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As a photographer / videographer in South Florida I’m often asked by clients to shoot Real Estate images.  This Real Estate video is made from a combination of photo and video.I started the shoot by flying my drone to get some establishing footage.  Then I shot each room using a combo of still photography and videography.Whenever I shoot anything I always spend lots of extra time to make sure I deliver the highest quality images possible.  In Real Estate photography it’s always important to makesure all the lines in a room are straight,  and that you can see out the windows without the outdoor lighting being blow out into a washed out images.Adding type to parts of the video is also helpful.  The real estate agent gave me some data points and facts about the property.   As a South Florida real estate photographer I am an experienced drone pilot.  Drone pictures are important because they show the position of a home compared the rest of the neighborhood.  For example if there is a beach close by you can sometimes see both the home and to beach.  Of course this depends on the distance.  

Check out this blog post one my drone footage. Drone photography and videography

South Florida Real Estate Photographer
Room shot in a Boca Raton home. As a South Florida photographer I photograph many homes all around the area. Photographing rooms inside homes requires a special set of technical skills. It’s important in a real estate room photograph to show all the fine detail. This means that the texture of the walls, floor ceiling all need to look great. Room lights should look nice and not be blown out. When looking at a window, the viewer should be able to see outside detail as well.


Before  I start shooting I alway make it a point to walk through the property and look for anything that could either add clutter or take away from the beauty of the home.  Sometimes parts of the photograph needs to be photoshopped in order to achieve a certain effect.  When every I retouch photos for Real estate photography I make sure I only photoshop stuff that could actually be adjusted in real life.  For example, I would not change the color of an attached part of the home unless the homeowner actually had plans to make the change in real file. 

If you are a South Florida Realestate agent looking for a photographer I would love to talk with you.  Feel free to call me at (561) 737-5561


In addition to photographing South Florida real estate pictures I also photograph lifestyle photos.  You may be wondering, What does lifestyle photography have to do with real estate?   Take a look at this picture 

Life Style picture taken for a real estate agent. Pictures like this one are often used to convey the South Florida lifestyle.  A huge portion of the real estate market here is driven by people from the northern part of the United States relocating to South Florida.  Residents in South Florida refer to the people who migrate for winter vacation from the northern as Snow Birds.  Many of those “Snow Birds” turn into residents.


There is a great value in hiring a skilled real estate photographer. Buying a home is one of the most important and meaningful purchases someone can make. Not only is it a large amount of money, but it the place that they will actually live in and spend most of their time. It needs to work for the buyer on many levels – aesthetically of course, location, condition, space and many, many other aspects that are important as one makes this life changing decision.

As Isaac Klein from SipKlein Luxury Real Estate states,n

“Great photography and well executed short videos can really bring properties to life. The first thing a perspective buyer sees when searching for real estate are the pictures, that’s where it all begins.”n

BELOW: By using drone photography I was able to convey the location of this intercostal waterway home.

Boca Raton Real Estate Photography
Using a drone for real estate pictures is a great way to show that this home is located on a waterway. Imagine parking your boat on your own dock right behind your home. As a South Florida real estate photographer and videographer my job is to show the home from the best possible angles.

With this said, people are visual animals. We like to look at pictures to help us make decisions on purchases. For example, online shopping has grown tremendously in recent years – largely due to convenience, however without compelling photos of products, retailers wouldn’t be able to sell as efficiently.

BELOW: People who love to play golf would take special notice when they see a property with beautiful scenic golf course photos.

Real estate photography in Boca Raton
This drone photo was taken as part of a photo – video project created to show off Mizner Country club in Boca Raton. If you are looking for a home inside a country club, check out Mizner Country Club. Not only do they offer golf, their activities also include tennis, swimming in a new renovated pool. Their club house is also perfect for a wide range of events and activities.

Selling a house is similar to selling lots of other products. Companies selling products spend small fortunes making their products look great. People buy partly based on emotion and nice looking photos convey to the potential homebuyer that their new home could fit their needs and style.

As a South Florida real estate photographer, I am very familiar with the many different types of properties that are available here and some of the unique selling features that Florida buyers are looking for. Many properties in South Florida are on some body of water – be it a canal, lake or even the ocean. This is a tremendous selling feature to potential buyers and this aspect should be photographed in the most flattering way possible and from different angles, including from a drone. Another major selling feature that a South Florida real estate photographer should be used to photographing is a swimming pool and spa set up. Many homebuyers here absolutely insist on having this feature in their new home, as the weather here is warm year round. This too should be photographed in a certain precise way to show the pool’s features and beauty in relation to the home. Lush landscaping is another attractive feature to homebuyers here. An artistic South Florida real estate photographer will be able to show the palm trees and surrounding landscaping of a home from the best angles, revealing both the grounds and home itself as a tropical paradise.

Often when I’m photographing people I am told by the agent or client, something to the effect of “this is my good side.” Well did you know that homes have a good side?

A talented photographer should be skilled in finding “the good side” of a particular home. In addition every room has a “good side” as well. The placements of the windows, the location of the furniture and the direction by which the light enters the room all combine to create beautiful room ambience. However, in order to convey this ambience, the photo must be taken from the correct angle.

BELOW: A backyard pool shown next to the intercostal waterway helps the homebuyer imagine a afternoon swim after a fun boat ride.

Beautiful window light can fill a room with soft pretty lighting. However from the wrong angle, the room could appear washed out and lack detail in the furniture. Using of the proper F-Stop also plays a role in how a room looks. A wide lens opening can be used to throw undesirable looking areas out of focus while drawing attention to the more appealing aspects of a room. A small lens opening can assure that the entire room is in sharp focus.

By using carefully placed electronic flash or strobes a photographer could beautifully light a room while keeping the view through the windows looking great.

Hiring a skilled real estate photographer with a great eye is one way to help assure that the home you are trying to sell receives the highest price possible. You want to more than justify the asking price of the house and having some amazing photos and video plus some drone shots can help accentuate the best aspects of the property and increase its appeal to potential buyers. These days, many potential buyers first search for homes on the internet and the more content that is posted to highlight a property, the more buyers the listing will attract.

BELOW:  –  This video is a bit dated but shows all the activities that residents can enjoy at a home community.   Mizner county club asked me to shoot some drone real estate video around their property.  Recently Mizner country club is renovated.  The club house, the gym, the pool were all redone.  

BELOW: – Would you like to catch a tan in the comfort of your own home?  I’ve added the two pictures below to my South Florida real estate blog because these are actually in home tanning spas that are designed to look like a fine piece of home furniture.  These pictures were actually taken inside the companies corporate office.  During the shoot we arranged the room to look like a home living room.  The picture in the mirror was stripped in using Adobe Photoshop.  In the bottom photo you can see the opened tanning bed.  This photo was taken the same way I would photograph a home living room.  With the camera on a tripod, I used a long exposure along with an F-stop that would clearly capture the furniture in a way that was sharp and clean looking.  

Home tanning bed designed as a beautiful piece of furniture.
This may look like a fine home cabinet with mirrored front panels. The fact that it’s actually a tanning bed is really cool. As a South Florida photographer I get calls to shoot all kinds of interesting items. This one was one of the most unique. I added this to the South Florida real estate section part of my website but I could also be posted into my commercial or product photography section.
As a South Florida product photographer, I get to shoot all kinds of unique items.
This photo shows the home tanning bed opened. This may look like a very easy photo to capture, but it certainly required some skill and experience. Because the tanning lights inside were several f-stops brighter than the room light and the housing, I had to shoot this in two parts. One exposure captured the outside of the cabinet and the other exposure captured the inside with the tanning light. Using a tripod I was able to strip the two images together. This is the same method I use to photograph rooms in a real estate photo.



Here is a short promotional video I made to a South Florida real estate agent.  The agent featured in this video is Lisa Punsky.   Lisa has been a South Florida realtor for well over ten years and is very familiar with all the communities in the Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton area.  She also knows where all the best shopping, dining and entertainment locations are in relationship to the various communities.  If you are looking to purchase and home, or looking to rent in a specific area, Lisa could help you find the perfect home, condo and townhouse that fits your needs.  I shot this real estate promotional video as part of a larger project.  During this video you will get to see why people decide to relocate to South Florida.    I shot the video using photography, video and drone footage.  As a South Florida real estate photographer, I’m skilled in using many different types of mediums which could all be combined into a single video.  This video opens up with a shot of the ocean, shot in Boynton Beach using a drone.  The I added more drone footage of a town home community which is located on the intercostal waterway close by.  Many people who live in South Florida own boats because this is such a water related area.  Many of restraunts in this area have boat access.  At one point in the video I show several of the new home communities in the area.  I’ve included some footage from Boca Bridges as well as Lotus Homes and others.  The truth is there are so many new homes being built in South Florida, it would be impossible for me to show every new community.  The drone video shot of the homes that are under construction are from a community called Lotus.  If you are interested in relocating to South Florida call Lisa at (561) 440-9177.  If you are a real estate agent looking for a photographer, videographer or drone pilot, call me at (561) 737-5561.