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Bride and Groom Walking through the Flowers to the Beach

Delray Beach Wedding Pictures

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Check out these Delray Beach wedding pictures taken at the former Marriott which is now the new Opal Grand Resort

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Ilyssa and Craigs wedding at the Delray Beach Marriott, Now the Opal Grand Resort.  I really enjoyed photographing this wedding. Even though the weather repost said rain, the weather cooperated long enough for us to head outdoors to create some nice wedding photos.  In this post are just a few of my favorite photos from their fun Delray Beach Wedding.


Whenever, I photograph a South Florida Wedding I alway make time to scout around the hotel for new photography locations. Having shot many weddings at the Delray Beach Marriott, (Now the Opal Grand.) I found this old style wine cabinet. I just loved the look of this, so I figured a few photos are in order. I put a small light behind the brides veil and we played with a few poses. Later, I added the scratches and a blue tone to the shadows to create some interest.

Vintage styled wedding photo taken at the Delray Beach Marriott

This one was taken after the ceremony just a few minutes before we lost the light completely. There is a walking path that starts across the street from the New Opal Grand Resort and leads to the beach. I loved how the scene with the path looked in the evening light.  I visioned this shot with the brides veil blowing behind her as she walked. The shot is what I call posed action. I set them up so that the groom (Craig) walked ahead of Ilyssa (The Bride). Since there was a bit of distance between the bride and groom I used a telephoto lens to compress the two if them together. As soon as they started walking it became apparent that the brides veil would not blow behind her the way I thought it would. So during the next pass Ilyssa flapped her arm back and forth which did the job perfectly. I added a small amount of sepia which gave this photo a bit of a vintage look.

Bride and Groom Walking through the Flowers to the Beach

BELOW: The purpose of this photo is to show off the brides gown. By putting her back toward the lens and the groom facing the camera I was able to show her gown and her face as well as his face. (Or Part of his face.). In addition I have a photography rule, the bride always looks into the light if possible.

Bride and Groom sharing a moment together at the Delray Beach Marriott


This wedding picture was taken right at after the the bride and groom walking photo was taken. The bride and groom really wanted to get in a few last minute South Florida Beach Photos after the ceremony. The second the wedding ceremony ended we left the Opal Grand Resort  and headed across the street to the beach for these photos. The sun was already down and we only had the last bits of sunlight left. Because of this I had to work fast. In addition both Ilyssa and Craig wanted to get back the to cocktail hour before  it ended


BELOW: Jumping on the bed!! What could be more fun than having the bride and her Maid of Honor do a few jumps with joy on the wedding day.

Bride and her Maid of Honor Jumping for Joy on a Bed


As a South Florida Based wedding photographer I have photographed weddings all over the Delray Beach and other areas. There is no question that the Delray Beach Marriott is one of the best wedding venues in South Florida. If you are recently engaged and planning your wedding in another city other than Delray Beach, I would love to help you find the wedding venue of your dreams. Working  in South Florida for years I have photographed weddings in many other towns. As South Florida’s Best Wedding Photographer I have photographed weddings in Miami, Key West, Key Largo, South Beach, Miami Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Parkland.   In addition, I’m happy to travel to Orlando, Naples, Marco Island, and Sarasota.
I also shoot weddings outside of Florida. In the past I have photographed weddings in, New York City, Los Angeles, France, and all over the Caribbean including, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Curacao.
Even though I’m a wedding photographer, I’m not really a wedding planner.

However, much of what is involved in wedding photography includes wedding planning. So if you need help planning your wedding chances are I could help you. I have worked with many of South Florida’s top wedding planners, so I could help you find a wedding planner that fits your needs.
I could be reached at (561) 737-5561