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Picture from a South Florida Bar Mitzvah

Garrett’s South Florida Bar Mitzvah

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As far South Florida Mitzvahs go, this was one of the grandest affairs I have ever had the pleasure of photographing! It all began with Garrett’s pre-shoot at his family’s home, where we captured some great shots of him playing soccer, basketball as well as some nice portraits. The theme of his Bar Mitzvah was “blue”, so everything was adjusted to have a blue cast or some sort of blue in each photo. Check out the first 3 photos below to see the “blue.”

South Florida Bar Mitzvah Portraits.
These Bar Mitzvah formal family portraits were taken in the courtyard of Temple Beth El.

The Bar Mitzvah Photography start at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton.  The temple has a lovely courtyard with very nice landscaping which is perfect for family portraits.  These formal pictures included Garret with his parents, grandparents and siblings.  During family portraits I always take a combination of formal posed photos and casually posed pictures.

Boca Raton Family Portrait Photography
These casual family portraits were taken at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, Florida.

Garrett’s ceremony was at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, but the main event was later that day at the site of the Old School Square in Delray Beach where an enormous 8,000 square foot tent was erected to house the party for the several hundred lucky guests invited to attend. All the guests wore white, except Garrett’s mom, who shimmered in a glamorous off the shoulder gown. 

South Florida Family Portrait Photographer
During a Bar Mitzvah I find myself shooting all kinds of pictures. This South Florida event started with me taking Family Portraits. I usually spend about an hour or two shooting posed and casual portraits at the start of a typical Bar Mitzvah

Before photographing a Bar Mitzvah, It’s always a good idea to review the family and guest photo list.  I’ve been doing this of a ling time so I’m familiar with what pictures need to be taken.  However, almost every family has requests for additional posed combinations.  I always ask for a photo shot list as a way of making sure no one is forgotten.

A casual family photo session in Boca Raton.
Because I have photographed so many family portraits in South Florida I’m able to keep my subjects relaxed and smiling during the photo session

This amazing South Florida Bar Mitzvah took place in a huge five thousand square foot tent.  The tent was custom made with elaborate lighting fixtures, high tech electronics, huge video displays, and very creative lighting.  It took days to construct the tent for this Bar Mitzvah party.

Picture from a upscale South Florida Bar Mitzvah.
The inside of this Bar Mitzvah’s party tent was immense. Once the high tech lighting and video screens were turned on a empty grass field was transformed into a high tech party scene.

The décor was ultra-modern, all white with cool blue lighting that gave everything inside the tent a blue glow. A sumptuous buffet with several different stations, an ice-cream cart, and a delectable candy table kept the guests satiated all evening long.  Linzi Etzion, mitzvah planner extraordinaire, masterfully coordinated all aspects of the event. As always, Linzi was a delight to work with and did an incredible job pulling everything together for this ultra-elaborate party.

Decor from a South Florida Bar Mitzvah.
Picture from a South Florida Bar Mitzvah

The flowers and decor for this Rocken South Florida Bar Mitzvah were created by Xquisite Events. If you have not heard of them and you are planning a Mitzvah in South Florida you should at least check out their website.  The are most creative event design company in the entire area.

Decor at a South Florida special event.
The decor at the special Bar Mitzvah was nothing short of amazing.

During the cocktail hour of this very creative South Florida Bar Mitzvah the family hired mimes to entertain the guests.  Photographing to guests having a great time and interacting with the mimes made for some really fun photo opportunities.  For this blog post I just has to include the mimes in the pictures.

 Great cuisine was enjoyed by all at this South Florida Bar Mitzvah.
The guests were treated to fantastic hors d’oeuvres during this cocktail hour at this rocken South Florida bar Mitzvah.

A highlight of the evening was when the popular dance troop “Live in Color” took center stage and performed a number featuring Garrett! All the kids, as well as the adults, were thrilled with this performance!

Bar Mitzvah dance party in South Florida.
Garrett joined the living color dance team and performed as if he had been a member for years!

Once the party started it was nonstop action!  Between the hora, Live in color, the amazing music and all the wild dancing I had a blast taking picture after picture.  As a South Florida event photographer I love shooting people having a wild time, the count for this event was well over two thousand photos. I never had so much fun photographing a Bar Mitzvah!

Check out these wild and fun South Florida Bar Mitzvah pictures.
The party raged and raged for hours. it was a nonstop photo opportunity. Check out these wild and fun South Florida Bar Mitzvah pictures.

Time really flies when there is so much to shoot at a raging and rocking party like this.  As a photographer who covers parties every weekend I know a great party when I get to shoot one.   Every second of the night I as taking another great image.

Pictures from a South Florida Bar Mitzvah party
Check out these pictures from this South Florida Bar Mitzvah party!

All in all, this was an amazingly artsy and creative and totally fun South Florida Bar Mitzvah that I was privileged to have the opportunity to photograph along with my second photographer on the job, Albert. We both had a great time and thank Linzi Etzion and the Schwartz’s for the opportunity to be a part of such a terrific event.

Xquisite events did a fantastic job providing the decor for this party.
Each cocktail styled table had one of these unique lighting fixture and the high tech video display played pictures and video during the entire evening. Xquisite events did a fantastic job providing the decor for this party.
Dessert table at a South Florida Bar Mitzvah.
Toward the end of the night the catering company unveiled this awesome dessert table. The table was covered with small cupcakes, mini milkshakes, fruit cups and little coffee styled cups made out of chocolate and filled with sweets.

Anyone who had a sweet tooth had no problem finding satisfaction from this huge dessert table.  Whatever sweet anyone could possibly desire was on this table.  Candy apples, lot’s of unique cupcakes, gummy bears, they had it all!

Love chocolate candy apples? This South Florida mitzvah had it all.
Dessert table picture from a South Florida Bar Mitzvah
Custom tent from a Bar Mitzvah.
I shot this foggy outdoor tent picture while the party raged inside the huge 5000 square foot tent.
Pictures taken during the construction of the party tent.
It took several days to construct the tent for this party. The client brought in lots of air-conditioning units and extra power generators.

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