Tips for taking the best headshot pictures.

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Everyone wants to look awesome in their headshot pictures.

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Whether it’s a formal headshot, casual headshot, actor headshot or a sports related headshot, there are things you can do to help your photographer get great flattering pictures. 

By hiring a headshot photographer who is skilled at retouching you can be confident that your face will be free from shine, stray hairs, blemishes and more.

In the pictures below you can see how a picture that shows shiny skin could be retouched.  This portrait was taken in Fort Lauderdale in August when it was very hot and humid outdoors.  Given the climate there is no way this girl would not have shown any sweat.  In addition, her long brown hair flew in the breeze and some strands of her hair stuck to her face.  Could she have moved them out of her face.  Not without a mirror or having someone else remove them.  It’s not easy to remove hot sticky hair that is stuck to someone face.  Notice how I was able to remove the hair and shine yet still keep her skin texture?  This is done using a technique called frequency separation.  In frequency separation the color part of an image is retouched as a separate lay.  The texture is retouched on a different layer.  By having two separate layers, the color of the shine could be removed, while keeping the skin texture visible.  This is the difference you see when a skilled retoucher does the face retouching.


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