Sundy House weddings

Sundy House weddings

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If you are planning a South Florida wedding and the beach isn’t on your wish list, visit the Sundy House in Delray Beach.

When recently engaged couples think about weddings in South Florida the first though that usually comes to mind is, a wedding by the beach.  However, not every South Florida bride is interested in tying the knot at the beach.  For some brides the thought of the wind blowing recently styled hair, or feet cover with sand isn’t enticing.   Don’t get me wrong, a beach wedding doesn’t always mean wind blown hair or sandy feet, however as a South Florida wedding photographer I have shot my share of both.

If you are planning a wedding that is not on the beach, I would recommend visiting the Sundy house in Delray Beach.   For those not familiar with Delray beach, it’s one of South Florida popular locations.  The main road through Delray beach is Atlantic Avenue.  If you are looking for fine dining you have plenty of choices both along and just off of Atlantic Avenue.  If you want the beach, the beach at the end of Atlantic Avenue is wonderful.   For couples having out of town guests, the area around the Sundy House has plenty of hotel choices.  Anyone visiting South Florida is sure to have a great time hanging out around Delray Beach.

The historic Sundy house is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Palm Beach County.  As a wedding photographer I find that there is no limit of picture taking opportunities both in the Sundy House and around the grounds.  When walking the grounds you will find several Savanna-style gazebos, picturesque streams and waterfalls and freshwater ponds in which Koi Fish make their home.  In addition the Sundy house in Delray beach features a pond which is located in the perfect place for taking romantic bride and groom pictures.  Every time I work at the Sundy House I find myself shooting new and unique wedding pictures.

If you are a nature lover than getting married at the Sundy house is an excellent choice.  The one acre property has a woodsy feel and is filled with a wide range of tropical trees including fruit trees, flowering trees and scattered pockets of bamboo groves.   Couples planning a Sundy House wedding can get married in several different areas of the property.  If you have many wedding guests having a lawn ceremony is on of my favorite spots, if you have a smaller guest list you can tie the knot under the Savannah styled gazebo, and of course the Cenote pond always makes for an incredible backdrop.

When I arrive at the Sundy House to start the photography I usually find the bride and groom in separate bungalow getting ready.  The bungalows on the property are very stylish and decorated in the same Savannah style as the venue grounds.  The fact that the bungalows are all close to each other means that I can take pictures of the bride and her girls and then visit the groom and his guys for some additional pictures.  Once the bride is in her gown I can set up the first look in which the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time before the weddings.  The fact that there are so many great shooting spots at the Sundy house,  finding a private picturesque location for this first look is easy

Once the bride and groom have seen each other, and spent some time talking, we will venture around the grounds, taking pictures in as many locations as time allows.  Every inch of the one acre property has something unique to photograph.  Pictures can be taken at the pond, in front of the bamboo gardens, buy the house and on one of the wooden bridges.  After I have spent enough time photographing the bride and groom, we will meet up with the family to take the family pictures.  I always finish with enough time for the bride to hide when the wedding guests start to arrive.

Usually wedding ceremonies at the Sundy house finish just before sunset.  This is perfect because the hour before sunset is what is referred to as The Golden Hour.  This is the time when the light is the softest and has a warm glow.  It’s the best time for taking bride and groom portraits

As the sun sets, and the incandescent lights become brighter and glow more vividly the Sundy House starts to look like a different wedding venue.  As an experienced South Florida wedding photographer, shooting under tungsten lighting opens up a world of additional photography opportunities.  If the bride and groom are willing to break away from the wedding reception for a few minutes I could shoot many more unique pictures.   During the wedding reception I try to take as many party pictures as possible.  My wedding reception coverage includes a wide range of dance pictures, and guest pictures.  One of my goals during a wedding reception is to photograph every wedding guest.  My wedding reception coverage will include casually posed guest pictures as well as wild party and dance pictures.  Of course I also photograph all the toasts and all the wedding events as well.

Wedding photo taken in the Rain at the Sundy House.
Because the weather in South Florida could be unpredictable it’s always helpful to be prepared. It didn’t rain the entire day, but it did rain long enough to take some interesting pictures.  Leigh and Brian had a beautiful Sundy House wedding.  Before their Sunday house wedding we took engagement pictures in Palm Beach.  Here is the link to their Palm Beach engagement pictures.  Leigh and Brian’s Palm Beach engagement photo shoot.






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