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Boca Raton Family Photographer

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I actually shoot all kinds of pictures, weddings, headshots, special events, Bat / Bar Mitzvahs.  I also receive plenty of calls from people looking for a Boca Raton Family Photographer.

Because I cover such a wide range of photographic assignments I meet lots of people.  This leads to requests to take family pictures.  After a wedding when the bride and groom start a family I find myself shifting from their wedding photographer to their family photographer.  What does a family photographer consist of?  It starts with the maternity pictures, here is a sample.  Maternity photography in South Florida.  I enjoyed photographing this mother to be and her fiancé at their engagement photo-shoot in the rain.  Yes in the pouring rain.  Check out some of their photos in this blog post. Engagement pictures in the rain   Next came the wedding, and then the family.  In the case of the family pictures below, I also shot the parents wedding on Fisher Island.  In the case of these pictures they planned a photo session at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.  This is a place I visit often, I know every inch of this venue so shooting this pictures was a blast.   In this article I will also include some tips for preparing for a family photo session. When I’m hired as a Boca Raton family photographer I know that my pictures will add to the beauty of your home.   I also give some tips for taking your own pictures for those situations when you can’t hire me as your photographer.  Although many people have flown me to some far away places for pictures.  I actually have a couple flying me to Iceland for this engagement pictures!

Boca Raton Family Photography
This picture of all the kids was taken in one of the courtyards at The Boca Raton Resort and Club. These kids were total hams and loves posing for the camera. Sure there may have been a little crankiness from the little guy along the way, but everyone had a great time!

About Me,

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a 13 year old kid.  My father who was an amateur photographer definitely helped me along the way.  Not only did I grow up around cameras, my family had “Slide Show Night” when my father set up a huge screen and projected images from recent vacations & ski trips onto the screen.   We would talk about each image and discuss what we liked about each photo.  We also talked about the technical side if each photo.  Most of the pictures were taken on Kodachrome film,  however some were shot in Ektachrome film.   As a young 14 year old photographer, I knew the Ektachrome was bluer that the Kodachrome.  (Actually bluer, meant colder, but what did I know??).   We talked about the lighting and about what happened when the photo was taken.  This is how photography started for me as a little kid.  Oh, there was the slot machine situation as well.   One vacation we took was on a cruise, a Russian cruise boat, named the MV Odessa.  We left from New Orleans and traveled to Mexico.  Obviously the MV Odessa is scrap metal now, but I did find this interesting article on the cruise ship.  The Russian cruise ship M.V. Odessa’s last United States stop.      On the ship was a casino.  Of course kids were not allowed in the casino, but somehow one of my quarters found it’s way into a slot machine.  That lone quarter and pull of the machines arm, resulted in 777!  Cruise ship security was there in a flash, I got into trouble, but by father let me purchase a camera with the winnings.   Since then I took pictures of everything. The dog, my friends, lots of skiing action shots.  By high school I talked my father into giving up his trusty Rollei 35.  I loved that camera, it was small, shot a big negative or slide, had all the professional controls.  I shot with that camera, through high school and college.  It got stolen at a house party I had while I loved in Los Angeles.   Actually, I wish I had another.  How much is a working Rollei 35 in 2020?   About $400.00 for a crappy one about about $1500.00 for a nice one.  After high school I attended Adelphi University as a Communications / Photography major.  Once I graduated with my BA I made the move to Los Angeles, because thats where all the best photographers, and my photographer heroes lived.   In LA, I learned from the best of the best photographers on the planet.  I worked in a pro photo lab, and eventually I started my own photography business.  I moved to South Florida just over 15 years ago.  If you are into photography, and would like to know more about my experience call me.  Lets just say, I have learned photography and lived photography to the extreme.

Child family photography in Boca Raton.
These pictures taken at The Boca Raton Resort and Club were taken in a court yard called The Cloister Garden. Once I laid down on the ground myself, the ice between myself and the kids was broken. Doing fun creative poses and pushing the limits to get a shot sends a signal that, the effort everyone involved makes is worth the pictures. The girl laying on the ground, and the parents watching, very well may have left the photo shoot thinking, I cannot wait to see how that lying on the ground shot is going to come out.


Portrait photography in Boca Raton
The scenic settings at the Boca Raton Resort and Club are a photographers dream. Walking about this venue, there are unlimited picturesque photo spots. The front of the hotel is beautiful, with its fountains and pink hotel walls, The lobby is elegant and provides awesome scenery. The large south facing windows in the lobby  allow for soft light to flood the lobby making the perfect place for taking a family photo. I could go on and on about the fantastic photo spots the Boca Raton Resort and Club offers. Actually for a competitive photographer, working at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, doesn’t seem fair.  At many South Florida hotels, wedding venues, and country clubs a photographer actually has to work to get great pictures. The Boca Raton Resort and Club, just gives them to you.


Here are some tips for posing if you happen to be on vacation on need some posing help.    First, if you are standing for a photo, Shift your weight to one leg.  This will immediately change your posture.  This one simple move will change your appearance from standing to posing. It really makes a huge difference.   Another, portrait photo tip is to walk toward the camera.  Walking shots usually look very fun and nice.  This leads me the the next tip which is,  take a ton of pictures, especially if you are doing the walking shot.  Shoot and Shoot and Shoot, make sure you shoot at least 15 frames.  Getting the perfect walking shot is a bit of a numbers game.  Another tip, use your hands.  In a portrait the hands should be doing something.  If it’s a guy, hand in pocket works well.  Hand on jacket button, If its two people a hand on a shoulder, around a waist.   In a shot with two people, only one hand per person works best.

Portrait photography at a Boca Raton Beach.
Playing and having fun at a beach is a great way to keep the little ones laughing and posing for the camera. It’s even better when the parents join in with the fun.

If you have been searching for a Boca Raton family photographer to take awesome creative photos for any occasion give me a call.  Sometimes families hire me to take pictures for Graduations, Important birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, and many other reasons.  Here in South Florida, I take a ton of family portraits for the simple reason that a family is here on vacation.  What a great way to remember a fantastic trip to Florida.  This article is titled Boca Raton family photographer because all the pictures included here were taken in Boca Raton.

Family pictures taken on the beach in South Florida.
These pictures were actually taken in Palm Beach which is just north of Boca Raton. The occasion for this portrait shoot was an upcoming Mitzvah.  You can see the images from the Mitzvah here: Sam and Lauren’s B’nai Mitzvah


Lifestyle Photography – Another type of family portrait that is very popular, is the lifestyle portrait.  Lifestyle portraits are a blend of posed portraits and pictures taken showing a lifestyle. The pictures below were taken in homes around Boca Raton.  The couple below are the famous restauranteurs Burt and Robin Rapoport.  RAPOPORT’S RESTAURANT GROUP, INC.   As you could see these are portraits but taken in a casual lifestyle setting.

Boca Raton Lifestyle Photography

Both the pictures above and below were taken in Broken Sound Country Club homes.  They were taken as part of a magazine that featured residents of the country club.   If you are looking for a family portrait photographer ,and you are currently in one of South Florida’s beautiful communities other then Boca Raton, don’t worry. I travel all over South Florida.  If you are in Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, West Palm Beach or any place in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin or Dade counties and need family pictures, call me at (561) 737-5561

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