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A special first look moment at Vizcaya in Miami Florida

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As a South Florida based photographer, I find myself working in Miami often.  As a result of all those assignments I have a huge collection of Miami wedding photography.   I find that many of my favorite pictures were taken in Miami.  Maybe this has to do with the fact that there are so many unique and beautiful venues in the Miami area.  Miami is also made up of many different towns.  Each town has it’s own vibe and unique scenery.  In Miami a recently engaged couple can find places with breathtaking ocean views, tropical gardens, ultra modern luxury hotels, and much more.  When I’m hired to create Miami Wedding photography, I know that every set of pictures will look different based on the location, time of day and the couples unique vision.  Some of my favorite locations are Vizcaya, with it’s lush gardens and beautiful architectural buildings,  The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach which is located on an inviting stretch of  beach and is close to South Beaches exciting nightlife.  If you are into a luxury modern vibe, there is the W Miami or the Four Seasons Miami.  In addition to these hotels and gardens there are also plenty of golf clubs as well.  One of my favorite hotels and golf clubs is The Biltmore in Coral Gables.  Aside from the Biltmore being such a beautiful wedding venue, the town of Coral Gables is a slice of upscale luxury loaded with unique shopping, high end dining and of course, bridal gown shops.  In this article I’m going to share many of my favorite samples of Miami wedding photography.

BELOW: This wedding bridal picture was taken at a Miami wedding venue called Deering Estate.  Located in a part of Miami called Cutler Bay, The Deering estate offer views of it’s historic buildings and a ocean view of Biscayne Bay.  This picture was taken at unique location on the property.  From this view you could see the main museum building and a section of the Bay in the foreground.


Bride posing at Deering Estate in Miami.
This picture was taken at Deering Estate in Miami.


Not far from Deering Estate is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This is by far one of the most beautiful places in the Miami area.  The gardens are filled with iron gates, sculptures, water views that are breathtaking and unique landscapes.  Even the front gates of Vizcaya are beautiful.  When I’m shooting at Vizcaya in Miami I always leave lots of extra time for photography.  Even when shooting engagement or portrait pictures at this Miami wedding venue I’ll spend hours, I always use all the available time shooting.  This bride and groom wedding picture was taken just after the couples First Look.  There were so excited to see each other I didn’t want to interfere after the first look.  As a Miami wedding photographer, I know that sometimes it’s best to hang back and let the interactions between the bride and groom unfold in front of the camera lens.  For any South Florida wedding photographer, working at Vizcaya is always a treat.  Here are some links to other wedding pictures I have taken at this amazing Miami wedding location.  Bride and her girls at a Vizcaya Miami wedding.  This is one of the first wedding pictures taken at Vizcaya.  Yes this picture is old.  It’s also one of my favorites.  One thing about really great wedding photography is the fact that a great shot will still be a great shot, even after many years.  Lauren and Aarons Vizcaya Miami wedding.  This link will take you to a blog post that covers a complete wedding from Vizcaya.  If you are in the Miami area, even if you are not planning a Miami wedding, you should check out this picturesque location.  By the way, if you have seen the movie, “Bad Boys Two” the bad guy lived in Vizcaya.

Bride and Groom at their Vizcaya wedding in Miami


Another very elegant Miami wedding venue is the The Villa Casa Casuarina At The Former Versace Mansion.  This picture was taken in Gianni Versace’s bedroom.  If you are looking to tie the knot at a venue that is incredibly unique, and attention getting this place will certainly do it.  It’s a fantastic place for wedding pictures.  Located right on Ocean Drive in the heart of South Beach Miami it’s unique decor makes for amazing wedding pictures.  One of the main attractions is the tiled swimming pool.  While not the largest venue in South Beach it is certainly one of the most historic and the prettiest.  One of my favorite aspects of photographing weddings at Casa Casuarina is the brides arrival.  The front gate is on Ocean Blvd and when a Limo pulls up to the gates a crowd of spectators often gathers.  Anyone entering the former Versace Mansion through those grandiose front gates could be taken for a celebrity.  When it’s a bride, tourist to Miami all feel compelled to watch.  Having photographed many weddings at The Villa Casuarina I have a nice collection of pictures.  Here are a few if my favorites. Bride in Versace’s bedroom. When I saw this bride in standing at the door to the bathroom I new I had the makings of a great shot.  When it comes to lighting, I’m in back lighting.  In this shot it just enough to add drama to this photo.   This picture Bride posting at The Villa Casuarina.  This picture was taken during a photo shoot which was set up to provide marketing images for the Venue, the Bridal Shop, the Florist, and the Dress Maker.   The bridal gown was supplied by dress maker, Galia Lava. If you are interested in seeing some very unique bridal gowns check out their website.   HERE is another picture which I shot at the Villa Casa Casuarina.  This one was taken in front of a glass window located inside a staircase inside the house.  I love the see through appeal of Galia Lahav gowns. and this shot really plays into that element.  This picture was taken inside the venue at a walk through area that leads from the main lobby area to the pool area.  In addition the the striking pose this shot really shows off the bridal gown.  One of my favorite pictures from the Villa Casuarina can be seen my clicking THIS LINK  On the top of the building is an observatory room.  I love this room!  Getting this photo was really difficult due to the steep stain case and the high angle in which the bride / model was positioned.  As a Miami wedding photographer, I must be super creative and when I see an opportunity to produce something unique, I’m going to give it my best shot.   If you are a bride or groom of family member of a bride or groom and are considering this venue, you may want to see what a wedding ceremony set up looks like.  Well here you go, check out this wedding ceremony setting,  After looking at this picture ask yourself, who wouldn’t want to get married under this wedding canopy.    If you have any questions about any Miami wedding location, or are looking at Miami Wedding Photography and love my work, I would be thrilled if you gave me a call.  My Number is (561) 737-5561

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