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Hiring a South Florida Special or Corporate Event photographer?

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Are you looking for a South Florida special or corporate event photographer? You may be surprised to find how many people offer professional photography services. In this article on “How to hire a South Florida Event photographer” I’ll cover all the bases.  At the end of this article are links to even more informative articles.  Plus, some links to some very cool jobs I have shot.  It could be confusing to choose and hire a South Florida event, corporate or commercial photographer especially when all of them offer different value propositions. The amount of corporate and event photographers in South Florida are broad and differentiated.

Boca Raton Corporate Photo taken for Everglades University
I shot this image for Everglades University in Boca Raton. They hired me as a commercial photographer to stage and produce lifestyle type pictures. The idea behind the images was to convey life on their different campuses.
Image taken at a corporate event at The Breakers, Palm Beach.
Ok, I’m not going to get into politics. I know enough to keep my thoughts to myself. I was hired to photograph a special corporate event at The Breakers in Palm Beach. One of the perks of being a corporate event photographer is learning and watching our political system in action. As a photographer, this was a interesting event to photograph.

Here is some valuable information about hiring an Event Photographer.

By being properly guided and informed about what to look for in a professional photographer it would be much easier to find and hire a reliable and good South Florida photographer. You may ask yourself several important questions such as, How experienced is the photographer?  Is the photographer and the photography team professionally qualified?  Does the style of photography in line with what you are actually looking for?  How is the photographers portfolio? Do you like that South Florida photographer?  We get lots of calls from event planners who tell us they were disappointed with the photographer they hired from the last event.  Often event planner need out help with a wide range of issues.  We have heard many stories of their last photographer not  showing  up or arriving late and missing important events.  Sometimes they arrive without being properly equipped with back-up gear.   Because we confirm to a strict set of rules this is never going to happen when we photograph your event.

This photo was taken for a Miami medical brochure. The client was looking for a corporate photographer in the South Florida area.
I shot this image as a part of a medical brochure. The client was based in Miami but required me to photograph images all over South Florida. The assignment included several different types of images including ones like this instructor photo. I also shot staff headshots, closeup medical product shots as well.

It is important that your photographer be professionally qualified, especially if you are requiring corporate photography. It’s always a good idea to check the training and background of the photographer before hiring.  He should have affiliations and memberships in industry and professional bodies.  Photo style should also be considered an important factor.  It’s important that the photographer can shift styles and photography types in the fly.  Sometimes during a corporate event a photographer will have to photographer a keynote speaker, then shoot the same speakers headshot.  In addition some charity events include speakers, auctions, special guest photos opportunities.  

Speaking about headshots here is an article Because corporate events are a great opportunity to take headshots of many people at the same session it’s a good way for companies to keep the cost down.  Since everyone is at the same event why not have the photographer shoot all the staff headshots? I wrote about headshots. South Florida Headshot Photographer.

  South Florida corporate event photo taken during a conference.

Here is another shot from The Breakers. When photographing a keynote and guest speaker I’m really big on capturing hand gestures. I’m also very carefully thinking abut where the lighting is coming from. In this shot I wanted to place the on screen text perfectly in the frame. One rule of thumb is that the person being photographed should be looking into the lighting. As a way of achieving this I bounced my flash off the wall to my left. By doing this the photo looks more appealing. Doesn’t if look like he is talking into the light?Sometimes I’ll arrive at a South Florida corporate event and learn that I’m going to be photographing someone famous or a well known celebrity. Having a professional attitude is most important when shooting well known people at a charity, special or corporate.  Sometimes these guests are very easy to work with. Other times they are not very approachable.  It’s always best when you get to say hi and mention that you are the event photographer and that you will be taking some photos.  I have this special approach that I take with keynote and guest speakers.  If I have the opportunity I will tell them that I need a nice photo of them at the microphone.  If they give me a nice smile in a posed looking photo I can get my shot.  Then I won’t have the need to keep taking pictures in an attempt to get a great expression.   Check out this photo of Jay Leno.   I was hired to photograph an event for Jaguar cars.  Jay was one of the attendees and I needed a nice picture.  I approached him and told him I was the hired photographer and needed a nice photo.  He gave me a few minutes to get my shot.

Photo taken during a Miami Special event at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach, Florida
Part of photographing a corporate event includes using a wide angle lens to photograph the attendees watching a speaker. This type of photo conveys the amount of attendees which the host of the event can use for marketing future events. Both of these photos were taken during a corporate event at The Ritz Carlton in South Beach.

The portfolio of the photographer could say so much about the professional and the work.  Looking at actual work is a good start. You could instantly tell whether you like the style and attack of the photographer when covering events and capturing images. Face the reality that not all are gifted with the talent and skill to take pictures at the best angles. Different photography techniques and methods should also be exhibited properly. This is also the time when you decide whether you like a more formal approach in photography over a more relaxed style.

Table settings taken before the attendees arrive at a Ritz Carlton, South Beach special event.
Corporate and special event clients often spend a great deal of money entertaining and wowing attendees. It’s always a good idea to have the photographer photograph the table set ups before the event gets started. Of course the client is most important, however the venue hosting the event will appreciate getting pictures of their property showing a finished set up. This picture was taken at the Ritz Carlton South Beach.

As usual, it is best to shortlist as many photographers as you could. In general, interviewing at least three South Florida photographers would be ideal. Make no hasty and impulsive decisions during interviews. Do not decide about hiring unless you are done interviewing all in your shortlist. This way, you could never be wrong about hiring the right South Florida photographer.

Corporate event set up at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach, Florida.
I’m sure you could tell looking at this photo this client spared on expense on the decor at this South Florida special event. This corporate event had over 800 attendees!
This corporate event had a very unique South Beach flair.
The decor at this corporate event was very unique which gave me lots to photograph. Shooting events like this requires me to shift gears and change from shooting people having fun and enjoying themselves or taking pictures of the decor.

Lastly, it is important that you like the overall personality of the photographer you are about to hire. You could not possibly work best with a South Florida photographer who is not approachable and who has the negative attitude towards you and your event. I would not advise hiring a photographer who is also a close friend or who is a relative. I myself am very careful when shooting for friends. There are many reasons why you should be careful when this situation presents itself.  There is a reason why surgeons don’t operate on family members.  You surely do not like to destroy friendships and relationships if things get out of hand.  When someone hires a friend for an assignment it needs to be made clear that this is a professional business and the friendship is separate.  This is really tough when for example you are shooting a friends wedding and your friend says, we want you to have fun also.  Trust me, working and having a good time while having just one drink is doesn’t work well.  Working as a South Florida Special and Corporate Event Photographer it’s important to remember that the client is usually spending a large amount of money on the decor and entertainment.  Getting shots both is critical to the success of the job.

Table decor photos taken at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach.
Because clients spend so much on decor at their special events they often require pictures of the decor. Events hosts always want to see pictures showing where their dollars were spent.

As a South Florida photographer, shooting corporate events and charity events can be just as satisfying and creative as shooting a wedding. Working as a South Florida Special and Corporate Event Photographer I have learned a few things about planning and photographing events. Large companies often invest tremendously in wowing their employees with elaborate set-ups for each of the scheduled events. Also, South Florida is a great place for conferences and corporate retreats because there are so many great hotels and resorts to choose from. We have fun photographing everything from political gatherings, corporate events for banks and law firms etc. 
The event featured here was photographed at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach and the magnificent décor was created by the artistic talents of Robert Torres of Grande Affaires. If you are looking for a South Florida photographer for your corporate event, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Ballroom decor photo taken at The Ritz Carlton in Miami.
Check out this ballroom filled with flowers, fancy tables and lots of candles. As a South Florida event photographer I had plenty to take pictures of during this event.

If you are planning a corporate or special event here in South Florida feel free to reach out to me.  To see more more samples of my work click through some of the links below:

For tips and great information on special event photography read the article here.  Questions to ask your special or corporate event photographer.   

As I’m sure you could tell, I photograph a lot of corporate events here in South Florida.  Check out this very HOT event with took place at The Breakers in Palm Beach.  A Smoken Hot luxury event in Palm Beach

One great aspect of being a special event photographer is meeting very cool people.  I got me meet a real astronaut at this event!  Meet Scott Kelly American Astronaut

How about taking photos of Kool and the Gang?  a night with Kool and the Gang!  I really felt lucky when I learned that they were performing at a Breakers charity event I was photographing!

Singer performer at a South Florida Special and Corporate Event.

BELOW:  This photo of American Swimmer Michael Phelps was taken during a corporate event for VISA.  I often get hired to photograph famous people for all kinds of jobs.  Photographing famous or well known people means that the the photographer needs to be well prepared.  Often there is a huge line of people wanting to get photographed with the celebrity or author and of course time is usually limited.  This means that your special or corporate event photographer has no time to change batteries or switch memory cards.  Before the special guest enters and takes his or her spot the photographer needs to be ready to shoot for an extended amount of time.  I always have two cameras with fully charged batteries and and a flash with fully charged batteries as well.  I shoot to two large memory cards at the same time.  It’s always a big scary shooting to large memory cards.  However have a camera that shoots two sets of images one to each memory card insures that no images are lost.  Even if a memory card fails you still have the images copied to another back up card.

Working with Michael Phelps was a pleasure.  He arrived on time and was very nice.  The client VISA printed these 8-1/2 X 11 photos of Michael swimming in the Olympic Games.  He hand signed each photo and then took the time to talk with and pose with each guest.  Getting a picture taken with a superstar like Michael Phelps was a big deal for each person.  In addition these people were VISA’s VIP guests.  These people expected their pictures to look great.  Because people sometimes blink I also shoot several shots of each person with the special guest.  What I have found works best is too tell each person that I will shoot several shots of them, in a rapid sequence.  This way they know that several shots are coming.  If you tell at person that you are taking a picture of them and you count, One, Two, Three then their eyes will be closed on Three.  Instead when the look I fire 3-5 shots in a quick sequence.  Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap.  Then I take a quick look to make sure eyes are open.  I always tell them they look great, even if the eyes are closed or they are making a funny face I tell them they look great but I need to take another.  If I need to shoot another I will smile and ask them to move their head by using my hand as a guide.  By doing this the person being photographed feel good about them selfs and the photography.  It’s important the smile at the people you are photographing because you want them to feel and smile nicely.   I have actually photographed Michael Phelps several times.  Michael Phelps has a foundation that promotes health and living a healthy life. Working as a South Florida Special and Corporate Event Photographer gives me the opportunity to photograph some very famous special guests. It’s important not to become star struck when shooting these jobs.  If you are, don’t show it.  I don’t. I also lived on Los Angeles for over twenty years so I have has more than my share of celebrity meeting and have photographed several celebrity weddings.

This photograph was taken at a South Florida event.

BELOW: This headshot was taken as part of a Boca Raton corporate brochure.  As a South Florida Special and Corporate Event Photographer I always get asked to take employee or staff headshots as well.  Headshots are a great way for potential clients to put a friendly face to the name of a staff member.   As it turns out I shoot lots and lots of corporate headshots.  I’m highly skilled at making people look great.  Taking a great headshot has a psychological element attached to the viewer.  People want to buy from other people they like, a great headshot tells people, I’m friendly and here to help.  When I’m hired for corporate events that include headshots, I make sure that the people I’m photographing feel comfortable with me as a photographer.  I can achieve this by conveying that I know know exactly what I’m doing.  My posing method,  How I explain my photography method and the fact that I give direction all build to make my subjects feel confident that they will look awesome.  Great headshot photography starts with a nice smile,  asking someone to close their eyes and think happy thoughts is a great way to get a nice smile.   In addition to keeping my clients feeling comfortable and feeling confident I use the best camera gear that is available to both corporate portraits and headshots.  Check out this article I wrote about headshots.  If you are planning a corporate event and are planning on having the photographer take headshots this is a must read.  I cover lots of topics which will make the headshot process go much smoother and will result in better looking corporate headshots.

Here’s the link:  Headshot Photography in South Florida.

South Florida Headshot
Headshot photo taken in South Florida

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