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Meet Ben,  Ben reached out to me because he needed a headshot for his Boca Raton Real Estate business.

Working as a photographer in South Florida, I find that I get to meet lots of people and photograph a wide range of assignments.  While I’m skilled at weddings, corporate photography, food photography and much more, I often get plenty of calls for Boca Headshot Photography.  Actually, I find myself shooting headshot all over South Florida, however since I’m based in Boynton Beach, and headshots are not the highest ticket type of photography most of my headshot work takes place in my local area.  Sure, I will travel to Miami, to shoot headshots, especially for corporate headshot where I’m shooting many people in the came company.   In my work as a professional photographer, I find that I’m shooting people who work in may different professions, and most of these people will need a headshot at some point.  For example, I photographed a wedding in which the bride was in charge of business development at a huge law firm.  This law firm has offices in several different states, including, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hartford, New York City, Atlanta, Philadelphia.  The company wanted all the headshot to look the same.  Same background, same lighting, only the faces and outfits were unique.  This headshot project consisted of me taking 2000 headshot!  Had I not photographed the practice development manager, I wouldn’t have gotten this job.  Headshots in the legal profession is a regular thing for me since I photograph weddings for many lawyers.  In addition to being a Boca headshot photographer for many lawyers, I shoot more than my fair share of headshots for guys like Ben, a real estate agent.  Ben wanted something casual, and some pictures that also had a fun beach scene.  For his pictures we met in Delray Beach and to shoot around the Opal Grand hotel and then shoot some beach background pictures.  By the way, Ben is a top notch realtor.  Below this picture you can read some information I received from Ben.

A casual headshot taken by the beach in Delray.
For this headshot, I had Ben lay down on the wooden floor of a lifeguard tower. From a low angle, Ben looked up, smiled and I got this shot.

From Ben:

“Real estate is a path that allows me as your agent to bring together all my life’s lessons, progressions, and traits I have learned over many decades to you as a customer and friend.  Since the moment I realized this was my calling, I have been developing the skills needed to be the most personable, attentive, compassionate, dedicated, detail oriented, and empathetic individual that I can be. This is the culture, feel, and vibe that will be offered to you when working with me and my team. My schedule becomes your schedule, our journeys become one. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate pro, I will develop a plan and strategy that is designed and customized based on how you approach real estate, what you need as a buyer, seller, or investor, and how to obtain the most optimal value that is possible always!” Benjamin R. Wright.  Here is Ben’s contact info.

Phone: (609) 439-6293. His Facebook page is here: Ben’s Facebook business page

Ben was a very good subject, easy to work with, fun, took direction really well and brought an element of laughter to our photo session.  I like the fact that Ben, contracted me, scheduled his headshot, and we were able to meet up, shoot and I got him awesome picture with no fuss, just beautiful Boca headshot photography.

Headshot taken on the Bach with the Atlantic Ocean in the background.
When shooting headshots or another type of portrait, the attitude of the photographer gets reflected back to the camera. Just like a mirror. If the photographer is happy, confident, and smiles, the person being photographed will most likely do the same. This is why its important for the photographer to arrive early, be prepared to handle any type of situation. Being ready for anything with a great attitude will help to insure, nice, fun, natural looking shots.


Even though this post is titled Boca Headshot Photography, it actually took place in and around Delray Beach.  However, fewer people in Delray need headshots, more people in Boca Raton are searching for headshots.  So yes, I pulled a search engine fast one.  Sorry about that.  Did you know I’m also an SEO expert as well as an awesome photographer?  Actually, Ben found me online.  You can check out my SEO website here:  Jeff’s SEO website.

Ben, posing for the camera on the path to the beach.
At this photo session, Ben wanted several different looks. So he brought this black and purple floral button down. Usually, I tell people to stay away from shirts with heavy patterns and designs, however, it works well here. When I shot this, I wanted to viewer to focus on Ben’s face, so I used a lens that threw the background out of focus. Between Ben’s good looks and nice smile, the out of focus background, keeps the viewers eye on Ben. Also, you may not think about this, but the line of the rope walking fence, directs the viewers eye, directly to Ben.


BELOW:  In addition to some more creative imagery, Ben also needed a headshot with a natural background.  For this shot I just placed him in front of one of the Opal Grands while walls.  By shooing telephoto, with a wide F-Stop I was easily able to throw the background out of focus.  This removed any lines or patterns on the wall, any additional background elements were removed in photoshop.   Normally I don’t do too much photoshop retouching with guys, because I prefer the rough facial elements to show in a headshot.  I have this saying about photographing men vs women.  It goes like this, If a woman had a harsh line on her face, its a wrinkle, if a guy has a harsh line on his face, it’s character.  This doesn’t mean, I don’t retouch guys, I do, just not as much.  Also, when it comes to retouching, I don’t want my pictures to appear retouched.  I actually work a blog post, just on retouching.  You can check it out here: All about portrait retouching.  

I hope you enjoyed this post on Boca Headshot Photography,  Obviously the content in this article applies to all types of personal photography.  If you are in need of a headshot for your real estate business, acting portfolio, legal practice, writing posts, (I do lot’s of headshots for writers,) or anything else, call me at (561) 737-5561. Of course I also photograph family portraits, weddings, and more.  In addition to this Boca Raton headshot photography article, I have published other articles on headshots.  My other articles include tips and helpful information to help anyone get the best headshot pictures possible.  You can check out this articles using the links below.

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