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Picture from a Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah

Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah

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One of my favorite Boca Raton Bar Mitzvahs was this ski theme party at Woodfield Country Club.

Lucas had a wonderful Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah,   I must say I was thrilled that I was hired to photograph his family portraits, the ceremony and his raging party at Woodfield Country Club.  As a snow skier myself I love shooting parties with themes I could relate to.  We stared the  day at his home with is perfectly landscaped and provided backgrounds that rival the best upscale venues in town.  As a South Florida Bar Mitzvah photographer I love it then I get to take pictures at a wonderful photography location.  Sometimes when I am starting the pictures at a house I don’t know what to expect.  The house provided a variety of beautiful backgrounds that included unique landscaping both in the front and in the backyard.  As far as taking pictures of Lucas, he was a great subject.  His smiles were natural and he took posing directions like a model. 

Portrait taken in Boca Raton
Because the family home was so beautifully landscaped taking pretty portraits at the house worked perfectly. The grounds around to this home looked so nice, I may want to bring brides and grooms, models, and other who need photography over for photoshoots as well.

When we finished taking pictures at the house, we headed over to Woodfield Country Club for more extended family pictures.  Having photographed many weddings, parties and Bat / Bar Mitzvahs at Woodfield Country Club I was right at home working there.  Woodfield Country Club has this great main grand staircase smack in the lobby which is a must use location for large family group pictures.  It also very nice for pictures with only a few people.  

Bar Mitzvah family pictures taken at Woodfield Country Club.
Woodfield Country Club was the another great place for taking family photos. The grand staircase provides a great background for creating fine portraits.

The black and white pictures below were taken using a special camera that was modified for infrared photography.  Infrared photography is better for girl and wedding romance pictures.  When Lucas’s mother saw my infrared images she wanted some with that look.  I think infrared is really cool and very few South Florida photographers shoot infrared.  Here are some links to some more of my infrared pictures.  Broken South Country Club wedding picture.    Elopement photo taken in the Bahamas  Infrared photography taken at The Club at Boca Pointe.

Artsy black and white portrait taken at Woodfield Country Club.
This black and white infrared photo has a magical appearance. Infrared photography is a good way to add a unique element to a collection of Mitzvah photographs.

The service took place at Woodfield County Club inside one of the ballrooms.  Because the Bar Mitzvah service didn’t take place inside a temple I was able to take more pictures than usual.  I was also allowed to use my flash as well.  I tried to be discrete with the flash and the pictures, but using even some flash made the photographer much easier.  As a Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah photographer I find myself photographing many services inside a temple.  Temple Bar Mitzvah services are very pretty, however most temples only let the photographer take pictures from the back, and with no flash.  Its totally workable, but using flash makes better pictures.

Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah Ceremony
The Bar Mitzvah service took place in one of Woodfield Country Club’s smaller ballrooms. Having the service at the same location as the party made the entire day flow perfectly.

After the Bar Mitzvah  service everyone was escorted to the second floor  lounge for a memorable cocktail hour.  The cocktail hour included a wall with ski lift ticket for the guests.  Each lift ticket had a table number included and they were custom designed to look like real ski lift tickets. The lift tickets even had to hold with an attachment so that you could attach the ski lift ticket to your ski jacket.  In addition to awesome cocktails and hors d’oeuvres there was also a photo wall for pictures with the ice man.

Ski theme Bar Mitzvah in South Florida
The ski theme used for this Bar Mitzvah worked perfectly with the blue and white winter wonderland atmosphere created by the event designer.

The cocktail hour featured ping pong tables, custom spray painted caps and shirts, and Ice Man with was wondering around taking pictures with the guests.

Bar Mitzvah cocktail hour at Woodfield Country Club.
The second floor lounge at Woodfield Counrty Club provided plenty of space for guests to mingle and play games.
Bar Mitzvah Picture taken at Woodfield Country Club.
Lucas and his friends at his Woodfield Country Club Bar Mitzvah
Fun pictures at a Woodfield Country Club Bar Mitzvah.
The cocktail hour was a great time the guests and family to relax and enjoy the Bar Mitzvah.

Inside the ballroom everything looked like a winter wonderland.  There was a ski lodge with a fireplace and crystal center pieces on each table.  The napkins were custom designed to match the ballroom as well.  Whenever I get to photograph at Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah as elaborate as this one I make sure I spend plenty of time photographing the ballroom decor as well as all the small decorative details.  

Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah decor ideas
If you are planning a Bar Mitzvah than I hope this one will give you some good ideas.

When Lucas and his family entered the ballroom they were met with a snow storm and a wild dance party.  After a few moments the dance party turned into a raging horah and.  The high energy of the party continued all day until the end of event.

Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah party pictures.
As a Boca Raton Mitzvah photographer I love shooting a great party.


The pictures in this post were taken from the finished album.  As a Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah photographer I provide both the photography and the album.  While not every one of my clients include an album with their coverage, many do.  I have found that my clients that include albums in their photography packages are serious about the album and the design.  There are several different ways that South Florida photographers handle albums and album design.  Some ask their clients to select the pictures, then they make to album and ship the finished album directly to the client.  By not giving the client to chance to review the finished Bat / Bar album the photographer doesn’t have to make any additional changes between the selection of the pictures and the creation of the album.  As a Boca Raton photographer, I won’t make an album until the client gets to see the layout.  This creates much more work and starts a back and forth environment between myself and the client.  I design the album, then post the design online for the client to review.  Once the family reviews my album design, I’m happy to make any changes the client requests.  Because of the laws of design, I may not be able to make all the changes the client asks for, however I am able to come up with solutions that bring the design closer to the clients vision.  I also provide full retouching to all the album pictures.  If a client asks for retouching I’m happy to provide that.  I’m skilled at many different types of retouch, including removing shine and blemishes, nose jobs, tummy tucks and much more.  Once the client is happy with the design then we make to finished album.  Every family is different so sometimes album get finished after only a few tweeks, other times a album may go through 5 or 6 rounds of changes.  Because albums are such a big part of my business it’s important that we deliver albums that are exactly what our clients have imagines.

 I wrote another article on albums and album design.  Here is the link”. Albums and album design article.

Bar Mitzvah candle lighting pictures taken in Boca Raton, Florida.
The candle lighting is another great opportunity to take beautiful family Bar Mitzvah pictures.
Woodfield Country Club Bar Mitzvah pictures.
During the party I make it my mission to take as many guest and family pictures as possible. When it comes to shooting parties photographing each guest should be a priority. 

One of the reasons why I love photographing Boca Raton Bar Mitzvahs, or any Mitzvahs for that matter, is because I get to use a wide range of my skills.  I’m a portrait photographer when shooting the Bar Mitzvah boy and his family.  I’m a product or room set photographer when photographing the ballroom and all the find decorative details.  During the service, I’m a photo-journalist who has to capture meaningful perfectly exposed pictures sometimes in low light situations.  Once the party starts, I’m a party / action photographer.  I even get to shoot the food at the reception.  Yes, I’m a skilled food photographer as well.

Friends and family pictures taken at a Woodfield Country Club Bar Mitzvah
People always tell me they love photo-journalistic type pictures at their Bar Mitzvah parties. I agree that those un-posed action pictures are important because they tell a story. However, I also want guests faces photographed. I always as the parents to take me to their friends. Of course I ask the Bar Mitzvah boy as well.
Food and party pictures taken at a Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah.
When parents host a Bar Mitzvah they pay special attention to every aspect of the event. Everything is discussed and considered. This also includes to food.

When I was a new photographer living in Los Angeles I worked for a photographer who told me, anything that the host paid for and put any though into needs to be captured.  This means the napkins, the table settings, the decor, and of course the food.  I actually happen to be skilled at food photography as well.  Here are some links to other food photographs I have taken.  Click here for a mouth watering strawberry shortcake dessert. This Baked pear appetizer will make any guest hungry.   Check out this Baked apple created by The Breakers, Palm Beach. 

Party guest pictures taken at Woodfield Country Club.

Picture from a Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah
Wild Bar Mitzvah party pictures taken at Woodfield Country Club.
Whenever I shoot my party pictures I always get faces. Even if the people are moving, dancing it’s important that anyone who looks at the pictures can tell who is in the picture. Shooting backs of heads just doesn’t cut it.
Picture from a Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah

As a South Florida photographer I get to photograph a wide range of events.  One any given weekend I may be covering a wedding, a corporate event or a charity event.  Photographing Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are definitely my favorite.  I get the enjoy taking the portraits, taking meaningful ceremony or service pictures and raging party pictures.  Here are some links to other Bat and Bar Mitzvah photos I have taken.  My South Florida Bar / Bat Mitzvah gallery  This link will take you to me gallery of Mitzvah images.  There is a wide range of photos in this gallery.   This link will take you to a wonderful Bat Mitzvah which I shot at Broken Sound Country Club.   Paige had an amazing Bat Mitzvah at Stonebridge Country Club.  Did you know we also shoot video?  Here is a link to Paige’s Bat Mitzvah video.

Picture from a Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah
Woodfield Country Club Bar Mitzvah pictures.
During the party I always take a group photo of all the Bar Mitzvah boys friends.
Bar Mitzvah guest parting gifts.
When the guests left the party each one received a mug with marshmallows and hot coco mix.
Family fun photography in Boca Raton.
After the party ended we went back to the Boca Raton house for some fun, jumping into the pool pictures!