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If you are looking for a Boynton Beach Portrait Photographer, than the article below is a must read.

Did you know Boynton Beach is a great place for portrait photography?

As a photographer who shoots Weddings, Portraits, Headshots, Bat / Bar Mitzvahs and many other types of personal photos,  I have found that it’s very convenient to live in a community that is surrounded by such a wide range of scenery.   When someone thinks about having their pictures taken in South Florida, they often imagine pictures with the ocean in the background.  While I take a huge amount of pictures by the ocean, not all of my clients want ocean view photography.  Lucky for me, I happen to live in a place that offers a wonderland of photographic opportunities.  If you are recently engaged, or just need portrait photos taken than why not call me and consider Boynton Beach Portrait Photography.  The area that surrounds my home office is a portrait photographer’s dream. Close to my area, I’m thrilled to have access to beautiful ponds and small lakes, horse stable settings, dazzling water fountains that shoot water in all different directions, and wide open lush fields that are perfect for a wide range of scenic inspired portrait photos.  Need a quick and easy wedding engagement session for save the date cards?  No problem, how about a nice family portrait?  I have photographed many family photos in the areas that surround my home.  In addition, I have shot headshots, modeling portfolios, actor and actress photos and a wide range of pictures for use on dating websites such as Match, J Date, and eHarmony.  I have even photographed dating website pictures, then booked the clients’ subsequent wedding photography as well.  Below is a portfolio of pictures taken around my neighborhood.


This engagement photo was taken in a perfectly landscaped part of Boynton Beach.
The lush landscaping in Boynton Beach was perfect for this kissy engagement portrait.
Portrait engagement photo taken in Boynton Beach.
Having a wide range of backgrounds is very helpful when the mission is taking a wide variety of artistic portraits.
Portrait photographer in Boynton Beach.
Just down the road from my office are these beautiful walls of flowing water perfect for an artistic background.
Because this couple planned their wedding at a beach hotel they decided to take their engagement pictures in a location away from the beach.  They asked me if I knew of any unique portrait locations.  My response was, Yes, around my house.

As a Boynton Beach portrait photographer I’m familiar with all the great places to take family portraits, engagement pictures, and a wide range of other personal pictures.

Toward the end of our photoshoot I started raining.  I actually like the rain effect.
The rolling hills and small lake make perfect backgrounds.
Portrait, Engagement, Model photography in Boynton Beach
Mommy and son taking a casual walk along the Lyon road landscaping.    By the way, the Mommy in this picture is Jan, the owner of Boca Raton Bridal.  If you are a recently engaged bride or the parents of an engaged couple I would highly recommend a visit to Boca Raton Bridal.
Portrait, Engagement, Model photography in Boynton Beach
Couple think I’m crazy when I set up this pose.  However, once they see the finished picture it’s one of their favorites.
A casual pose at Equus.Equestrian Center. 
A lovely simple pose along Lyons road.
I shot this pose at the Canyon Springs front entrance.  By taking a short drive around town I can find a wide range of different backgrounds.  A  short car ride from location to location results in a new set of beautiful backgrounds.
A fun posed pre Bat Mitzvah pictures.
This laid back pictures was taken at the Canyon Springs club house.
A backyard portrait taken behind a Canyon Springs home.
A casual pose in a neighbors backyard.
When fashion model Erika Baldwin needed some portfolio pictures I knew the perfect photo spots.
As a skilled Boynton Beach portrait photographer I know that it’s the lighting that can make or break a photograph.  Because Boynton beach has wonderful scenery in every direction, finding a perfect lighting scheme is easy. 


The roadways around Boynton Beach face in many different directions.  This makes it possible to position the car and model in different directions.   If you look at my pictures you will see that all the faces in my pictures have nice soft flattering lighting.  Even in harsh sunlight I always keep the faces looking good.
ABOVE: Doesn’t this picture look unique?  I shot this using a special modified camera.  If you have never heard of Infrared Photography, it’s very unique.  Shooting infrared is not easy, however I love the look so I have spent many years honing my infrared skills.  

If you would like to see more samples of my infrared photography click these photo links below:  

Infrared Fashion Portrait.

Bride and Groom in Boca Raton

Brides elopement portrait in the Bahamas.

Above and Below.  Fun in the fountains make for some interesting Boynton Beach engagement and portrait photographs.
BELOW:  A local flower wholesailer was very nice and let us take some pictures in their garden.
Portrait, Engagement, Model photography in Boynton Beach
Getting wet in Boynton Beach.
This simple engagement portrait was taken in Canyon Springs.
This guy called me for his actor portfolio and headshot photos.  A drive to Canyon Town Center provided a masculine background for his pictures.
ABOVE: More infrared portrait photography in Boynton Beach.
With the help of an artistic prop this couple had a wonderful collection of Save the Date card options.   By the way, they had a lovely wedding at Woodfield Country Club.
Another creative engagement portrait taken in a flower wholesaler’s garden.  
When this couple arrived for their Boynton Beach engagement portrait shoot they arrived with a few props.  These balloons were helpful and added an element of fun to this photo session. 
Headshot's taken in Boynton Beach
Need a quick and easy headshot? I shoot a ton of headshots. If you have started a new job, just joined a dating website, built a new website, you should have a headshot to go with your new position or project. Having your headshot taken is an easy and fun process. If you are in Boynton Beach you can visit with me and have your professional headshot finished in only a short while. In addition to taking the headshot picture, I also provide full retouching and enhancements. I’m an expert at thinning body parts, removing wrinkles, fixing shiny skin, you name if I can do it. As a Boynton beach headshot photographer I’ll make you look awesome, while keeping your pictures looking natural. The pictures below are 3 out of a range of pictures from her photo session.  Over the years I have shot hundreds of headshots.  If you want your headshot taken indoors against a plain background or outdoors against a lush green background I can take both in one session.  In the area around Boynton Beach I have shot basic headshots, corporate headshots, actor and actress headshots, casual fun headshots, awesome headshots for people who want to look awesome in their passport photos, sorry no smiling in passport photos.  I have written several informative articles on headshots. My articles cover topics like, smiling, what to wear, and a wide range of other topics.  Do read my articles here are some article links:  Headshot Article by Jeff Kolodny.  This article covers more topics including how I retouch skin so that it looks natural,  How to feel relaxed during your Boynton Beach headshot session, and many other helpful tips. Headshot tips by a Boynton Beach photographer
Headshot Photo taken in Boynton Beach
When our neighbor needed a quick headshot she called us and we got it done fast.  Often many of our clients find out they need a headshot at the last minute. If you are in Boynton Beach and need a headshot picture taken call me at (561) 737-5561. 

ABOVE:  One day our neighbor called needing a headshot for her Real estate business. She had to have this photograph taken in a rush.  Several hours later she came over and I was able to take her picture, retouch her photo and e-mail her the finished photo on the spot.  We get lot’s of calls from our Boynton Beach neighbors who need headshots.  In addition to being a skilled photographer, I’l also skilled at retouching.  If a clients needs a blemish removed, face lines or wrinkles removed or softened I can easily to that.  In addition I can slim figures, fix hair, and whiten teeth as well.  In the past year I have shot several actor headshots, modeling headshots, and a ton of headshots for real estate agents.  I have also taken headshots from news writers.  If you are on social media you may also need a great portrait or headshot photo taken.  

“Rain happens”  Every once in a while we get stuck taking pictures in the rain.  From experience I know you just have to make the best of it.  I actually love shooting in the rain. If you live in the area then I’m sure you have realized that some of these pictures were actually taken in Delray Beach.  However, for the purpose of this post I went with the Boynton Beach portrait photography theme.   I hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures.  If you are interested in having me take your pictures please give me a call.  My number is (561) 737-5561. Also, feel free to check out the different sections of my website. My website includes a wide range of picture types.  If you love to travel visit my travel section here: Jeff’s travel and scenic pictures.   If you love to eat, check out my cuisine section here: Jeff’s Yummy Pictures.   Thank you for looking at my pictures.    Jeff