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Palm Beach Photography shot on Worth Avenue.

Palm Beach Engagement Photography

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When it comes to engagement pictures, Palm Beach is one of my favorite photography locations

As a provider of Palm Beach photography I’m often asked if I could recommend some great places to do an engagement shoot.   I also encourage my bridal couples to do engagement shoots as well.  When shopping for photography in Palm Beach or any other place in South Florida, couples want to hire the best photographer they can afford. However, with the advent of digital photography many new photographers have entered the wedding marketplace. Some of these photographers have spent a great deal of time honing their skills,  as a result the quality of their photography is apparent when looking at their website. Unfortunately there are also many photographers what have fantastic looking websites, but the actual quality of their photography is seriously lacking.  How could a photographer who has a low skill level possess a great website?  The answer to this is simple, they are only showing lucky shots, or the photos they are showing came from a photography workshop. Often photographers will create staged photo-shoots designed to get portfolio images. While there is nothing wrong with using photo workshop images, or doing staged photo-shoots, the problem arises when a photographer is hired to shoot a wedding or event, and the unsuspecting bride and groom learn after the wedding that their photographer really stinks.

Palm Beach Photography image taken on Worth Avenue.
ABOVE: This posed portrait of Leigh and Brian was taken in one of Worth Avenues open air court yards.  This area was adorned with beautiful flowers and sculpture gardens as well as painted wall artwork.  The open courtyard made a great spot for taking the perfect Palm Beach photograph.
ABOVE: This casually posed photo was taken on the main sidewalk of Worth Avenue.  This sidewalk is lined with very high end stores that sell everything from jewelry to clothing and accessories.

One way a newly engaged couple can insure that they hired to right photographer is by doing an engagement shoot.  By doing a photo-shoot before the wedding, a couple can quickly find out if their photographer knows how to pose, find great backgrounds, set the camera properly and deal with a variety of different lighting conditions.  I can’t tell you how many horror stories I have heard from many couples who, thought they were hiring a great photographer,  only to find otherwise after they receiving their wedding photos.  I’ve heard stories of unskilled photographers telling couples, I can only shoot on cloudy days, or I can’t shoot when the sun is above my head, or it’s not my fault the sun hit your face during the ceremony.  A skilled photographer needs to be an expert at handling all these situations.

By doing an engagement shoot and seeing the results a couple can learn if they hired the right photographer.   I always say, a sales meeting is just that, a sales meeting, during a sales meeting couples find out if the photographer can sell.  At a photo-shoot couples find out if their photographer can actually shoot.

Palm Beach Photography shot on Worth Avenue.  Seriously, what could be more attention getting than arriving in your Lamborghini or pink McLaren to shop for your Diamonds?

ABOVE: This Palm Beach Photography Engagement Picture took some creative posing.  Leigh sat on Brian’s lap

For this engagement shoot I recommended Worth avenue in Palm Beach.  When I talk with a couple about where to take pictures I will often refer Palm Beach as a possible photography location.  What is nice about this location is the fact that couples can have their Palm Beach pictures taken in a nice park setting with greenery in the background.  In addition Worth Avenue have some very nice fancy buildings which make nice background.  At the end of Worth Ave in the beach.  Actually it’s a very nice section of beach, with some rock formations that add interest to the backgrounds.

Leigh strikes a pose in this courtyard entrance to create this  Palm Beach Photography Picture

Because of this I do many engagement shoots.  After a couple decides they want an engagement shoot, the next question is, where?  Because South Florida is known for it’s awesome beaches many couples decide they want to take their engagement photos only at the beach.  However, I also have many couples tell me that while they may want beach engagement photos, they also want engagement photos in areas that offer more interesting scenes and backgrounds. Some couples don’t want beach photos at all. Instead they are looking for interesting architecture and beautiful greenery, or parks with flowing fountains. Since many of my clients live and work in areas such as Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, or Jupiter, I often find myself offering Palm Beach photography.  Out of all the possible Palm Beach photography locations, my favorite location is on and around Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Photography Engagement Picture – This was actually the last photo of our shoot.

Worth Ave is considered one of the most iconic places in the United States.  If you are familiar with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, than consider this the Rodeo Drive of the east coast.  Think about it, the most expensive high-end stores, restaurants in the country, located in an area with lush greenery and beautiful architecture, including fountains, small parks and a beautiful beach at the end of the road, all in one location.  For a photographer or an engaged couple, what could be better?

Palm Beach Photography Engagement Picture – Another romantic posed picture taken in the same open air courtyard off of Worth Avenue.


Because of everything Worth avenue has to offer, combined with its great location Leigh and Brian decided to take their engagement photos on and around Worth Avenue.   Leigh and Brian hired me to photograph their upcoming wedding which will take place at the Sundy House in Delray Beach Florida, also located in Palm Beach County. In addition the choosing a great wedding venue, they also hired Breeze Taylor as their wedding planner.  I have known and worked with Breeze for many years and there is no question she is one of the best planners in the wedding business. I’m looking forward to photographing Leigh and Brian’s upcoming wedding.

Palm Beach Photography Engagement Picture – I think Brian really enjoyed   creating the action for this photo!

Photographing Leigh and Brian’s engagement pictures gave all of us the opportunity to get to know each other while creating beautiful images.  After a few brief posing lessons, both Leigh and Brian were posing and smiling like they have been posing for photos for years.  In the 2 hours during our photo shoot we walked from one end of Worth Avenue, to the other, we stopped and shot photos all along the way.  While we didn’t make it to the beach, we certainly covered a lot of ground.

If you are ever visiting South Florida and searching for an interesting place to visit I would urge you to visit Palm Beach and Worth Avenue.  If you are interested in shopping at some of the ritziest stores on the planet while having a great time then you should visit Worth Ave.

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Worth avenue is not just a great Palm Beach photography location for future brides and grooms, it’s also a great location for Family Portraits, Bat / Bar Mitzvah portraits, and all other types of people photos.  Interested in proposing? Why not on the beach after a fantastic Palm Beach meal? Or possibly on the beach or at one of Palm Beaches iconic restaurants?  Just make sure I’m there with my camera to catch the action.   If you are planning a wedding or elopement or just looking for portrait photography I would love to chat.  Aside from photographing engagement pictures on Worth Avenue, I have photographed weddings at many of Palm Beaches fantastic Hotels.  Some of the most popular hotels in Palm Beach include The Breakers, The Four Seasons, and the Eau Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Photography Engagement Picture – Another casually posed photo taken on the Worth Avenue sidewalk.

Even though I produce a lot of Palm Beach photography, South Florida also offers many other beautiful wedding locations, towns such as Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, all have great wedding venues.  Even though I am not a wedding planner, I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to planning  weddings here in South Florida.  If you need help planning your Palm Beach or South Florida wedding I would love to help you plan your perfect dream wedding.

Feel free to call me at (561) 737-5561