to meet my clients until their wedding day – and this was no different. We immediately connected and both Justine and Jeremy were enthusiastic participants as we roamed around The Breakers to create some amazing photos.

The story for Jeremy and I began five years ago, as we met through mutual friends. It was love at first sight for us and after only after three months together, we knew that we were meant to be husband and wife. Our relationship works because we respect one another and the characteristics that one person lacks, the other makes up for. We are the epitome of a team

Bride and Groom on the beach at The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida.
If you want beautiful beach wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach then you will need to take a short walk around the hotel’s sea wall. Once you walk onto the beach you will be greeted by one of the most picturesque settings in South Florida wedding pictures.

One of our favorite moments from the wedding was the First Look. The love and emotions that we have and hold for one another could definitely be felt and seen by all. At this moment, we definitely felt like the most special couple in the world a couple that were having their dream wedding surrounded by friends and family and excited to spend the rest of our lives together. Another favorite moment of ours, was when the Priest, Father Leo began to cry because he could sense and feel the love that we have for one another.

How did he propose? 
In the spring of 2013, Jeremy and I went for a walk on a trail that we often walked on near our house and one that we walked on during one of our first dates getting to know on another. We stopped on a bridge that overlooks a river and were talking and laughing when all of a sudden Jeremy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him… well you can tell now how that went!

When deciding on a wedding destination, the ocean was our first choice. The beach has always been a special place for us, as it is always our “go to” vacation place. We visited many places, the Breakers being one of the venues that we looked at in Florida. After seeing the Breakers in Palm Beach, nothing else could compare and we found ourselves comparing everything to the Breakers. It was definitely our idea of a beautiful destination wedding. We knew that this would be the perfect place to host our friends and family from Michigan, as the service, the beauty and the amenities of the Breakers is unparalleled from the moment you pull into the drive.

Justine & Jeremy live in Michigan and decided to have a destination wedding. The ocean was their first choice. It has always been a special “go to” place for them. After visiting many venues, nothing else compared to The Breakers in Palm Beach! What a perfect place to host their friends and family from Michigan for a fabulous destination beach wedding!

So delicious. Just feast your eyes on the magnificent cuisine of The Breakers. The sundae at the bottom left is a most popular choice at Breakers weddings. Sascha LaGreca of The Breakers assisted the couple in making sure their special day was truly one to remember.


Congratulations to this gorgeous couple and many thanks for a memorable South Florida destination wedding at The Breakers!


What a spectacular wedding! Melissa and Stephen couldn’t have picked two more distinctive locations than these! Bethesda-By-The-Sea is a magnificent church complete with stained glass windows, Gothic arches and a courtyard and gardens. It is just steps from The Breakers, a venue that is the epitome of elegance for a South Florida wedding. 

Melissa was glowing in her Vera Wang gown as she walked down the aisle to take her vows. After the ceremony, we roamed enjoyed the beauty of Bethesda-By-The-Sea as we took photos both inside and outside around the grounds. Next, we made the very short drive back to The Breakers where we spent some time getting pictures around some of the lovely outside areas. Everything at The Breakers is impeccable – the food, the décor, the landscaping. It’s impossible to find a bad spot for pictures! 

Melissa and Stephen’s reception was held in one of The Breakers most beautiful rooms – The Circle Room. The shimmering white cake stood front and center as guests entered the ballroom. The Design Studio at The Breakers created the lush floral arrangements that decorated the room and Greg Denard’s GDO Soul provided the incomparable entertainment. Kym Bichon and her team at The Breakers executed a flawless wedding as usual. 


What a beautiful couple and a gorgeous wedding! Sarah and Shane had a breathtaking wedding at the Breakers – everything was perfect – even the weather! With the recent rains we’ve been having here in South Florida, Sarah and Shane were SO lucky to have a rain-free day. I can photograph anywhere – even if we are stuck indoors, but luckily the weather was great and it allowed us to roam around the magnificent grounds of the Breakers and get some great shots. 

Bridal photo taken at The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida.
The iron gates inside the hotel are perfect for wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach. These gates must have been photographed hundreds of thousands of times. They are a very popular visual feature of this part of the hotel.

Of course, the inside of the Breakers isn’t too shabby either, and I spent some time photographing Sarah and Shane around the hotel in many different locations. They were fun to work with and we had a great time getting these photos. 

Sarah was radiant, in a stunning Maggie Sottero gown, which was form-fitting yet with a lovely flare as well. As the bride described to me, her Italian background inspired her to wear such a dress, with its lace and train – the image of a true Italian bride! 

 did a terrific job with the flowers and décor as you’ll see in these pictures. Their work, as always, is flawless and their attention to detail unparalleled. The theme of the wedding was white, crystals and candles. Every detail of the wedding had crystals incorporated – even Sarah’s veil. Her bridal bouquet was composed of stephanotis, peonies, hydrangeas and roses – all in white. 

Sarah and Shane’s wedding at the Breakers was truly one to remember! You guys are the greatest – thanks for letting me be a part of your special day – enjoy the photos! 

Angie: Stunning!!! Just gorgeous! 

Jason Minton: Awesome pictures, you are a true artist! Jason 

knottie luv: You guys are a beautiful couple – everything looked great – gorgeous cake/cp etc……. Jamie & Perry: Congratulations Mr & Mrs Blain! We had an amazing time and you both looked fabulous! Timeless 😉 It was a magnificent night for your fairy tale wedding. Love you both! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.  

Annie: I LOVE the picture of everyone at the ceremony at ground level! You are such a beautiful bride! I can’t wait to see more

Holly Biehl: Congratulations! These photographs are amazing – truly stunning! I am so happy for you both.  (

Sarah Girolamo: Jeff, thank you for the wonderful pics! You and Natalie did an awesome job! I cant wait to do more pictures with in you in future! 

Lisa & Jordan: Everything was sooo beautiful & the pics are GORGEOUS! Congrats again, Sarah & Shane BLAIN!!!!!! 

Leigh & Juan: Great Pictures! You both looked amazing. The smiles on your faces was worth a thousand word. We love you and cannot wait to see the rest of the photos! 

Jamie: It’s amazing what a camera can do for you Shane! 

Dave Weiss: “You guys are like butter, like 2 sticks of butter salted and whipped”……..(SNL Coffee Talk, Mike Myers) 

Erin: You have beautiful photos to capture a perfect night. Can’t wait to see the rest! 

Linda & Bill Essig: What a night! What a party! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Sarah, you are always stunning, but your wedding “look” was as outstanding as any bride would ever wish for. Thank you for including us in this special moment of your lives. Love and happiness to you always. 

Justine : Beautiful pictures Jeff! Sarah you made an absolutely stunning bride and the reception was just lovely. 

Carol Getz: What a beautiful couple–what a beautiful wedding!! Sarah, I can’t believe you’re all grown up!! 

Lynn and Joe Girolamo: The photos allow us to relive Sarah and Shanes’ very special day. Jeff, you captured so many great moments! Thanks for recording such happy memories for our daughter and son-in-law, so creatively. Sarah and Shane, you are gorgeous! Congratulation! Much Love! 

Becki: These pictures are beautiful =) Sarah you look absolutely radiant and classic. You really do make a stunning bride =) It looks like you two had a fairytale wedding come true =) I am so happy for you guys!! Congratulations =) I can’t wait to see more! 


I recently had a great time photographing Niki and David’s destination wedding at the magnificent Breakers in Palm Beach. Currently living in Michigan, Niki and David decided to have their destination wedding at the Breakers after becoming engaged there in August, 2010. David popped the question on the famous Ocean Lawn – which is exactly where they planned to get married. Their weekend getaway to the Breakers Palm Beach turned into a dream come true as their wedding plans began to emerge.

Niki and David’s story goes back 5 years, though. They met in 2005 through a mutual friend, Maria who essentially became their matchmaker – and eventually Niki’s maid of honor. The couple immediately hit it off and spent the next five years moving and traveling together all the while growing as a couple. They moved around the country – from Michigan to Bethesda, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Boca Raton FL and then back to Birmingham, Michigan. Their love story also included the constant companionship of the rest of their family – their two Labrador retrievers, Panzer and Meeka.

Their wedding, just this past September, included a guest list in which 95% of the people had to travel to the Breakers from other parts of the country. It was a true Palm Beach destination wedding! Niki and David’s wedding officiant was a long time family friend who got ordained last summer specifically just to marry them. The couple worked closely with him to write the ceremony and make it a very personal reflection of themselves.

This photo was taken using a special infrared camera.  Wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach offers a wide range of backgrounds to play with.  In wedding infrared photo the trees and greenery in the background takes on an almost winter scene view.  Its very unique.

Niki was a most radiant bride in her Lazzaro gown and Jimmy Choo wedding shoes. The weather that day in September was typical of South Florida – sort of hazy, with a chance of rain. There was a fear that rain would require the ceremony to be moved into the Gold Room from the Ocean Lawn, however the sun came out at the last minute and Niki and David had the ceremony of their dreams on the famous Ocean Lawn at the Breakers. Niki and David’s dreams of a Breakers wedding were fully realized and made all the more incredible by the amazing talents of the Breakers Design Studio and personal assistance of Katie Gillespie, Catering Manager for Weddings by the Breakers.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I photograph many Palm Beach destination weddings for couples just like Niki and David. For these “nearly newlyweds”, planning a wedding at the Breakers is likely one of the most exciting and fulfilling things they will ever do. There is no more magnificent setting – both inside and out – than the Breakers Palm Beach. The flawless architecture, superbly manicured grounds, impeccable food and service are simply unparalleled anywhere in South Florida. As always, I look forward to photographing any wedding at the Breakers and strive to make each one a masterpiece in terms of the photographic art I produce. With an enthusiastic couple, fabulous location and the expertise of the staff at the Breakers, there are no limits to the fun I can have photographing a wedding at the Breakers!

Here are some more links to more if my wedding photography at the Breakers in Palm Beach.  

Bride and Groom wedding picture taken on the Ocean Side of The Breakers.

This photo was taken in the Breakers Gold Ballroom.

One of my favorite Breakers Palm Beach weddings the bride and groom were wonderful and I had a blast photographng this wedding!