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Jeff's Bio

JEFF KOLODNY PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. is currently based in South Florida.

We provide Award Winning Wedding & Event Photography both in the South Florida area and all over the world. Some of our remote locations have included: California, Vermont, New York, Washington DC, France, Jamaica, Mexico, and various Caribbean islands.

Jeff’s passion and talent for photography began right before his teen years and continued to develop in high school when he began to shoot stills and video for his high school theater department. He went on to attend ADELPHI UNIVERSITY in NY and majored in Communications & Photography. By his junior year of college, Jeff was a paid, working photographer, re-editing motion picture film and assisting a Director of Photography in the NY area.

After graduating from ADELPHI UNIVERSITY in 1985, Jeff moved to Los Angeles, CA, to gain the most experience possible by working in and around the Hollywood film industry. He started employment at WILLY LEON PHOTOGRAPHY, one of LA’s premier portrait and event wedding photographers. Next, Jeff worked as a freelance photographer for BILL SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY. Simultaneously, Jeff attained a position as a custom photographic printer and photographer for FORENSIC PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE. At this time Jeff also became a photographer for the Los Angeles Fire Department. These positions proved to be extremely fascinating and instrumental for his career he began to capture truly unique images, and as his talent developed, Jeff acquired a steady client base of his own.

The next step of advancement came as a custom printer at CRUSH CREATIVE, ( one of the most prestigious labs in the country. He printed murals and fine art photographs for many Hollywood film and TV studios, including Universal Studios, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Disney, and NBC. In addition, Jeff printed and created photography for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show as well as printed and shot images for NASA and other government agencies. CRUSH CREATIVE afforded Jeff the opportunity to work with the best of the Hollywood entertainment business. The top photographers in the world used CRUSH CREATIVE, and eventually, their work fell into Jeff’s hands. During the three years he worked at CRUSH CREATIVE, Jeff printed images from Andre DeDienes, one of Marilyn Monroe first photographers, Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz, and many others. He studied what comprised a truly great photograph, and he learned how to shoot for proper color balance, contrast, and skin tones. His education about photographic chemistry grew rapidly as well.

Jeff started his own business, JEFF KOLODNY PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO, in 1993, offering both photography and video services. As Jeff’s skills and talents grew so did his client list, which includes The Los Angeles Times, OPI, Dermalogica, Playboy, The Los Angeles Fire Department, Honda Motor Company and many more.

In addition he has been published in many well-known magazines such as Vogue, Elle Cosmopolitan & Playboy. He has also been published in several professional photography books such as The Best of Professional Digital Photography (by Amherst Media) as well as the Wedding Photographers Handbook.

Currently located in South Florida, JEFF KOLODNY PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. continues to provide exceptional, professional, and unique photographic services. Each event is covered with precision and extraordinary attention to detail, while consistently offering custom-designed options to commemorate that most special occasion. Cutting-edge techniques, such as infrared shooting & X-Processing and split toning are incorporated into Jeffs art form and he delivers a first-rate product with sensational album design options.

Jeff has won several awards from Wedding Portrait Photographers International, followed by the International Photography Award and the Sibern, Best of Photography Award. He continues to win awards and his images are published in books and magazines on a regular basis. Jeff resides with his wife, Robin, and young son, Joel.