You are currently viewing (Photo & Video) from “The Falls Club”  A beautiful Lake Worth wedding venue.
Bride and Groom by the Waterfall at The Falls Club

(Photo & Video) from “The Falls Club” A beautiful Lake Worth wedding venue.

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Below are photos and a video from a Falls Club wedding.  Enjoy!

Bride and Groom photo taken at The Falls Club in Lake Worth, FL

I’m always excited when I get to photograph at a new wedding location.  Having been in business for many years here in South Florida, I often visit the same venues again and again.  Sure each wedding is unique because the décor is different, and the bride and groom are different, but there is something exciting working at a new wedding venue.

When Amy and Blake hired me for their wedding at The Falls Club the first thought I had was, “A new venue that I haven’t worked at before, how exciting.”

Bride and groom walking at The Falls Club

Since I had never shot a wedding at The Falls Club, the first order of business was to go check it out. When I called, I was surprised to hear that my long time friend Bonnie Dooley was the Catering Coordinator. Bonnie and I go way back because we have both been working in the South Florida event industry for years.  Bonnie knows how to plan and manage a great event.

Wedding ceremony room at The Falls Club

Bonnie showed me around and I was blown away by how beautiful this property was.  The Falls Club sits on a beautiful golf course and features a fantastic waterfall that just happens to be placed in a position that catches the best light.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to photograph a wedding at such a picturesque location.

The Falls Club ballrooms and clubhouse overlooks the golf course. For this wedding the bride and groom decided to keep the shades closed to draw attention to them and not the beautiful golf course outside.

The couple hired me for both photo and video that allowed me to visit before the wedding to fly our drone. I had a blast flying the drone over the golf course and right up to the waterfall.  Once I reviewed the drone footage, I knew I was going to shoot some awesome wedding pictures.

If you would like to visit the wedding venue’s website click this link:   The Falls Club

Bride and Groom by the Waterfall at The Falls Club

Here are a few pictures from my first wedding at The Falls Club.  I have also included the short highlight video below as well.


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