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Eau Palm Beach Wedding Pictures!

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 Eau Palm Beach wedding pictures from Monique and Adam’s beautiful luxury wedding.

Monique and Adam had an incredible and very memorable wedding at the Eau Palm Beach in South Florida.   Below are a few teaser pictures from their very special day.  Palm beach has some of the most beautiful luxury wedding venues in South Florida.  If you are planning a wedding and considering tying the knot in Palm Beach, check out the Eau in Palm Beach.   Actually the Eau is located in the town of Manalapan, which is very close to Palm Beach.  The hotel address is 100 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan, FL 33462   Not exactly Palm Beach, but close enough for this wedding photographer.  When you walk into the front lobby of the Eau, there is no question that you have entered a world of pampering and luxury.  The entire hotel has a very calming and elegant charm, which is enough to make any visitor relax.   As a South Florida based wedding and event photographer, I must say, working at this Palm Beach wedding venue is always a treat.  From a photographer’s point of view, this hotel is a visual playground.   From the beautifully appointed lobby, to the marble, walkways, and the perfectly manicured hotel grounds, this venue is a canvas that is just waiting to become a photographic masterpiece.

Bride and Groom wedding portrait taken at the Eau Palm Beach
This photo was taken at the mirrored staircase, located at the end of one of the long marble floored walkways. I consider this spot one of the main photography spots inside the hotel. To get that star effect, I used what is known as a cross filter. A cross filter is a round glass filter, with a checkered pattern etched into the glass. Of course I limit the amount of pictures I take with this type of filter, or I shot one with and one without. As a South Florida photographer, who is always looking for ways to become more creative, I find this filter very helpful.

ABOVE:  The mirrored staircase is one of my favorite photo spots at the Eau Palm Beach.  Every time I photograph as wedding at here, I visit this photo spot.  Below is a link to another  picture taken in this very spot.   Bride at the mirrored staircase.     Here is another one taken at the same location, before the mirrored wall was installed.  Bride and Groom at the Eau Palm Beach staircase.

Bride getting ready at the Eau Palm Beach
Sometimes I arrive at a wedding and find that the bride had purchased some personalized items to make her wedding special. It’s always fun when I get to photograph unique wedding related items. Monique’s bridal suite was loaded with plenty of these wedding details. I photographed her putting on her special “I Do” slippers.

I just love it when I have plenty of items to photograph.  Monique ordered plenty of fun wedding related items which gave me more creative options.   If you are planning your wedding and are wondering where to find these types of items checkout Etsy here: Shop Etsy for fun, personalize wedding goodies.

Bride playing with wedding balloons at the Eau, Palm Beach
Some of the hotel rooms have this really unique bathtub. This is a great opportunity for a creative photographer to play. Monique, had a collection of white balloons in her bridal suite. During the getting ready bridal pictures, I had this vision of her in the tub, playing with these balloons. I’m glad that Monique shared my vision and brought this photo to life.

The bridal suite bathtub is always a great place to make fun getting ready pictures!  Here’s another photo with this cool tub.  There is that tub!

Groom's father helping him get dressed at the Eau Palm Beach
There is no shortage of unique places to take pictures at the Eau Palm Beach.

Inside the Eau Palm Beach you will find lot’s of mirrors and glass.  As a South Florida wedding photographer who likes shooting double reflections, and through objects I find this one of the hotels that inspires creativity.  This mirrored wall presented a bit of a photographic challenge because the mirrored pieces were frosted and also pointed in slightly different angles. If you will at the pillars in the mirrors you can see that they don’t line up evenly.  This meant that I had to position the camera in such a way that the faces of the groom, and the face of his father landed each on it’s own block.  Not so easy to do, look at the top of the grooms head, see how part of it is moved over a bit.   I shot this creative image while the wedding videographer was shooting his own staged imagery.  Here is another Eau Wedding picture that I shot using another mirrored wall.  Bride at the Eau Palm Beach

Bride getting ready with the help of her sister and mother at the Eau Palm Beach
Monique getting into her Pronovias gown.

I kept the background simple for this dramatic photo of Monique being helped by her mother and sister.   While the Eau Hotel offered a view of the Atlantic Ocean and palm trees when looking out this window, I decided that this picture should be all about Monique, her sister and mother.  Showing the ocean and palm trees in the background would force the viewer’a attention to the imagery out the window.  Before setting up this shot, I shut the window shades.  I also wanted to draw the viewers attention to Monique’s long veil.   While taking this image, I intentionally made sure the veil was partially in-front of the black parts of her mother’s and sisters dresses.  The contrast between the veil and the black dresses further enhanced this image.  The lighting from for this photo came from my electronic flash which was bounced into the wall behind me.  If you look through my wedding pictures, you will notice that most of my images have soft lighting on faces.  I’m not a big fan of harsh lighting in beauty photos.   With that said, harsh lighting on a guy is better than harsh lighting on a girl.   I always say,  a sharp shadow on a guy adds character, on a girl, it’s a wrinkle.

Bride and Groom's First Look at the Eau Palm Beach.
As a South Florida wedding photographer, I enjoy organizing and capturing the first look.

ABOVE: This first look picture was taken in one of the more secluded hallway’s at the Eau.  Not wanting anyone to interrupt the first look, I choose an area that would allow for the maximum privacy.   I placed Adam in an area where I knew he would not have to compete with a busy background.  This location proved to be the best choice.  Setting up the first look requires me, as the wedding photographer, to set up a situation in which the bride and groom get to enjoy each other while capturing the look on the grooms face the very moment he sees his bride.   When a couple chooses a wedding venue, they usually consider how the venue is going to look in pictures.  As a wedding photographer, I want to deliver, clean, beautiful images that also convey the beauty of the venue.  This picture actually delivers in both areas.  The  look on Adam’s face delivers on the moment.  However, the tables with candles in the background show off the beauty of the venue.  By putting the out of focus bride in the foreground and the out of focus background the viewer of the photos has no choice but to be drawn to Adam’s expression.  This photo is a subtle  example of what to expect from your Eau Palm Beach Wedding Pictures.

Bride and Groom showing off their "I do's" at their Palm Beach wedding.
This wedding had so many fun, elegant and clever details. Check out the “I Do’s” on the bottom of the shoes!

ABOVE – One of the most luxurious parts of the Eau Palm Beach is this corner of the marble floored walkway.  How could a simple corner of the hotel be luxurious?  Simple, the mirrored wall, the fine couch, all lit by soft window light make this part of the hotel one of the prettiest places to take pictures that convey luxury.  The first look picture was taken just a few feet away from this mirrored wall.  Just in the opposite direction.  This is one of my favorite spots to take wedding pictures.

BELOW – If you look to the right of the photo above, you will see the hallway that leads to the main lobby and the place where this bridal portrait was taken.  The picture of Adam was taken at the same mirrored staircase.  The fact that all these beautiful photography locations are all indoors, in the same wedding venue, means that a couple can have a wide range of beautiful pictures taken without even leaving the hotel.

Bride and Groom portraits taken at the Eau Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.
Wedding portraits taken at the Eau Palm Beach in South Florida.

The pictures below were taken in one of the ballrooms that are located just off the main marble floored walkway.  The flowers for this wedding were designed and created by Xquisite events.  If you have not heard of Xquisite events, they are one of South Florida’s best floral wedding and event designers,  Whenever, I photograph a wedding in which Xquisite events did the flowers, I make sure to allow extra time to photograph their flowers.  When you combine the picturesque appearance of the Eau and the skill of Xquisite events you know the the wedding is going to be a feast for your eyes.   In addition to the beautiful wedding venue, and the skills of the floral design company, this wedding also featured the skills of one of the best wedding planners in town. Joni, from Your special day by Joni, is very creative and also has awesome ideas.  All this talent insures that my Eau Palm Beach wedding pictures are going to be the best ever!

Wedding decor pictures taken at the Eau Palm Beach.
Beautiful flowers and decor provided by Xquisite Events

Jewish wedding ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida

South Florida wedding ceremony photography.

Palm Beach Jewish wedding ceremony photo.
Adam breaking the glass!
Just married in Palm Beach Florida.
Just married at the Eau Palm Beach.
Wedding decor my Xquisite Events in Boca Raton Florida
More  Xquisite events flower pictures..

South Florida wedding photography by Jeff Kolodny

Wedding table flowers, photographed at a Palm Beach wedding.
This beautiful luxury wedding came together with the help of Your Special Day by Joni

Wedding cake at a Palm Beach wedding.

A special moment captured during one of the reception toasts at The Eau Palm Beach

wedding reception action shot taken in the Eau Palm Beach ballroom
All the wedding guests danced the night away with to the music of Mike Sipe Entertainment.

Bride posing with her DJ and Saxophone player at a Palm Beach wedding.

Wedding picture taken at the Eau Palm Beach in South Florida.

I really enjoyed photographing this upscale beautiful wedding.  Like I said earlier,  The Eau is a wedding photographers playground.  If you would like to see more of my Eau Palm Beach Wedding Pictures, check out some of these links below.

Accidental First Look between a bride and her grandmother. – This is one of my favorite first look pictures.  I was walking with the bride on our way to see the groom when the bride’s grandmother had just turned the corner.  The grandmothers expression was priceless.  This shot just goes to show, a wedding photographer always needs to be ready to get that perfect shot.  This means, the camera is set to produce a useable exposure at all times.  I only had a few seconds to get this shot.

Fun flower girl wedding shot. – Photographing little kids at a wedding is always fun.  While some young kids are easier to photograph than others, it’s always fun when the little ones cooperate to make the perfect wedding photo.  I don’t think I need to say anything more about this fun and creative picture.  Click the link to check it out.

Bride in the mirror at the Eau Palm Beach – Taking pictures through glass or as a reflection in a mirror is a great way to produce a unique wedding picture.  This shot was taken in the mirrored wall along the Angle Restaurant.  If you check out the marble floored hallway along Angle, you will see the exact mirrored wall where this shot was taken.

Grand Entrance at the Eau Palm Beach. – Photographing the bride and groom when they are entering their wedding reception is always fun.  This is the time when the recently married couple gets to relax, party and have a great time.  With no more posed pictures to take, and with the ceremony behind them, its time to party.  For this South Florida wedding photographer, capturing the bride and grooms energy always makes for a fantastic action photo.