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Ocean Reef Club Wedding Elegance!

Ocean Reef Club Wedding Elegance

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A Very elegant Ocean Reef Club wedding.

People might say it’s because of the place why this wedding was elegant (Ocean Reef Club is an exclusive resort) but nope, it’s all because of the details! Our couple, Liz and Eamon, did well when it came to their style choices. The blue, white, and silver combination was a perfect elegant palette for a beach side wedding. And the amount of navy blues really highlighted the whites – just like their bridesmaids wearing a floor length blue dress with matching white bouquets. It was truly an amazing day for this couple. Congratulations Liz & Eamon

Ocean Reef Club Wedding Sepia Photo
This Ocean Reef Club Picture was shot using a camera that was modified to shoot infrared. Infrared photography is very unique because the trees are recorded with a lighter density. Infrared pictures taken against landscape almost look that they were taken after a snow storm.

The Ocean Reef Club is made up of a hotel and private homes.  Once you arrive past the front gate the roads around the resort are a visual scenic feast for your eyes. Remember to always keep your eyes on the road when driving around at the resort.  The grounds are so beautiful it’s easy to get distracted.  The above picture was taken at a gazebo behind the home the bride and groom owned.

Ocean Reef Club Bride and Groom Wedding Photo.
Wedding portrait taken at The Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo. There are so many photo spots in and around the resort it’s easy to take nice pictures. For this shot I found a nice position in which the bride and groom were slightly back-lit.

Eamon and I met at just a neighborhood bar in Philly. Mutual friends had organized a happy hour after work. We are both ENT residents at the University of Penn My family has been members at Ocean Reef since I was young. I always knew I wanted to have my wedding there. It is just such a beautiful place filled with great memories for me. There wasn’t really a theme. We tried to overall make it really elegant and beautiful but not stuffy, we wanted it to be a really fun party

Bride and Groom with their wedding party, taken at The Ocean Reef Club.
Rather than taking all the pictures around the hotel grounds everyone agreed to take the bridal party and family pictures at a special park like location on the corner of Anchor and Marina drive.

Our Interfaith Chapel is always happy to welcome you. Or you may wish to be married at home. Or you may want a true island wedding overlooking the beach and the bay, amid the fragrance of trees and flowers. Ocean Reef Club abounds with lovely locations where you, your family and your guests can share the enchantment of the event in surroundings of unsurpassed beauty.

Wedding ceremony photos taken at The Chapel at Ocean Reef.
Wedding Picture taken at The chapel on the Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo.  The wedding chapel is a great place for a meaningful ceremony.

The bride and groom decided to tie the knot at The Chapel at Ocean Reef.   Most of the wedding ceremonies I have photographed at the Ocean Reef Club have held their ceremonies at The point.   If you are not familiar with the area around the resort the point is an peninsula where the waterway and resort ocean cove are located.  The Point is really a beautiful place for a wedding ceremony.  However, it is windy and sometimes the lighting is harsh.  Shooting a ceremony at the Chapel was a nice change.  In addition the ceremony gave me plenty of photo ops that a photographer would not normally get when photographing a ceremony at The Point.   If you would like to see what The Point is all about check out this wedding video.  Taylor and Robert has a beautiful wedding with a ceremony on The Point.  Taylor and Robert’s wedding video

Ocean Reef Club Groom Photo.
Wedding Pictures taken at The Chapel at Ocean Reef. I wanted to convey Eamon in a masculine looking portrait. I also wanted to create a more interesting looking image. By having Eamon sit in a couch pew I was able to isolate him against the background. The lines of the pews convey a more masculine look. Shot this in color but filtered it for a split tone final image.
Ocean Reef Club Wedding Picture.
Bride and Groom kiss by the resorts unique swimming pool

Having a wedding at the Ocean Reef Club is very special. Situated in Key Largo, this is an extremely high-end exclusive resort where one must either be a member to have a wedding there OR be sponsored by a member. The place is gorgeous and boasts multimillion dollar homes and yachts everywhere you look. Liz and Eamon’s wedding reception was held outdoors with a warm island breeze blowing, right on the water.

Bride and Groom at Ocean Reef Club.
The pool at the Ocean Reef Club is really wild. At the bottom of the pool is a beautiful tile Ocean Reef logo. I got this shot of the bride and groom by mounting my camera to my tripod and using the self timer. Then I held the camera up high to get this shot. Like a giant selfie stick.

One of the main attractions of the Ocean Reef Club is the giant swimming pool.  The pool has an infinity edge pool which means the one side of the pool is even with the water from the waterway.  Check out the last picture of this article.  It’s really cool when you are actually swimming in the pool because it’s hard to tell where the pool ends and the ocean begins.


Ocean Reef Club wedding decor.
Beautiful Wedding decor picture taken at The Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo.

The flowers and decor for this elegant wedding were provided by Parrish of London. which is one of the best luxury floral and design companies in South Florida.

Beautiful wedding decor shot at the Ocean Reef Club.
Table setting photography taken in Key Largo Florida.
Wedding Cake photo taken at The Ocean Reef Club.
Wedding cake photo taken at The Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo.

An island wedding at Ocean Reef Club can be truly magical. The lush tropical setting, the warm Florida air and the privacy we all cherish create an atmosphere that’s perfect for weddings indoors or out. There is a suitable place at The Reef for weddings and receptions of any size.

Ocean Reef Club wedding reception tables with flowers.
Wedding guest get to enjoy their meal while looking at this beautiful ocean view!
Beautiful Ocean Reef Club wedding reception picture.
This picture shows just how fantastic it is to have your wedding reception so close to the ocean.  

Wedding Picture of reception flowers at The Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo.

Ocean Reef Club cocktail hour flowers.
Unique floral arrangements all over this wedding.
Ocean Reef Club wedding reception party shots.
Kick-ass action wedding reception pictures really convey the excitement and the serious partying and dancing that took place well into the evening!

Whenever I shoot a wedding reception I aim to capture the most exciting action photos possible.  This means that I’m immersing myself into the heart of the action.  The trick is not to interfere or even be noticed while taking pictures.  There is an art to being in the center of the action, yet not actually part of the action.  By being in the right place at the right time, I can anticipate what is going to happen at any given moment.  In addition I use the latest camera gear that is designed to shoot sports and new photography.

Bride and Groom having fun at their Ocean Reef Club wedding reception.
I caught this burst of the brides excitement during one of the toasts.  During various wedding events I’m always watching for the bride and grooms reactions.
Father daughter dance at the Ocean Reef Club.
The first dance between the bride and her father is always a tear jerker.
Bride and Groom enjoying their Ocean Reef wedding.
Wedding Picture taken at The Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo.  I always get that bride and groom toasting shot.
Bride in action at her wedding reception.
I love it when I have to opportunity to shoot a sequence of action wedding photos.
Bride and groom enjoying wedding cake at the Ocean Reef Club.
Wedding cake cutting action.
Ocean Reef Club artistic wedding photo.
I had to lie on the ground to get this low angle shot.  I couldn’t help but notice how the clouds were being reflected in the pool water.

There is no question that the Ocean Reef Club is one of the best places for weddings in the Keys.  I’m always excited whenever I have a wedding here.  Below are some links to other weddings I have shot at this amazing and beautiful venue.

A romantic Ocean Reef Club Picture

This unique photo was shot in Infrared

Married at the Ocean Reef Club

The Ocean Reef Club Fishing Village

Here is a link to another complete blog post to another  amazing Ocean Reef Club wedding.   Taylor and Robert’s Ocean Reef Club wedding.

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