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Senior portrait photography in South Florida

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If you are looking for the best Senior Portrait photography look not further.  Our senior portrait and cap and gown photography is custom tailored to your personality.

If you are a graduating student at these schools, colleges & Universities and want creative and artistic senior portrait photography call us:  Atlantic Community High School,  Boca Raton Community High School,  Cardinal Newman High School,  Dreyfoos School of the Arts,  Forest Hill Community High School,  G-Star School of the Arts,  Glades Central High School,  Harid Conservatory,  John I. Leonard Community High School,  Jupiter Christian School. Jupiter Community High School,  The King’s Academy,  Lake Worth Community High School,  Olympic Heights Community High School,  Oxbridge Academy Foundation, Inc.,  Pahokee High School,  Palm Beach Central High School,  Palm Beach Gardens Community High School,  Palm Beach Lakes Community High School,  Park Vista Community High School,  Pine Crest School,  Royal Palm Beach High School,  Saint Andrew’s School,  Saint John Paul II Academy,  Santaluces Community High School,  Spanish River Community High School,  Suncoast Community High School,  Weinbaum Yeshiva High School,  Wellington High School, West Boca Raton Community High School, William T. Dwyer High School, or any of the Broward County Schools, or if you are a graduating student at Florida Atlantic University, Broward College, Miami Dade College, Palm Beach State College, Florida Memorial University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, St Thomas University, City College, Digital Media Arts College, Everglades University, Keiser University, Lynn University.

A lovely graduating senior standing in from of a display made with balloons and lights.
This lovely graduating senior has the benefit of a mother who is one of South Florida’s premier wedding and event planners. Her mom, Anna Hess, made this custom designed electric lit sign surrounded by balloons.


If you are a senior in high school or college and want awesome senior portrait photography look no further.  While every school has photo day, and those pictures are needed for the schools yearbook, the term creative always seems to be excluded from the senior picture process.   In addition creativity also seems to be missing from most South Florida graduation pictures.  While  high schools and colleges will offer to take cap and gown pictures, the majority these pictures are missing a creativity and style.   Well I’m here to tell you; your senior portrait photography and cap and gown pictures could be easily captured with an artistic and creative eye. 

Creating exciting, artistic and fun cap and gown as and senior portrait photography  is what I do best.

Think about it, these pictures are going to be on display for a lifetime, all of your friends and relatives will see these pictures in your home, online, and in your yearbook.  Given all the people who will see these pictures, shouldn’t then be the best images possible?  My son who has had lots of school pictures taken during his years in grammar school, middle school and high school and I always had to reshoot them later.   In the past, I’ve actually had to fix his school pictures using photoshop myself.  In the case of his pictures, I’ve had to sharpen focus, retouch lighting, and make parts darker or lighter.  In the end, I just ended up re-shooting them.    Recently he had his senior portrait taken.  I was amazed at how quickly they took his picture.  Once we received to proofs, I wasn’t surprised that there were not very many.  Actually three, boring shots. 

Graduating college senior having for modeling her cap and gown.
Having fun with you cap and gown is a great way to create artistic senior pictures. These senior cap and gown pictures were taken on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. By only wearing part of your graduating outfit you can dress us and allow your stylish side to shine.


Over the past few weeks I have photographed several senior and cap and gown pictures.  Every senior portrait photography session was fun, exciting, and resulted in beautiful images.  In one case, we used colored smoke to create excitement, and add interest.  In addition the pictures didn’t just include the graduating senior, they also included the family, sisters, brothers as well.  We shot at a beautiful park, then shot more pictures at the beach with a beautiful ocean background.  When I delivered the finished images, the family received a selection of color and black and white images. 

Senior portrait taken in front of a fountain in Palm Beach, Florida
Because I’m a independent photographer and not associated with one of these large factory type school photography companies, I’m can spend more time taking creative fun pictures at any location. This picture was taken at one of my favorite Palm Beach photo spots.  Palm Beach is one of my favorite places to take engagement pictures, family portraits and pictures of graduating seniors.  Check out these pictures from a Palm Beach photo session.


At another South Florida senior photo session I photographed the graduating senior with his cap and gown, in different outfit changes.  During a cap and gown photo session, the cap could be used as a prop with a stylish outfit. The gown could also be used the create drama which will bring excitement into any graduating seniors pictures. One great way to enhance your cap and gown graduation pictures is the bring some props, spraying champagne is a great one, or custom signs that read, thanks mom & dad or college bound, it you visit the website you can find a wide range of props to enhance you pictures. In the case of South Florida senior pictures, students can take pictures doing their favorite activity.  If your son is into football, then shooting some exciting football theme pictures along with standard senior pictures is a must.  If you daughter is into Ballet, then in a ballet studio could work, however you could also shoot her ballet pictures on the beach against the crashing waves.  The key is to think “Outside the box”

Senior photo session at a Boca Raton Beach
Beach locations are very popular for senior portrait shoots. It’s also helpful if your subject is a great poser. During this photo session our senior had no problem striking a pose. With some simple direction she was able to strike nice looking poses. In addition her laid back fun attitude meant nice facial expressions as well.

By using photo-shop to retouch and enhance your graduation & senior pictures you are guaranteed get pictures you will love from your senior photography session.

When you look through all those pages of Vogue, Elle, Glamour and all the other fashion magazines you are looking at retouched pictures.  All those pictures have retouching which enhances the appearance of the models.  Even the guys in GQ have been retouched.  The fact that most of the typical school photographers, don’t retouch or enhance those pictures is a disservice.   Most of the reason why those pictures are not retouched has to do with the amount of time that is required to provide retouching.  For us, basic retouching takes about 2 minutes per picture. However a school photographer who is photographing several hundred students for very little money, isn’t going to provide that type of service.  The reason why you should buck that system and hire your own skilled South Florida senior and graduation picture photographer.   

A very excited college senior with her hands in the air.
LEFT: By letting your gown blow in the wind you can get some fun and dramatic pictures. RIGHT: During this senior photography session, we ditched the cap and gown and just used a prop from the seniors major.

By adding other family members to your senior portrait session you can get more value from your shoot.

 Your senior photography session could also include family members as well.  Why not turn a cap and gown graduation shoot or senior photo shoot into a family portrait session?   This opens up a world of picture taking opportunities.  For example, one photo could be mom and the graduating senior wearing his or her cap and gown.  The senior could be looking at the camera, while a proud mom or dad is looking at his son or daughter.  After some cap and gown pictures, we could remove the cap and gown and take nice family pictures.  In addition to owning a beautiful collection of graduation pictures, the family portraits could be used as holiday gifts. or holiday cards.  Think about it, when the holidays roll around you won’t need to scramble for holiday card photos. 

Don’t forget your favorite furry friend!

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I often get asked to include the couple’s dog in the photography session.  At an engagement session, often the couple will have a friend or family member manage the bride or grooms dog while I take pictures of the engaged couple.  Most seniors also have a favorite pet; sometimes it’s a cat, or more exotic pet.   Why not include the family pet?

Pictures of a high school senior having fun with a colored smoke grenade.
There are endless ways to have fun with senior portraits. Props are handy, signs work well, and in this case color smoke grenades provided a splash of color, and and an element of fun. If you would like to purchase these smoke grenades click here:
South Florida is home to many amazing senior portrait locations.

Here in South Florida we have unlimited picturesque locations to take cap and gown and senior portraits.  As a photographer who also shoots weddings, portraits, engagement shoot and more, I can tell you I have visited every beautiful location in South Florida.  I’m extremely familiar with the best locations in, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Miami, and every location in Broward and Palm Beach County.  Places such as The Morikami, Worth Avenue, Vizcaya, Blowing Rock, The Bonnet House, are just a few awesome senior picture locations.  If you venture through the blog posts and pictures on my website, you will come across a wide range of great locations to take pictures. Of course, for the graduating senior, you can always take pictures on and around campus.

Graduating senior models her cap and gown at a Palm Beach Florida park.
Modeling your cap and gown at if you are at a fashion photo session is a great way to create more interesting poses. By choosing to take senior pictures along Worth Avenue we had plenty of beautiful locations for photography.

Another great last tip,

For girls, it’s always a great idea to hire a hair and makeup person.  Since this photo session represents such an important lifetime milestone, having hair and makeup done will insure you look amazing. 

If you are a graduating senior, or if you have a son or daughter who is graduating and you want beautiful, creative senior or cap and gown pictures call us at (561) 737-5561   Since I started photographing graduating students over 16 years ago I have photographed graduating students from: Florida Atlantic University, Broward College, Palm Beach State College, Miami Dade College, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Everglades University, Nova Southeastern University and many others.  I have also photographed graduating students from all the high schools in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Parkland, Palm Beach County, Broward County, Delray Beach, Wellington and all the other districts in South Florida. 

Graduating senior posing for her picture
In this picture I felt that lying in the grass would provide a nice pose while still being able to read the full sign.  Leave it to Anna Hess to create such an amazing background for senior pictures!   Earlier in this post I provided a link to Anna’s website.  You can learn more about Anna Here: Anna on Instagram


I hope you found this article helpful.  If you have a graduating high school or college senior or if you are a graduating senior, and you want fantastic creative pictures, call is and lets set up your photo shoot today!