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If you are searching for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale look no further.

Read below to learn why I am the best choice when it comes to business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale.

I’m so happy that you found my website.  If you are looking for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale and you need a great looking headshot for your new business cards, social media account, website, sales presentation, dating website, actor and actress portfolio, job search or another reason, you found the right guy.  I have over 25 years of experience working as a professional photographer, and I’m formally trained in the art of making people look their best.  I’m based in Boynton Beach, Florida and I serve all of South Florida.  If you are located in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach give me a call at (561) 737-5561.  I also cover all of Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County.   Below you will find more information that covers, My experience,  How I work, and other tips on how to look your best.  In this blog post I wrote useful information for anyone seeking a South Florida headshot photographer.  In the title of each photo I wrote information that would appeal to any one interested in the aspect of the actual photography.  As a photographer who really enjoys his career as a photographer, I love sharing the artistic and technical aspect of picture taking.  If you are a photographer or just enjoy photography I hope you will find this information useful.  Wherever, I mention a photography related buzz term or I make an interesting point, I included a link to more information.  I’m based in Boynton Beach, Florida however I work all over South Florida, If you need a photographer in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Parkland, Coral Gables, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boynton Beach feel free to give me a call.  In addition to shooting headshots, I also photograph, Weddings, Family Portraits, Corporate Events, Food Photography, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, and much more.

As a business headshot photographer in Fort Lauderdale, I love shooting in natural environments.
This is an environmental headshot photograph which was taken in South Florida. While many people expect their headshots taken inside a studio, again a solid backdrop. some people prefer a headshot taken out in nature. Outdoor headshots look completely different than indoor headshots for many reasons. One of the largest differences is lighting. As a South Florida headshot photographer, it’s up to me to work with one main light source, the sun. It’s not like I can move the sun into different positions as if the sun was on a light stand. However, I could change the position of the subject. By turning the person being photographed I can use the sun as a main light, or a backlight. By using a flash I could add extra light it make a persons face look fantastic. One factor that helps to make a great headshot is the addition of a catch light in the person’s eyes. Often the catch-light is created with a flash, other times I’ll use a reflector, and sometimes I’ll turn the person in such a way that the sun makes a catch light. The catch-light in a person eyes will bring out the color and make the entire portrait come to life. This portrait which was taken in South Florida is more of a portrait, and not a headshot. However, with more cropping it will make a great headshot as well.

When looking for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale, how do you know who is the best?

Over the years working as a professional headshot photographer, I have learned that the first obstacle to creating the best looking portraits, wedding pictures, and headshots are the comfort level of the person being photographed.  Before many of my headshot sessions, I have heard from clients, a wide range of concerns regarding how they look.  Some people are afraid that their nose is too big, or their eyes have bags, or they have skin issues.  The list of complaints about peoples faces goes on and on.  Having these worries about how you will look will result in a feeling of nervousness, tenseness, and being embarrassed.  When someone feels like this it’s impossible for him or her to smile naturally, and to visually convey a look of being a friendly, fun person that others would want to get to know.  The point of having a really great headshot is to allow others to put a face to your name, and to convey a look that says, I don’t even know this person, but I like them already. I have spoken to many people who have been looking for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale, in taking with some of these people, I have found that it’s nerves that keep people form getting that beautiful headshot they desire.  

BELOW:  The photo below is an example of soft flat lighting used for an indoor headshot.  Sometime clients prefer to use there headshot as black and white images and other times people prefer color.  All my images are shot in color and then processed as black and white.  This way they get both options.  

Headshot taken in a Boynton Beach home
This black and white headshot was taken in a Boynton Beach home.  I was hired to take family portrait pictures at a home for the winter holidays.  While I was shooting the family portraits I was informed that the mother needed a headshot for her job.  When I shoot my headshot pictures I always try to find a simple background that is not too distracting.  So the question became, where?  I was able to find a white wall that was just big enough to cover the background.  For lighting I used an electronic flash bounced off the wall behind me.  By using bounce flash I was able to get soft even lighting.


As one of the best business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale it’s up to me to convey to the person being photographed that they will look great, and that their headshot will be their way to put their best foot forward.  Having been in the photography business for over 25 years I have learned a few thing about how to make people look their best.  The first step is for the photographer to take pictures in such a way as to convey that they know what they are doing.  What I photographer says when they are working, how a photographer explains posing and how a headshot photographer reacts to the person being photographed, all play a role in creating the subjects attitude, and the final results.  In addition to being a skilled headshot photographer, I’m also a talented photo retouch artist.  I can retouch and fix almost anything in a photograph.  If my photo retouch skills could be translated into real plastic surgery, I’d be a billionaire.  However, the issue is it’s almost impossible to retouch a bad expression.  So the first mark of a highly skilled South Florida headshot photographer is to put the subject at ease, and to convey that they will look awesome in the finished picture.  So the question is, how could a photographer do that?  First, when being photographed the client or subject needs to feel that the photographer is going to take charge and direct the person being photographed.  The act of giving direction leads the subject to believe someone is actually  “Making the photograph”  There is a huge difference between taking a picture and making a picture.  Click the link Making the photograph for more on what I’m referring to.   I recently spoke to a bride who was looking for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale.  She told me she had hired a wedding photographer, but she had to fire him.  I asked, Why?  she said the engagement shoot didn’t go well.  The photographer gave no direction, and the bride is a dentist, not a model.  No doubt she has a beautiful smile, but unless someone shows her how to pose.  She is going to be uncomfortable and and just won’t look natural.   I have learned the art of posing from many different world renowned photographers.  Some of what I have learned just feels right, or I embrace that, the other ways of posing that is not “Me”. I let go.  The result is that my clients have this feeling that they will just look great.  They are right.  When you combine good posing, with great technical ability and expert photo-retouching the pictures will look amazing. If you are looking for a headshot photography in South Florida it’s important to hire someone who can shoot and retouch.

This girl needed a business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale for her employee website.
Here is an example of a simple headshot with soft lighting and additional excitement created by some extra frontal lighting. There is that catch light again. One of the rules of beauty photography has to do with the lens choice. This South Florida headshot was captured using a Canon 70-200, 2.8 lens. Using a long lens such as a 200mm creates what is know as portrait compression. In a portrait or headshot taken with a long lens the facial features are compressed. This means the nose appears flattened again the face, the eye sockets appear more shallow and the background looks like it’s pressed closer to the persons face. A long lens also helps to throw the background out of focus, which means that for the image viewer, the subject becomes the main focus point.

Types of Headshot photography in South Florida 

There are lots of reasons why someone would be looking for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale, in the photo below this headshot or corporate photo was taken as part of a brochure for a pharmacy school.  This photo could be cropped to a tight headshot or used as an employee or student marketing photo.  This photo was taken as part of a much larger project that included the creation of tight headshots against plain backgrounds, and other marketing images designed to show different aspects of the company as well as introduce the entire staff.   I recently photographed a headshot for someone who was just hired for a new job.  She needs a headshot for the companies new employee announcement.   I also photograph lot’s of headshots for article writers, one recent headshot client is a writer of a financial column for a large news outlet.  When our local home service contractor decided to enter the dating world he needed a headshot along with other lifestyle type photos for a dating website.  My headshot did the trick because he met someone special and got married.  I also shot the wedding!  I have photographed a wide range of actor and actress headshot as well.

Corporate headshot taken for a South Florida University
Shooting headshots and corporate portraits in one of my favorite aspects of photography. By shooting headshots in the corporate setting the photo will convey both the profession and the friendly staff member. For this photo I used what is known as bounce flash.  Soft pretty lighting is dependent of the size of the light source.  The rule is The larger the light source the softer the lighting.  By bouncing a light off a wall the light is reflected back to the subject.  Because the light is coming from a wall instead of a tiny flash the light source result is soft lighting with few shadows.

How to smile naturally for your South Florida headshot session.

Believe it or not, there are a few tricks you can use to improve your smile.  The first trick is to close your eyes and think about something that makes you happy.  Smiling naturally is controlled my your thought process.  Conditioning yourself to think happy thoughts is one of the easiest things you could do to improve your smile.  Another by product of using the happy thought technique is that you will feel happy.  It’s a win win.  Make sure you get plenty of sleep before the shoot. Being well rested will help you have a positive attitude.   Practice in front of a mirror a few times.  However, don’t just stand in front of a mirror and smile.  They it like this.  Stand in front of the mirror, close your eyes and smile, then open your eyes and check out your natural smile.  I actually wrote an entire article on how to smile for the camera, here is the link to my article.  How to smile beautifully for the camera.

This headshot was taken for Everglades University.
Here is an example of a simple headshot. This headshot was taken on location at a corporate office. The client hired me to shoot headshots for the entire staff. The process was simple. I arrived with my equipment and set up a simple nice background. As a way of getting nice soft lighting I used an umbrella and supplemented the flash with some additional fill lighting. Getting the natural smile was easy because this company has hired me for other jobs. This girl knew me from other projects, so she knew she as going to look great with me as the photographer.


For a corporate executive, a headshot taken while sitting at your office desk will convey your important position while looking relaxed and friendly.  This photo was taken as a corporate portrait which could also be cropped into a tight headshot.  Sitting at a desk while being photographed gives the subject an opportunity to use the desk as a hand rest.  Often photographers who are shooting portraits in the studio, will use a posing table to help keep the person being photographed comfortable and looking natural.  The desk in this shot became the posing table.   When someone hires me as a business headshot photographer in Fort Lauderdale, I’m expected to deliver a finished product that anyone would love.  I’m skilled at finding the best places for taking relaxed pictures that still convey a serious attitude.

This executive office portrait was taken in Boca Raton, Florida.
Sitting at a office desk for an executive portrait or headshot gives the benefit of having a natural posing table.


Headshot for a call center employee in Boynton Beach, Florida
Many businesses or corporations have call centers. By including a headshot of the call center employee, a potential client can feel confident that when they call they will get a live friendly person on the phone.
How we retouch our South Florida headshot photography.

When someone is searching for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale they are trying to determine which photographer will make them look good.   In the world of people photography 3/4 of the final product is the shooting and the other 1/4 is the retouching.  When hiring someone to take your headshot photography in South Florida,  it’s important that the photographer is skilled in photoshop retouching as well as the photography.  In the case of our clients they all get retouching.  Sometimes it’s just simple skin smoothing and blemish fixing.  Other times our retouching is much more involved.  Some of our finished headshots have included face contouring, double chin removal, teeth whitening and re-shaping, nose jobs, tummy tucks on waist up pictures, the list of retouching goes on and on.  The key is to provide retouch that is effective and looks natural.  For face retouch we use a special technique called frequency separation.  There are lots of different ways photographers retouch faces.  Some photographers use tools or filters that make selective portions of  persons skin slightly out of focus.  This hides facial wrinkles and blemishes by making them out of focus.  Personally, I believe using this method results in retouching that looks fake.  When I retouch faces I use a special technique called frequency separation.  This is by far the best method for retouching skin.  So what is so awesome about frequency separation?  This method splits the image into two separate layers, one layer sits on top of the other.  The top layer becomes the color layer and the bottom layer is the texture layer.  In pictures most skin imperfections show up because of color issues.  A blemish looks like a blemish because of the red and dark color change in a certain area.  Fix the color and the blemish is gone.  When looking at a picture with bad retouching the area that got the retouch is out of focus. There is no question that frequency separation is by far the best method for skin retouch.  It’s the only way to remove a wrinkle or blemish and still keep the texture.

This guy needed a business headshot photographer in Fort Lauderdale fro his medical massage company.
Photographing professional people in their work environment is a great way to convey that the person loves their profession and is friendly. As a South Florida portrait and headshot photographer I love shooting these types of pictures. Shooting pictures in the clients work environments provides a challenge for the photographer and adds an element of interest to the picture. Like some of the other pictures, this shot can be used for several different marketing purposes. It can be kept as is, or it can be cropped in tight for a close headshot. I always shoot and deliver my images as very high resolution files. This way my pictures can be cropped in tight to make a headshot or kept wide.
Employee headshot taken in South Florida.
This headshot of a book store manager was taken for a South Florida corporate client.

Headshot photography at your location or ours.

The headshots below were taken in Fort Lauderdale as part of a corporate sales meeting.  My job was the cover the sales meeting and also provide headshots for all the attendees.  This is a very common project for me.  It’s also a very cost effective way for a company to get lots of headshot taken for a discounted cost. When I charge for headshot, part of my fee includes the time spend setting up and lighting and backgrounds.  In the case with this client, once I set up my background and lighting, I was free to shoot person after person.  Of course I still provided retouch, but I was able to discount the shooting cost.  People who need a business headshot photographer in Fort Lauderdale expect the person to have the ability be arrive with everything needed to take great pictures,

Corporate headshot photos taken in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
These simple headshots were taken at a corporate sales meeting in Fort Lauderdale. While all my headshots get a dose of retouch, I’m very careful not to over retouch guys. Most guys don’t require retouch and making the skin on a guy look too smooth is a bad idea. Frequency separation works well for mens pictures because the retoucher can remove a blemish while leaving the skin texture.
What should I wear for my headshot photo session.

One question that everyone asked when preparing for headshot photography in South Florida is, what should I wear?  The answer is simple, Stay away from distracting patterns and unique colors.  You want the people who view the image to focus on you and not what you are wearing.  I can shoot people wearing white, black and every color in between.  If you wear glasses, have your glasses treated with an anti reflective coating.  While I could light for eye glasses, having glasses with glare means that I have to light for the glasses and not for the persons face. This means that the glasses will look great but the facial lighting will suffer.  As a headshot photographer / photo retoucher I could shoot the photo twice, once shot with the eyeglasses and one with the person not wearing glasses.  Then in photoshop I could combine both and erase the glare.  This is a difficult and challenging task for any retoucher.  However, I in the worst case I could resort this this method.

This corporate portrait was taken in the lobby of a Fort Lauderdale corporate office building.
It’s easy to find backgrounds for corporate headshots. By looking carefully great backgrounds could be found everyplace. When it comes to finding a good useable background, I’m an expert. The choice of backgrounds at this Fort Lauderdale corporate office was slim pickings. I was able to find an area in the lobby that, from the right angle could be used for this environmental office portrait. As with my other headshots, this was shot and delivered in high resolution. If the client wants a tight headshot I could easily provide that.

Some helpful headshot tips to keep in mind.

Smile with your eyes, believe it or not, even if you can’t see the rest of the face, someone viewing an image can get the sense of a smile by just seeing the eyes.  12-2020 there is no question we are living in one of the most challenging times in history.  Given the strange set of circumstances, for many people it’s a tough time.  The Covid situation is becoming more difficult, and more difficult to wrap your head around,  It’s even more difficult when you can’t leave your home without wearing a mask.  How do you smile with a mask?  Does it matter?  I does matter when you want to project an upbeat look to those around you.  Even though people can’t see your face, you can still smile with just your eyes.  As a Headshot photographer in South Florida I know from experience that people can convey a smile with just their eyes.  When wearing a face mask, people can only see your eyes, so this is a great opportunity to practice your eyes only smile.  If you are someone who gets you picture taken on a regular basis, this could be great practice.  Some day Covid 19 will end and the face masks will come off.  Then you could smile with your entire face, for now, its eyes only.  Learning to smile with your eyes will help you get better looking headshot once Covid-19 is over.  How do you smile with your eyes?  Well, for starters, think happy thoughts, just having a happy mental state will should through your eyes.  Smiling requires muscles though out your entire face, even your eyes.  Have you ever heard of the Duchenne smile?  This is actually an expression that signals enjoyment and fun.  Performing a duchenne smile moves your zygomaticus  muscle which lifts the corners of your mouth while at the same time your cheek muscles lift.  Smiling with your eyes means that you will crinkle the corner of your eyes. By forcing your orbicularis oculi muscle to move your entire face will change it’s appearance.  I know this sounds like a bunch of muscle smile anatomy but thee is really something to this.  The key is to practice, seriously practice in a mirror with your Covid -19 mask on.  If you can master this you will have no problems smiling on command.

Sometimes when looking for business headshot photographers in Fort Lauderdale people are thinking about past experiences.   They start off telling me that are dreading their headshot photo session.  I get that, people want to look their best, they are afraid that the camera will only focus on their worst features.  Then the photographer will show them how bad they look.  This is not the case. at least it’s not the case with me as your photographer.  When I shoot your headshot you can rest assured that I’m going to use the right lens, with the right lighting.  As a very skilled photoshop artist, I use the best method for retouching faces for a natural look.  I have written extensively about headshot photography and many other aspects of people photography.  If you look through all my different blog posts you will see a wide range of helpful articles.  Click here to see all my posts:  To learn more about my photography call me at (561) 737-5561