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South Florida Commercial and Special Event Photography.

Welcome to my Commercial and Special event gallery. South Florida is a huge market for corporate and special events. While the entire northern part of the country is freezing cold South Florida gets to enjoy perfect temperatures. In addition to our great climate South Florida has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches. This is the reason with winter time corporate and special events are so popular here. As a photographer with years of experience I'm highly skilled at photographing South Florida special events. Because these events are so extensive they require several different types of photography at a single event or conference. We have a corporate event coming up in which we are required to photograph fine portraits of each attendee, the awards dinner, and the conference with starts the next day. The conference includes team building, breakout sessions, and a headshot photo station. The gallery below includes a variety of images taken at a wide range of special and corporate events.

Hanging around as a Miami Event Photographer.
Corporate Event Photography
Miami Event Photographer
Boca Raton Event Photographer
Professional creative headshot taken in South Florida
Custom swimming pool at a South Florida home.
Event Photography in South Florida
Event Photographer in South Florida
Miami food photography from a Miami bread factory.