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Best places to propose in South Florida

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Searching for the Best places to propose in South Florida?

As a South Florida wedding photographer I also find myself photographing at the best places to propose in South Florida.  It only makes sense considering the fact that the proposal must come before the I do’s, right?  

If you are ready do ask the big question, and are looking for the perfect place & time, this article should help.  Having photographed and arranged many marriage proposals in South Florida I am familiar with all the great locations.  The groom in this blog post decided to ask the marriage question at The Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale.

When Mike called me asking questions about proposing to McKenna he had no idea how. He spent lots of time online researching the best places to propose in South Florida.  He made plans for a fancy dinner and he wanted the moment photographed.  While the place he picked was romantic, it wasn’t private enough and the timing was not conducive to getting the shot of her saying yes or a close up of her face showing her emotions.   He had planned on taking McKenna to the beach side dinner at The Harbor Beach Marriott.  The problem with him proposing during the dinner was, it was too late in the evening and it was not private enough.  So I suggested that they take a walk outside on the hotels Ocean Terrace and propose out there.  In addition, I always include engagement pictures taken after she says I do.

I arrived at the Harbor Beach Marriott early and prepared for the moment.  This meant, using a long telephoto lens, and a camera designed to capture the action.

After I was ready I sent Mike a text to let him know I was in position and ready for him and McKenna to walk out to the terrace.  It took some time and event though we planned on 5:30Pm it was close to 6:00Pm before the arrived on the Ocean Terrace.  During the time that McKenna was getting ready for what she thought would be a casual stroll and view of the ocean, Mike was texting me, “She isn’t ready yet”. my reply was, “let her take her time, don’t act like you need to rush.  I didn’t want her to have any idea what was soon going to unfold.

Best places to propose in South Florida
Look at that Ocean View! The view of the Atlantic Ocean from the Hotels Ocean Terrace is simply wonderful. In addition the beach at the Harbor Beach Marriott is perfectly maintained and is always clean.


As a South Florida photographer with lot’s of experience, I know for a fact that she would never consider that I was there waiting for her.  It’s a common sight for photographers to be taking pictures of the ocean, the boats, birds or whatever a vacationer would normally photograph.   When it comes to marriage proposals I have done hundreds.  I have never ever had a guy walk out with a girl who even suspected the guy with the camera was waiting for her.    As I hung out on the Harbor Beach Marriott’s Ocean Terrace I made it a point to talk with other vacationers to make it look like I was also a tourist.  Not that it really mattered.

Just engaged in South Florida.
As a South Florida wedding and proposal photographer, I just love hand gestures. Nothing conveys emotion more than hands.

If you are searching for the best places to propose in South Florida then the Harbor Beach Marriott is a very good choice.  Here are a few wedding pictures from this awesome location.    This one is one of my favorites. Bike riding at The Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale.  Also check out this picture. Bride and groom relaxing.  I think this picture shows just how perfect the beach is.  Keep in mind that since the hotel is private, there is no riff raft on the beach.  It’s never fully packed with people and it’s always kept clean.   Just look at this picture! Look at how awesome this sand is. The bride and groom look great also.   After seeing theses pictures you must admit this is a very cool wedding venue and a great place for a marriage proposal.

a yes I will marry you hug.
Often during a marriage proposal the now bride, realizes I’m there for them. I don’t believe she saw me at this point.

I was able to take a good number of pictures before MeKenna finally looked up and noticed I was taking pictures of her.  Once again those hand in her eyes really convey the emotion of her special once in a lifetime moment.

The Ultimate Guide to Proposal Photography in South Florida

South Florida, with its stunning beaches, vibrant cityscapes, and lush tropical gardens, offers the perfect backdrop for one of life’s most precious moments – the marriage proposal. If you’re planning to pop the question and immortalize the moment, understanding the nuances of proposal photography in this region can make all the difference. This blog is crafted for those teetering on the edge of the next big step in their lives, ready to ask, “Will you marry me?” We’ll navigate through the why, when, and how of keeping it a surprise while ensuring every snapshot captures the essence of your love story.

Why South Florida for Your Proposal?

South Florida isn’t just a destination; it’s a vibrant canvas that adds depth and emotion to your proposal. From the iconic sunsets of Key West to the serene beaches of Fort Lauderdale and the Miami skyline, each location offers a unique ambiance. Imagine kneeling on a sandy beach as the sun dips below the horizon or choosing a quaint spot in Vizcaya Museum & Gardens with its European-inspired architecture. The diversity of locations ensures that your proposal can be as public or as intimate as you wish.

Capturing the Moment: Why Proposal Photography?

The moment of proposing is fleeting, but its memories last a lifetime. Hiring a professional photographer to capture your proposal ensures that the raw emotions, from the anticipation in the air to the surprise and joy on your partner’s face, are frozen in time. A professional photographer adept in proposal photography will know how to blend into the background and capture candid, unposed moments that truly reflect the emotions of the day. Plus, announcing your engagement with stunning photos makes sharing your news even more special.

Timing & Planning: The Secret Sauce

Choosing the right moment is crucial. South Florida’s weather can be as unpredictable as love itself. Planning around the rainy season (June to October) might save you from unwanted showers. Aim for golden hour – the first or last hour of sunlight – for the most breathtaking natural lighting.

When it comes to keeping the proposal a surprise, communication with your photographer is key. Many photographers offer consultation sessions to help plan the logistics. Decide on a signal for the big moment, pick the perfect spot, and ensure there’s a story in place to get your significant other to the location without raising suspicion.

Location, Location, Location!

1. Palm Beach Worth Ave : Just off the coast of West Palm Beach offers beautiful architecture and secluded beaches with a stunning view of the sunset, providing a private and romantic setting.

2. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: Offers a lush, tropical landscape as a vibrant backdrop for your big question.

3. The Wynwood Walls: Ideal for couples seeking an urban vibe, the colorful murals provide a unique and artistic setting.

4. Palm Beach: The luxurious resorts and pristine beaches offer a glamorous setting, perfect for those wanting to add a touch of elegance to their proposal.

Pulling Off the Perfect Surprise Proposal

Step 1: Know Your Partner’s Style

Does your partner prefer intimate moments, or would they love a grand gesture with family and friends waiting to celebrate? Understanding their preference can guide your planning process.

Step 2: The Alibi

Create a believable story to ensure your partner is dressed for the occasion and in the right spot at the right time without becoming suspicious.

Step 3: Recruit Help

Whether it’s coordinating with the photographer or getting friends and family involved, don’t hesitate to enlist some help to manage the details.

Step 4: Relive the Moment

After the proposal, consider a short engagement shoot. Most photographers offer packages that include a mini session after the proposal. It’s a great way to celebrate and capture the excitement of the moment before announcing to the world.

Step 5: Celebrate!

Whether it’s a quiet dinner for two or a party with loved ones, plan something special to celebrate the engagement.


In Conclusion

A proposal is a monumental step in your relationship, a story you’ll recount for years to come. South Florida, with its eclectic mix of locations, offers the perfect setting for every love story. With careful planning, a bit of secrecy, and the help of a skilled photographer, you can ensure this pivotal moment is captured beautifully, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Remember, the heart of proposal photography lies in telling your unique story, so infuse your personality, love, and joy into every detail. And when you finally ask, “Will you marry me?”, know that the magic of the moment will be forever etched in the sands, gardens, and vibrant walls of South Florida.

There is no question the Marriott Harbor beach is one of the Best places to propose in South Florida


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    Behind Each Snapshot: A Story of Us

    The journey to each of these proposals was as beautiful and diverse as South Florida’s landscapes, filled with moments of anticipation, joy, and profound love. Beyond the picturesque settings, these pictures hold stories of whispered promises, tears of happiness, and the overwhelming emotion of taking that next big step together.

    We hope you enjoy browsing through our gallery as much as we enjoyed living those moments. Each link opens up a world where love is the main protagonist, and every snapshot tells a story of commitment, adventure, and the beauty of saying “I do.”

    We’re excited to share these slices of our love story with you, capturing not just the visually stunning essence of South Florida but the emotional depth of our individual journeys. Each proposal marks not an end but a beautiful beginning of a lifetime filled with love, challenges, triumphs, and endless adventures.

    Thank you for being a part of our story.