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The Eau Palm Beach is the perfect place for a luxury wedding.

Eau Palm Beach Weddings, The perfect place to say I do!

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Eau Palm Beach is the perfect place for a South Florida wedding.

BELOW: Jeffrey and Gabrielle standing at the beach stair case. Located right on the beach, it’s so easy for the photographer to take the bride and groom out side for a short toe’s in the sand photo shoot.  One of my favorite places to photograph wedding is the Eau Palm Beach.  The grounds around the hotel are so beautiful I always get unique wedding photos are this great South Florida wedding venue.

The Eau Palm Beach has very easy beach access. This bride and groom photo was taken at the top of the pool and sun deck. Just a  few steps down and you are on the beach!  This convenient staircase makes it very easy to get onto the beach to take those stunning beach wedding photos.


When it comes to Florida weddings there’s an exhausting list of to-dos a couple must check off in preparation for the big day. Arguably, one of the most important steps is choosing a venue. How do you even begin planning a wedding if you don’t know where the event will take place? The venue sets the tone for almost every aspect of that magical evening. It dictates your theme, color choices, party activities, guest list, travel expenses, and so much more. After all, you can’t have a beach wedding in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. When it comes to choosing a venue, there is one feature that is consistently overlooked; the venue is the backdrop for every photo you’ll frame and hang in your home together.
BELOW: Facing west, the setting South Florida sun lit up the Eau Hotel’s pool water sprayers helping to create this dramatic photograph.


I shot this photo at the end of the tranquillity pool. The pool has these very cool water sprayers photographing the bride and groom against the backlit water made this photo more dramatic. This is just one of the many great places around the hotel where you could take creative and striking wedding pictures.


As an experienced South Florida photographer, I have worked several venues across the state and the EAU Palm Beach, formerly the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach, is simply stunning. Nestled against the Atlantic Ocean it’s the perfect wedding venue for locals and out of towners hoping for an elegant night along the beach. The EAU Palm Beach offers over two dozen back drops for saying, “I do!” Hosting a long guest list? The Grand Ballroom at the EAU Palm Beach offers at amazing backdrop of six, yes six, Austrian crystal chandeliers that give your portraits that extra sparkle. Hoping to say your vows with the waves crashing in the background? They have a beautiful courtyard that offers a beach front escape for you and your guests to pose in front of.
BELOW: One of my favorite shots at the Eau. The open area located between 2 ballrooms was the perfect place for this staged ring bearer photo.

I love having little kids available for wedding pictures. It’s even better when they are into posing and taking pictures. This little guy was very happy to strike a pose for the camera. As you can tell this wedding had lot’s of groomsmen. Since I have been photographing weddings at the Eau Palm Beach, I have photographed a wide range of weddings and elopements. Some have been as small at 2 people tying the knot on the beach, and other wedding have had guest lists of well over 300. No matter what the wedding size all the weddings at the Eau are beautiful.


Maybe you’re looking for something more intimate and romantic to solidify your future together. The EAU Palm Beach’s Spa Garden offers a wall of twinkling lights and waterfalls that is sure to wow your guests both at the wedding and for years to come. The EAU offers a variety of event spaces for every bride. This Forbes Five Star hotel and spa is sure to impress your guests and provide them with the vacation of a life time. There is no doubt that your wedding will be the talk of the century.
BELOW: Flying groomsmen. Josh (The Groom) and his best man do the high jump on the lawn behind the hotel.

Behind the hotel is another pool and also this wide open grassy lawn. Its the perfect place to photograph flying groomsmen or a bride with her feet on the ground. One thing is for sure, it you want a wedding that will put you on cloud nine than this is the hotel for you. Both the inside and outside of the Eau Palm Beach is a visual delight. Aside from flying groomsmen I have also photographed many brides, Family pictures and romantic wedding pictures in this very spot.


The EAU offers catering, flowers, music, officiants, luxe accommodations, and a gorgeous suite for the newlyweds to end the night. With spaces for your rehearsal dinner, reception, and brunch the next morning this venue is the perfect choice to experience your happily ever after.
BELOW: Ballroom table decor in the main ballroom.

Wedding photography taken at the Eau Palm Beach. The Eau Palm Beach has a huge ballroom which is perfect for the most elegant wedding imagined. Just outside of the ballroom is another room which serves as a place for the cocktail hour. I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture but the flowers on these tables are really tall, it’s a good thing the hotel ballroom has a really high ceiling.


Photography is a very important aspect of a wedding, arguably the second most important next to the venue. Choosing a photographer can be difficult, after all, you want the photos of you and your loved ones to be memorable and timeless. As a photographer it is our job but also our passion to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments for our clients. I started my business in 1993 but I have been a photographer for well over thirty years. My experience has taken me all over the world from Hollywood to France to the Caribbean Islands and the EAU is one of the best wedding venues money can buy. Back in 2011 I helped Chris and Jenny start their lives together at The EAU Palm Beach Resort and was able to witness first hand the magic the venue bestows upon it’s guest.

BELOW:  in addition the having a great wedding decor company the created a romantic atmosphere, it’s also important to choose a great wedding event planner.  In this care I had the luxury of working with Your Special Day by Joni

This photo was taken in the same Eau hotel ballroom. All the weddings that take place at the Eau are really beautiful and every time I walk into the ballrooms I’m always amazed at how unique each ballroom setup looks. Looking at these wedding photos you can tell the florist did a great job. Hiring a great decor company is really important when it comes to decorating such a big ballroom. If you are recently engaged and planning a Palm Beach wedding I’m very happy to help you find the perfect decor company.


Later in 2015, I captured stunning images of Jeffrey and Gabrielle as they celebrated their new marriage in this breathtaking event space which was a real treat considering the engagement shoot I did with them the year prior in the same location. As a photographer, when we experience venues like this one we are immediately drawn to their ability to turn a photo into a masterpiece.
BELOW: Jennifer can’t believe how beautiful her wedding reception ballroom looks!

I love the expression of the bride and her mothers face when they saw the ballroom for the first time. At a wedding there are several first looks, there is the first look between the bride and her father, the first look between the bride and groom, even a first look between the bride and her bridesmaids. However, the moment when the bride and groom, or in this care the bride and her mother see the ballroom for the first time always gets a huge reaction.

It’s truly amazing how what lies in the background can change the tone of what is displayed in the foreground. I can only hope to return to the EAU and photograph another happy couple hoping to start their lives together in the best way I know how, with a camera.

Below are some links to other pictures I have taken during some of my Eau Palm Beach Weddings.

First Look with Grandmother.

Speaking about first looks, this surprise moment when the brides grandmother accidentally saw the granddaughter for the first time shows a serious emotional moment.

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