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South Florida Drone Photography and Video

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High above South Florida, drone photography and video is a great way to get a new perspective. 

As a professional South Florida photographer, the innovation of the drone into the world of photography was an exciting breakthrough for me! As much as I love photographing events and subjects from ground level, the advent of drone photography definitely is an enhancement to the traditional photographic coverage I can provide. Besides the obvious novelty of aerial photography, the ability to photograph and create video from above allows for a unique perspective and overall view that just cannot be achieved with traditional shots.

There are many South Florida businesses that can benefit from drone photography and video that can provide views like never before, highlighting the scope of an event or project that will do nothing less than impress. Some various businesses that lend themselves to aerial photography coverage would include: 
Real estate developers and agents 
Entertainment related outdoor events 
Engineering firms 
Architectural firms 
Local and federal government agencies 
Country Clubs, to feature their grounds, housing and events 
Banks and finance companies 
Construction companies 
Property owners 
Law firms 

The great advantage of drone photography is that the drone is small enough to go where a helicopter can’t. Care is taken to fly only in permitted zones and to follow all rules regarding height and location. In addition to still photos we can operate the drone as a video camera, creating breathtaking panoramic shots from above at angles that simply cannot be achieved from the ground.

Aerial photography and video images are perfect for all types of sales presentations and your clients will be wowed.  They will see the full scope of whatever it is you are trying to present. Whether it’s a new housing development in the midst of construction, to a completed development with many homes for sales – drone photos will capture the essence of the entire area. Having a club opening and want to show the excitement of crowds gathering? What better way to show this than with a cool overhead drone shot. The possibilities for aerial drone photography are endless – and as a South Florida drone photographer and a remote control enthusiast, I can provide the skills necessary to produce the best looking drone photo and video footage ever.

Why bother with hiring a helicopter operator to get these high level shots? South Florida aerial drone photography is here to stay and the sky is literally the limit! The uses and benefits of aerial drone photography are endless – there is nothing that matches it in terms of creating a marketing WOW and for producing a mind-blowing presentation. Contact us now to learn more about how this South Florida photographer can produce aerial drone photography and video footage that will knock your socks off and take your marketing materials to new heights!

If you check out this wedding video to see how drone footage makes this video awesome! Samantha and Amir wedding video.

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